SOTD7: Fear The Ghosts! and SOTD8: Evil Hyphens Are Evil


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Jul 23, 2004
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What are the chances of this? On the very same day, two users submit similar screenshots focusing on a unique diplomacy oddity. Since they complement one another nicely, I've paired them together. The first is by whitelaughter and titled "Fear The Ghosts!":

Talking to Brennus the same turn I destroyed Elizabeth, so he no longer has a worst enemy.

Like SOTD4, this is another diplomacy text error: if a leader has a "worst enemy" (someone they dislike the most) and they are killed that turn, then the diplomacy text results in this message. Apparently, the game doesn't update the worst enemy data during the turn.

notadolfhitler also submitted an image pointing this out, entitled "Evil Hyphens Are Evil":

The turn I defeated Lincoln I was going to go vassal Catherine and this came up and I could not bring myself to not screenshot this :p

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