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Sourceforge or homebrew games worth mentioning?

da dick

Aug 9, 2008
:confused:so i searched around to see if anyone made a modern version of lords of the realm.
found an alpha built of "freelords", but it doesn't look that playable yet.
i've played a browser clone of LotRealms, but never got into it. don't remember the url.

:king:oh and freeciv has updates.lots of updates! since i've last played it anyway. probably better graphics and AI. not sure if the interface is still clunky with too many options. also they made an andriod version! not sure if i have much time outdoors to play a proper civ gaem though.

:king:freeorion is looking very good now. like what MOO3 should have been? not sure if it would work on my crappy intergrated graphic chip though.

:cool:another UFO clone? but seems to be lacking destructible terrain.

:confused:battle for wesnoth is highly recommended by various wargame players. but for some reason i haven't been able to download it successfully??? maybe i'll try again when i finally get fibre-cable broadband later this year.

:cool:notable mention: opentyrian. not a strategy game but whatever...pretty much an SDL port,using existing data from the game. runs very fast even on my crappy notebook, but since dosbox plays it just fine, i've already uninstalled it.
Sep 2, 2006
Related to FreeCiv, I recall trying FreeCol back when I had the itch to play Colonization classic but couldn't find my original CD. It wasn't quite together at that point yet, and I wonder what it is like now.
May 2, 2002
More like Snoreway
The fortress mode of Armagetron Advanced is excellent as an open-source light-weight highly competitive online team-game, I've been playing it on and off for 8 years or so.

The gameplay is based on the light-cycles of the original "Tron" movie where you drive lightcycles that make instant 90 degree turns and lay walls behind them that you use to try to make your opponent crash. Basically a team based multiplayer version of those old mobile "Snake" games on crack.

Link to video.

In fortress mode each team has a zone that the other team will try to collapse by having more players than the other inside the zone. Wall lengths are limited so a player can defend the zone by chasing his own tail in a circle around the zone. You can accelerate by driving close to ("grinding") walls around the map. It's not really a complicated game, but has an insane individual skill-ceiling as well as excellent team-play and tactics. If E-sports were chosen purely on their merit as sports, Fortress would be way up there IMO.

Unfortunately it's not a very newbie-friendly game, with a small but highly active and competitive community, as well as a lot of not so apparent tactics that you basically need to know before entering a fortress server or you'll probably be kicked.
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