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Mar 18, 2021
I want to start with the fact that I really like Civ VI and I think its the best one to date. However, I have to say that there is one clear area for improvement of the game and that is MAPS. Most of the map types are effectively pangea. Random map generation tends toward pangea. Even asking for continents map type, you NEVER get more than 2 continents. The only real option if you don't want huge continents is archipelago. Map generation is such that the map is quite often not circumnavigable by a ship. This was fixed briefly then a new update came and it went away. We live on a planet with 7 continents. It would be nice to be able to get 5 or 6 small continents.

There needs to be more variety of map types that are not pangea. Perhaps a return to the small continents map type or a new type of random map generator where the user can pick what percentage of the map they want to be water?

One major reason for this is that naval units are very often not ever necessary to be built. It would be nice to see some more map types that would allow naval civs to thrive.

Next is spacing. It would be nice to see an increase to the initial settling distance between civs. I'd like to be able to consistently be able to settle a little bit of land before running into my 4th and even 5th civ. Frequently, my capital is 8 or so hexes from another civ's capital. This ruins much of the fun.

As a note: I play on emperor difficulty, usually on a large map and remove a civ from the list before map generation but still I am frequently very close to at least 2 other civs. It would be nice to be 15 tiles or so from any civ so that I might be able to grab some land before the AI inevitably declares war on me.


Jan 18, 2019
Perhaps a return to the small continents map type or a new type of random map generator where the user can pick what percentage of the map they want to be water?

There is a Small Continents map type in the game which might be what you're looking for, and there's also Continents and islands. You can adjust sea level in the Advanced game setup.


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Dec 27, 2001
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He's not wrong about the trending towards Pangaea though. I've had "Seven Seas" maps where you could circumnavigate the planet without getting your feet wet.
Two examples below:
Spoiler :


Spoiler :




Jul 15, 2020
I've had "Seven Seas" maps where you could circumnavigate the planet without getting your feet wet.

The Seven Seas map script is designed to have at least seven separated bodies of water.

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Mar 26, 2018
I agree that than an option at the start of the game to select if we want to have close or far away neighbouring civs would be nice to have


Nov 3, 2003
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What I think you want is a more realistic map. But that's not possible since it would require much larger maps than we are used to and cities that use up more tile. For the last one, the AI is not designed with their closely settled cities. And even the larger continents maps are designed around two big continents. And lastly, at least my engine can't handle them.

So it's something for the next game. But yes, I'd want that.


Nov 22, 2018
I agree with some of the points. Some maps will be land-heavy and therefore no possible water circumvigation is fine (seven seas, highlands, lake), but for the following it should always be possible: continent and islands, archipelago, small continents, continents, pangea.

I most of the time play on continent and islands and sometimes there is one huge continent that completely blocks the passage from north to south. It is not really a big deal but it makes things less fun for sure.

What I would really like (although it already has been extensively covered and people have doubts if it is possible or not) is the possibility to have a map as a globe, where you are able to go west-east and north-south without map borders.


Jan 13, 2009
I would like that, in future, all the map scripts become more detailed. I would like that not only the terrain is factor but climate zones too, per world climate classification zones of Koppen - Geiger, kind off (Af, Am, ... Cs, Csa, CSb,...Dwd.. etc) . So desert yes (but is it cold or hot?.. plains but dry or wet? etc).

And in general, more detailed with strategic significant to those details.

I have seen some mods with differentiation of vegetation or more natural float and placing of the rivers. However those are mods, I would prefer that is done by developer.

I agree about spacing of the start positions too. But that is for the future iteration also, as it would demand complete overhaul of balance and strategy in the game.

.. and I am not a big fan of graphics for Civ6, terrain and in general the game itself, but that's a different (and long story)

edit: The river, on the maps, are ok as implemented now, however in the future, I would like it with a twist: to start as they do now from the corner and to flow over the edge of hexagon, however at some point when river gets more powerful to switch to center of the tile and be map entity for itself (and become navigable) all the way to confluence.
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