Some help needed for my Catherine/Noble/Continents/Epic game

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  1. Laurwin

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    Jul 5, 2008
    So, I'm trying to get past this darn noble level with Catherine this time!

    A short description on how things went from the get-go: I had a great start I think, wheat and stone nearby, with forests around so I had no trouble getting the Pyramids.

    Another bomb was just to the east coast on my continent, 2 gold and 2 incense, so I settled my city number 2 right there in the middle.

    I figured I should go in alphabet's direction, since I got lucky with goody huts and got animal husbandry and bronze working from them. I got code of laws quite nicely, though I got beaten to the Oracle when I figured I could take metal casting for free.

    So I managed to scrape a few techs from Babylon who was to my west, I was that they only had 2 cities so I figured I could axrush them. Goddam bowmen! :mad:
    But all ended up pretty well. I plundered their economy and hooked up iron for swords and finished him by the early ADs.

    My continent looked surprisingly empty, though it seemed to have nice resources of course. I then proceeded with settling and razing/capturing barbarian cities to the south (at one point they amassed a huge invasion and cut me off from my only iron during the war against Babylon.

    Finally I found England at the very south of the continent, and managed to block them off somewhat. Techwise I'm at at rifling and so pretty strong, though my army is small in numbers. I lost some of my catapults against barbarians but I can build trebs. England has L-Bows but I reckon drafted rifles quite soon will handle them nicely.

    I also have a huge science city in Moscow, and I'm running caste society with lotsa scientists. I got 2 settled GS, 1 settled GM, 1 settled GE, the great library, and academy in moscow, and I'm waiting for the Oxford obviously. Ive been running caste society since the war on Babylon, since I needed to whip axes/swords/catas to rush the country in the first place. I also got the circumnavigation bonus!

    1. Any tips on diplomacy, that's my weakest link I think. Saladin seems pleased with me, hes also quite strong, albeit very backwards techwise. England is quite advanced but a lot weaker in military and economy, only 10 cities with lots of 2-3 pop-tundra-cities in the mix as well.

    2. Should I rush England or something?

    3. I think I'm a bit over extended ATM, but should I settle the small snaky islands on my both coasts?

    4. arggh what to tech now? I figured out that I should probably try to get the Cossacks finally maybe...

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  2. SlipperyJim

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    Jan 10, 2006
    Northern Virginia, USA
    I can't open your save right now, but I'll comment on what you've written.

    1. If you have rifles, and they still have longbows ... that's all the "diplomacy" you need. Power comes from the barrel of a gun. ;)

    2. Yes, draft some Riflemen and kill England.

    3. Hold off on the settlers. Expand through conquest.

    4. Cossacks aren't as overpowered as they once were, but they'll still slaughter Longbowmen and Musketmen. They also add a lot of speed to your offensive. I'd get some Cossacks ASAP. Also, do you have Steel yet? If not, go get it. Cannon are fantastic!
  3. timmy827

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    Nov 28, 2007
    Sunnyvale, CA
    For god's sake open borders with civs not in mercantilism. Just doing that moved the science per turn from 350 to over 500 while keeping roughly the same gold surplus. There are some resource deals that could help you out.
  4. henrebotha

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    Sep 27, 2008
    Cape Town, South Africa
    I think you can do a lot better with a Great Engineer than settling him.
  5. Amao

    Amao King

    May 11, 2002
    1. Build more workers. You have only built 4 worker and grabbed 10 in wars and with only 14 total right now and you have more cities than that?
    2. Stop building Universities in all your cities, and stop most of the observatory projects. Build workers instead.
    3. Use your workers to improve your tiles that your cities can work on, instead of connecting unuseable resources now. Yes, they can be traded away. But you've got enough resources to trade. And CLEAN your jungles in your city BFC!
    4. Open border to all other civ, and you'll see your income jump way ahead. Trade natioanlism with Liz and working on Chemistry and Steel.
    5. Bribe Saladin into war with Lincoln or Gandhi, better both.
    6. Trade resources with probably Gandhi and Lincoln. Focus more on import happiness for food export. And sell your extra resource for more cash.
    7. Stop your war plan for now, improve your cities first. You are the weakest in military power now. Build more Trebs with high production cities (build barrick first).
    8. For northern west cities, build workers exclusively for now until you have around 30 workers, except the really high production, build a knight or 2 the protect your northern border from barbs.
    9. Exchange Maps and sell your map for some good price. Stop your automated Galleon and use it to explore HRE's territory. Pull the other Galleon in your west coast back to one of the coast city to ferry a Settler to an island where you can have access to 3 sea food. Use your third Galleon in the east coast to explore the island off shore and protect your sea food. BUILD workboat and going fishing on 2 of your eastern coast cities! one can be built quickly, the other can be chopped where you have 3 workers sitting in a forest tile. Cut the trees and use workshops.
    10. Once moscow finishes the observatory. Build the national epic next. However, make as much scientists as possible and get another Great Person. Once you get it, wait a little bit until you have enough Trebs. Then trigger Gold Age and switch to Nationalism and begin your draft all over the cities especially the low prod cities. Then you are probably ready to hit Liz.

    Final advice, don't mix cottages and farms together in one city. Either make the city works on as many cottage as possible, or exclusively farms and products.
  6. Laurwin

    Laurwin Prince

    Jul 5, 2008
    well. thx for the advice, you guys have been great :goodjob:

    I can't remember exactly how my techs are in this game, but now that I got rifles, I should just get trebs and fast, cannons are quite far away IIRC.

    However I'm quite adamant about moscow's national wonders. Im gonna build Oxford university there as soon as I got enough universities in my empire. But, can I still build national epic thereafter, doesnt the palace take one national wonder spot by default?

    Thx for the tip about the, "trade routes"? They're still kinda fuzzy civ4 concept for me, I had no idea that open borders could have that such an effect on the gold/turn :eek:. Well, I gotta try that.

    Generally I was thinking about trying to get Versailles somewhere in the southern quality captured barbarian cities, to reduce my, probably ginormous, maintenance costs. I already built forbidden palace in the former Babylonian capital in the east though. (my country at the moment looks basically like an L stick turned 180 degrees, with the former Babylon at the end of the horizontal shorter part, and my original cities in the right angle)

    I'm not really quite sold on the improvements. Farms are of course good, and flood plains makes excellent cottageland, kind of "maximizing" the land usage with high food and commerce as well.

    But would you advise against building any lumbermills/windmills/watermills? And favour plain old workshops instead? Workshops do seem nice, with relatively quick "buff" to them through the Guilds tech, and eventually Communism tech.

    Golden age indeed would be nice. What I usually do, especially if I have MoM and longer GAs is to amass lots of gold in either the final or the first turns of the golden age. It definitely would allow me to bring my smallish, elite, but obsolete army to the rifleman stage.

    what civics would you recommend for catherine in this game?
  7. ParadigmShifter

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    The Palace doesn't count as a National Wonder.

    Cathy is very flexible so choose civics that work with your plan.

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