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Some Ideas on AI -- next expansion

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by ggalindo001, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. ggalindo001

    ggalindo001 Warlord

    Jan 4, 2002
    I'm going to acquiesce that this would not be a patch item but maybe an expansion. All single player based -- and this is assuming that the first expansion will focus on later game, UN and/or World Congress, more alliances and/or focus on government/political philosophy ala Civ V (or better).

    The EASY

    1. Configurable difficulty -- There is already a mod out there for "smoother difficulty" --- but is focused on both nerfing AI starts as well as buffing AI bonuses after each age passes. I would think this would be an easy "advanced" configuration option. And it is predicated on the user (single player) advancing eras, not the AI advancing eras.

    2. Configurable AI -- Again, maybe something that can be easily implemented as a "configuration" option. A slider setting that notes how "fast" the AI computes between turns. This is predicated on an assumption that more processing time for AI at (and/or between turns), the better the output would be. There have been a lot of people that have said they would rather have a slowdown between turns to have a better AI.

    3. More randomized agendas -- I would really like to see each leader have 3-5 "preferred agendas", one of which is randomly determined at the start of a game. You would know the agenda when you meet the leader (so not a "hidden" second agenda) -- but would give each game a little more flexibility vs. what we have now. Maybe this one isn't so "easy" but certainly would add a lot to the game.


    4. AI Gameplay Recalibration -- Something that I have noticed (and it may simply be circumstantial) but when I load a game from a save, there is often immediate elevated behavior by the AI (often multiple denounciations and war declarations). Although unproven, my hypothesis is that at the beginning of the game (or reload of a save), there is a recalibration of attitudes based on the current state of play, and often resulting in these elevated behavior items. If this is in fact a true behavior by the AI, it would be good for this recalibration to occur every 10 turns or so, and maybe randomly across each civ. Even better would be more often for more proximate civilizations.

    5. AI Tuning -- It would be absolutely cool to have a tuning file for AI behaviors. Much like sports games with sliders and tuning files, this would really help bring an even more flexible difficulty to the game than now. The risk with this is that it may create unforeseen consequences. Some thoughts on tuning options tho could include:

    a. How likely a given leader is to "stick" to their primary agenda (0 being absolute, 10 being will absolutely switch if perceived advantageous to do so)
    b. How aggressive leaders are to take military risks (0 being none, 10 being absolutely aggressive)
    c. How likely a given leader is to "stick" to their preferred/targeted victory condition (0 being absolute, 10 being fully flexible)

    Even more would be if we could tune by leader, including preferences for district build outs, expansion vs. targeted growth, sea and air power, etc.


    6. AI Recalibration based on map type and size -- It would be great to see different AI patterns and abilities based on map type (panagea vs. islands, etc.) and map size (larger maps resulting in more expansion, smaller maps resulting in more protectionism/defense)

    7. More frequent AI update not tied to patches -- Would be great to see periodic tuning files and/or AI updates brought out that can be applied without more stringent quarterly updates. And would be great to see these updates to be flexibly applied -- meaning that you can choose to apply or not apply.

    The IMPOSSIBLE (well one can dream)

    8. AI based on user community results -- I often thought that a great way to manage AI "decision" making it to crowdsource with all of the players currently playing Civilization. As players are playing with a given leader and difficulty, information is fed back to Firaxis to start to crowdsource better AI decision making. This could be mostly around things like build queue, district build/placement, and military approaches. The amount of data that can be collected and fed back to Firaxis is enormous, and could really help in bringing about better AI scripting and decision making.

    9. Random Events -- There is a mod that has "random events" included. The reason I put this in the impossible category is that right now, a bad random event could otherwise cripple the inept AI. If the AI has more ability to recalibrate strategy -- then this would be great.

    The OTHER

    10. Real Revolutions -- Would love to see it where it becomes more and more difficult to maintain cities not on your original continent esp. without a "road" connection. Again, could be crippling to the AI if not capable of managing it.

    11. City States with multiple cities -- Would like to see some city states expand to multiple cities. Maybe even into full civilizations I think this might be hard to deal with from a programming standpoint.

    12. Captured cities maintain original residents -- I know the concept of "ceded" cities is meant to address this, but would rather see a situation that you have to continue to pacify cities captured for quite some time (or until the number of your civilization's new residents exceeds that of the original civilization).

    13. Inability to raze cities once in the industrial era without major consequences -- One way to combat this is to basically have cities that are razed after the start of the industrial era (or of a certain size) to continue to have their borders in the original civilization's possession. Another thought in here is also once the industrial era commences, you only get one tile per turn of a captured city's borders -- and it must be adjacent to your borders -- or you have to literally have a unit "capture" each hex after the city falls to claim the territory. This would also still allow for encampments to have value after the city has fallen.

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