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[C3C] Space Race Victory alternative


Aug 10, 2006
Southern-East Hungary
Space Race Victory alternative
:goodjob:I have some plans and ideas for this untapped area within Mod Development.
I created a fantasy mode in which I wanted to take advantage of space racing.
the idea of building a magic tower as an idea arose. Finally, the creation of the Elixir of Power is included in the mod Earth Fantasy Mod(EFM) 1.40



:crazyeye:I have a few more ideas to take advantage of the space race opportunity. for example, in a European medieval mod, expedition ships could be built on Great Discoveries.

:cool:I’m not the only one who was employed by the opportunity.
The Time Machine spaceship alternative
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A medieval spice store could be filled with special spices.
This is how I would change the age of discovery, this is planned as the possibility of exploiting the space race on an Earth map
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