Sometimes can't build the FP anywhere!!!


Nov 17, 2001
It seems that in most all of my games I never get the option to build the FP. I usually play large or huge maps with 10-16 civs. My country (Egypt...) Usually has well over 20 or 30 cities at some time. It just never seems to come up....well almost never and there does not seem to be any rhyme of reason to it. I know all about the minimum requirements and am pretty sure I meet them in every game at some point. Has anyone seen this?
The only requirement that I know of is that you need 8 cities before it can be built. Also you can't build it in the same city as the palace.
I have noticed that I usually can not build the FB in cities without a Cathedral there first. Although it's not listed as a requirement, you might check that anyway.
Did you modify the rules to change the optimal number of cities?
(It's half this number).
On a huge map, it's 32 : so you need 16 cities to build the FP. Also, I think your city needs to be at least size 6 to build the FP; not so sure about this though.

Another thing that will prevent you from building FP is having 'dirty shields'. If you already added 10 shields by cutting down trees or if you rushed production it won't let you change production to a FP.
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