Some Thoughts on Despotism


Nov 22, 2003
Just for the heck of it, I played a game of Civ III as the Mongols on Warlord difficulty. I stayed in despotism.

I noticed that my people seemingly celebrated everytime I declared war, and that they ended "We Love the King" day whenever I ceased hostilities.

During war, I looked at all of my cities and almost every one of them was full of ten happy Mongol citizens. There were only one or two cities that had one content face or maybe two unhappy faces.

Is this typical of a despotic civilization? Does constant war keep them happy?

I also noticed that all three of my remaining rivals near the end of the game were democracies.

Could it be that the presence of a large despotic empire spanning one continent and two medium-sized islands pushed the other civilizations toward the exact opposite of despotism--democracy?

Is this a pattern? If I were a very large democracy that controlled most of the map, would the other civilizations tend to gravitate toward communism or fascism?

It would be interesting if they did.
During war somtiimes people experiance war happiness in ,republic and democracy it only happens if the other civ declares war. in non-reprsentiitive govs war always has war happiness. The Ai will always go to democracy.
despotism is the mongol's favored government, that might have had to do with the happiness.
@Haethurn - A lot of that happiness is due to being at Warlord level where you get more happy citizens. If you declare war against a "traditional enemy" there is a happiness bonus that lasts for a fairly short time. Not sure how many turns. That would explain your WLTKD's.
The AI's will always go to the "best" govenment available. Late in the game that's Democracy.
@downwithgravity - favored and shunned governments only effect the AI's attitude toward other civs. If you're in the AI's favorite government, his attitude toward you improves a little. If you're in his shunned gov, his attitude gets a little worse.
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