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Space Mod for TOT

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario League' started by skulb, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. skulb

    skulb Chieftain

    Jun 23, 2011
    Des Moines
    The premise of the mod is a galaxy rebuilding from the aftermath of a devastating galactic war in my interpretation of the Startopia universe. If you've never played Startopia, I highly recommend it but it isn't necessary to make sense of the mod.

    I just finished this mod. The events file is meant to be used with the map enclosed. I've no doubt most of you will find it to be far too easy, but I'm not a warlike leader and prefer a chance to build up before all hell breaks loose. A lot of the graphics are original, but some are borrowed from the net and, no doubt, some of you. I'd recommend that you check out the interface graphics and especially the civipedia descriptions of the units and such which I am particularly proud of (and which took a great deal of time). Incidentally most of the descriptions are my own and shouldn't be taken as scientifically accurate in all cases. Whether you play on the map I made, I would definitely recommend creating a map by hand as the randomly generated maps neither look right or act right, being filled with overly rich planets and very little of the 10LY terrain, which is like space. On the subject of space, there are three spacey terrains: Deep Space=Ocean, 10LY=ordinary space-but not w/o resources, 1000LY=initially impassible space.

    The folder is meant to supplant the 'Original' game folder and contains 2 .dll files for diplomatic pictures and such.

    Please do check it out and tell me what you think.

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  2. Nicheal

    Nicheal Warlord

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich
    Amazing!!! Your Troopers look awesome, and your done Improvements and Wonders look awesome, too!
    You created also an own Skin, just two Things: I created a Folder and a Batch, to load your Skin
    and your .dlls automatically. Just look at. Use Notepad to look at Batch.
    You have to put the whole Startopia Set Folder into your Main Directory Test of Time
    and run the Batch, type 1. The Batch will hopefully load automatically Skin.bmps and Game.dlls,
    and hopefully backup, and reload. I tried and succeeded, here at Home PC.

    And: You have no Sounds included. Look at my "Cruzan Colony" Scenario or at the
    SciFi Scenario of Test of Time itself to generate your Sounds. Perhaps i will play soon,
    but i have my own little Modding at Proceed... amazing done Units and Improvements, Dude!!!


    Your Scenario is ment to be instead of the Original... as a free playable Game... hm.

    -No own Map, and no own done complete Game as Startopia.SAV and Startopia.SCN, as you told
    -No relevant Events.txt, under 5 kb
    -No Sounds
    -Some useless Data
    -The Unit Values as always: weak Impressions

    +Amazing Units
    +Amazing Improvements and Wonders.imps
    +own Interface and Diplomacy.dlls
    +done with Love and Joy, hopefully
    +a really nice Skin

    that are my Points of View right now, Dude.

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