[GS] South America after independence scenario

Alexandre Torres

Sep 7, 2020
South America after independence scenario


Independent Scenario

Gathering Storm expansion


Playable Alpha.

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It is the year 1822. Pick between Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, or Peru and try your best to achieve victory in this South American post-independence scenario. The scenario is a South America huge map with several cities already settled, natural wonders, and frontiers compatible with the political scenario of the XIX century. During the first 40 turns scripted events will place barbarians, turn cities over, and start civil wars, following the historical crises of early South America independence.

is an independent country, with all Patagonia territory yet to reclaim. However, internal disputes will raise enemy armies and turn cities against the control of Buenos Aires. Historically, the civil wars between Federalists and Unitarians endured until the '60s. Use its unique Gaucho unit to keep the peace and reclaim any lost territory.

Trait: Pasture Culture
+2 Gold, +2 Culture from Pastures

Trait (Mitre): Gaucho Cavalry
Cheaper Cavalry unit with the same strength.

Brazil is a huge country but mostly underdeveloped, except for Rio de Janeiro, the imperial capital. By the start of the game, the independence war was not yet won, with strongholds in the north and northwest. To make things difficult, most of the population is composed of enslaved African and African descendants. The increase in production generated by slavery has a heavy price on amenities and loyalty. In order to achieve abolition, Brazilians will have to build a very expensive project. Also, expect revolts, especially in the south and north, until 1845.

Trait: Slavery
Allows the Slave Market
+1 production in every tile, +4 production, +1 food, -1 science in the building. However, -5 amenities in the city plus a -1 loyalty in the city for every city with a slave market. All cities with 5 or more population start with a slave market.

Allows the Abolition project (unlocked by Nationalism).
+1 wildcard slot, all slave markets (and their bonus) are removed.

Trait: Carnival
Carnaval district replaces EC. Same as GS, but the Carnival Project requires the slave abolition.
Trait (Pedro II): Magnanimous
20% refund on great persons

Colombia will be "Gran Colombia" for a few turns, encompassing Panamá, Venezuela, and Ecuador. This, however, will quickly change when Venezuela and Ecuador cities decide to become free cities. What Simon Bolivar will do about it? Diplomacy is his strength and Colombian plantations are very profitable. Control as many city-states as possible to increase his diplomatic power.

Trait: Haciendas
+3 gold, -1 food from Plantations

Trait (Bolivar): El Libertador
Cannot declare surprise war. Triple diplomatic favor from city-states. +100% diplomatic favor in competitions and emergencies.

Peru and Bolivia are in a confederation, but not for long. If you pick Juana Azurduy as the leader, you will keep the Bolivian jungle cities; playing with Andres Santa Cruz will keep the Pacific area of Lima and Cusco. Both leaders are strong in culture and have many wonders of nature or ancient origin, although Juana is more a militaristic leader. Also, they start the game with a few Spaniards sieging Cusco city.

Trait: Mit'A
Work mountain tiles (same as Inca)
Trait: Terrace Farms
Same as Inca
Trait (Azurduy): La Comandante
Garrisoned units give +4 culture per district in the city.
Trait (Santa Cruz): Coca Mate
+2 culture from jungle hills.

Paraguay is a small country with no exit to the ocean. Nevertheless, it is united and well developed, having the best military at the start. By reaching the nationalism civic, they unlock the Guarani Militia and receives a free unit every time an enemy is killed, plus 9 free military units to wage war! The Paraguay war is their destiny, will they succeed this time?

Trait: Guarani Capital
+100% military unit production in the Asuncion city.

Trait: Guarani Militia
Riflemen militia is composed of revolted natives that are cheap to build and maintain. However, they are not very strong nor equipped. Unlocked by Nationalism.

Trait (Solano Lopez): Guarani Vengenance
Each time an enemy unit is killed in combat or a city is conquered Paraguay gets a free Militia unit in the nearest city.

Exclusive changes

Itaipu Dam wonder
The Floodplains tiles along the river containing the Itaipu Dam are now immune to Flood damage. Provides All cities +3 Power from renewable water sources, Provides additional +2 Power to all cities within 12 tiles, Provides another additional +2Power to all cities within 6 tiles. Must be built at the Parana River Great Floodplains. Requires electricity.
* missing graphics for the wonders*

Natural wonders:
New South America natural wonders: Aconcagua, Amazon river, Angel Falls, Colca Canyon, Iguazu Falls, Rio de la Plata, Salar de Uyuni, and Titicaca Lake.
* missing graphics for the wonders*

Rifleman unit:
A middle ground between Musketeers and Infantry. It is a little bit stronger and has a bonus against Musketeers. Requires Rifling.

New government types: Choose btw Constitutional Monarchy, Oligarchic Republic, or Caudillo Dictatorship.

South America Map: Huge map with named rivers, volcanos, and important sites. Tried my best to make it looks like the real thing (but pardon me if your preferred river is not there). Major cities positioned more or less in their correct geographical area. Still working at the resource distribution.

Cultural influences and Education instead of Religion:
Religions were replaced by cultural influences, following the distribution of native peoples in South America. African Americans are also a cultural "religion". No theological combat (it would be nonsense, everybody is catholic in SA), but you can still use education (the old faith) to buy things such as naturalist, great person, and rock bands.
The Religious Districts are replaced by educational districts, with primary and secondary schools.

Era Start: Industrial Era Start. Still tinkering the construction bonuses, they seem to good.

Victory Conditions: same as the normal game, except for the Religious victory that would not make sense. 200 turns max.

I'm not an artist myself. If you like my mod and can do some art, especially 3d modeling, let me know! Also, I know of some South America mods around that I could borrow some graphics ;-)

Until now, I'm the only one in this enterprise. Used many resources form the community to learn mod building and create my own mod, such as some maps and tutorials on youtube. I don't really remember all of them, but thanks anyway. Going to fix this list later.

Still under construction!

Alexandre Torres

Sep 7, 2020

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