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Jun 5, 2007
How do you attempt a Space Victory?
I've tried many times, but end up unable to produce the parts before a Cultural, Diplomatic, or sometimes even Domination Victory occurs.
I play on Prince, Epic Speed, Fractal, and any Civ I feel like playing.

Thanks in advance!
Have you looked at the guide in the War Academy yet? (Follow links on menu at top of the page).

There is a GMinor just ended which was Monarch space race and there is lots of strategy discussion in that thread, see the HOF forum.
Have more cities and tech quicker? If you can't get a space victory on prince, you have a problem with producing enough commerce.
Act just as you would towards domination early on. Expand and war and take over a couple of Civs. Then turtle up and use your land advantage to out-tech others and get the parts needed etc. first.

It's difficult to win a totally peaceful space victory. Keeping up in techs means keep up in land and power too. So I will either do an early rush on a neighbor if he's close by, or wait until all of the initial land is gone and then pick on my weakest neighbor. Either way, once you get a large chunk of land you sit tight and just keep teching. Don't be stingy with those techs either, it's much easier for you if you have a trading partner or 2 keeping up with you. They won't trade most of the modern age techs, so you'll have to research all of them yourself.

It's easy to lose focus on your military and diplomacy while teching for space. Don't give someone an easy excuse to invade your highly-developed modern cities guarded by 2 Longbowmen. Also, in BtS, the AI's will go for a cultural victory. Keep checking the victory conditions screen so you won't be suprised by a pop-up saying "Delhi has hit Legendary culture!" If you see an AI going for cultural, you'll either have to bribe someone to invade them, or invade them yourself.

Getting 3 :science: per scientist specialist, +3:science: [per specialist] for Representation leveraged with Caste System lets you work your citizens as scientists so you can increase your :science: yield very early.

For example:

- If you have 4 citizens working as scientists, that's normally 12:science:
- Representation adds 3:science/specialist (3x4) = 12 + 12 = 24
- Library: +25%:science: = 30:science:

Later you can add the academy for +50%:science:, University, and the National Wonder Oxford for a whopping +100%:science:.

To simplify, if you want to win a space race, spend most of your early years, until medieval or renaissance eras, warring and expanding your empire, plopping down granaries, libraries, and courthouses in your conquered cities.

Once your borders are established, you can make your best :science: cities Stagnant with scientists, and you should be able to produce 300-600:science:/turn depending on the size of your empire.
Thanks a lot all! I'm planning a game based on your tips.
So this is what i got:
1) Tech normally till Modern Era
2) Specialize cities for multiple high-production areas, and high-research gains.
3) Don't neglect land and military.

More tips are always welcome!
Yup, I had 600 research beakers in my capital alone last game playing Mansa for the GMinor (cottaged up to the wazoo and Oxford in capital). I only settled 1 scientist there as well (lightbulbed the rest), so it could have been a lot better.
2 very good production cities plus some soso production cities is all you need. Don't worry about having a lot of production cities ... it is the tech that will slow you down, and it is always easy to make a production city given a dozen or so workers if it is necessary. Maximizing commerce In almost every city til the end is usually best.

If you have cottaged cities with towns, factories, and power under US, that's all you need to build all the cheap parts, and maybe a couple of the medium cost parts. Just need 1 or 2 heavy production cities for the expensive ones.
eW. StealthRhino, be quiet. Please.
Max beakers I've had is a city surrounded by jungle, in which Dye was in 9/20 tiles. Plus, a river went near city and passed through all Dye tiles. Cottaged all tiles not needed for food, built GL and Oxford, added Academy, then used Surplus to make as much pop as possible scientists, making the city Stagnant. Total output? Close to 800 bpt.
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