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Some general stuff I feel could be improved upon.

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by HiRezAudio, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. HiRezAudio

    HiRezAudio Chieftain

    Dec 29, 2007
    Things are getting better. I like the concepts introduced in the first expansion but there are still a lot of things I feel could be much improved. In the latter section I do like the Loyalty system and it can only get improved upon. It has admittedly ruined one of my personal favourite strategies (creating a beach head city as a prelude to full scale invasion later on, once I have an airport built) as because of the loyalty thing this will simply no longer work. New invasion strategy is needed, and the best one so far is to slash & burn my way across enemy territory, building new cities of my own over the smoking ruins of the "Ancien Régime" we just displaced.

    So here are some of the niggles I still have, in no particular order.
    1 - Bombers.
    A. The new R&F does now allow "Priority Targets", but not nearly enough flexibility here. After the Stealth update we really should be allowed to target specific buildings in a city or a district.

    B. When attacking a defensive encampment with a mech infantry unit there, why can I not elect to attack the unit? Every bomb run seems to target buildings before units. Same in a city, although harder to do but in a district it should be possible to select the unit for the raid.
    C. Bomber Range is really inadequate, especially after we get Jet Bombers
    D. Discovery of Stealth only allows Jet Bombers. Why?

    2 - Spies.
    A - How do I recruit Partisans then? It got done to me many times over even though the targeted city was +4 Amenities, full loyalty etc & citizens "Ecstatic" plus I had 2 fully promoted (3 promotions only?) Spies on CI.
    Yet no spies I ever sent anywhere could recruit partisans, even with the promotion to recruit as if 2 levels higher". All I could ever do was "reduce loyalty".
    B - Spy missions really are low level stuff. This could - and should - be greatly expanded. What are spies supposed to do once we have run out of tech to research? Blow **** up and steal other **** or what? We should be able to set high risk missions (blow up specific building instead of a whole district, which would of course be easier to do, disable certain things from working properly etc) and also assist diplomatic efforts (perhaps along the lines of a spy could have a mission to assist in diplomatic negotiations if present in the capital)

    3 - Diplomacy
    This is extremely limited. The AI is allowed to insult us but this does not work both ways - we cannot tell a belligerent neighbour to remove troops etc. Why?
    Other things - it still seems to be the never-ending "warmonger" nonsense that ruins all diplomacy. Last game I was unfortunate enough to be stuck between Gilgamesh & John Curtin, both of whom constantly kept declaring formal & surprise wars on me, yet as soon as I punish them by taking the city attacks keep getting launched from, I am now suddenly castigated as a warmonger - yet they forward settle, they attack etc. Silly. Just plain silly.
    It would be really neat (perhaps again in conjunction with a spy in the required city) to be able to frame another civ for espionage I carry out. This was where the Alpha Centauri & Beyond Earth games got it right - much better espionage and diplomatic systems with more options for chaos on a budget and the ability to punch above your military weight if done carefully.

    This is all based on just the first attempt at R&F on the much too easy Prince mode (which is supposed to be the one that is balanced, yes?) - the balanced level should be harder.
  2. Art Morte

    Art Morte Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2017
    A city has to have a neighborhood district for the partisans mission.

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