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Space race


Mar 2, 2007
Hi Folks!

Playing an monarch game vs some human player. How do you hinder an opponents space ship from being built?
And if it is built, is the game over then?
Nuke the capital? Does not seems to work. Spies; to time consuming and costy.
Can you destroy wonders (like the space elevator) by nukes?
Very grateful for answers quickly..

If it's beyond the sword, you can capture their capital after they launch their ship (but before it arrives) to completely destroy the ship. Its a tight window though so be ready.
Nuke the capital and then occupy it with whatever troops you can get in there fastest. Have to capture the capital to reset the race. Nuking isn't enough by itself.
To hinder someone's space race progress, you can also put a ton of espionage points on them and send a wave of spies to keep sabotaging space parts. In BtS, you can actually sabotage completed parts which is pretty neat.

This works best when you're in second place and there's a superpower AI because then you know all you need to worry about is that AI.
Wreck them before they launch so they can't tech fast enough, build your ship first, or spy rape. Even cheaper/nastier than sabotaging parts is if you can get enough EP to see their city builds. If you do this, you can continually lock an in-construction part by sabotaging it at a greatly reduced price. The AI might declare though.
Nuke the capital and then occupy it with whatever troops you can get in there fastest. Have to capture the capital to reset the race. Nuking isn't enough by itself.

Thanks for many answers: However, we (me and my "coworker") did nuke an AI capital, put troops there - on other words took it, but according to the victory settings (pressing F8) the Ai still has his space parts built. So it seems taking over the capital does not wreck the ship.

I am not playing BTS, only standrad CIV IV including patches (of course), a hot seat game. I am strongest but my human opponent is close to space race victory.
What is actually beyond the sword? What is the difference with standard CIV IV?
Oh, well in that case raze the capital. But still, you can sabotage parts if they haven't launched yet.

Hi again!

I am playing a hotseat game and not BTS. So razing capital after launch will destroy the ship in this case?
I took Berlin from Fredrick, but that cunning AI had already changed his capital :mad:
So then my human opponent/coworker took Hamburg which was the caprital. But as I wrote on another reply, his spaceship seems to be ok, all the parts are still there according to the victoryconditions (pressing F8).
How about razing capital before lauch? Is that what you have to do? Game ends soon - it is 1997 AD and he is close to space race vic. However, I am strongest, but no space ship, not even apollo program.

Thanks for comments!
If it's not beyond the sword, then your opponent wins as soon as they launch their ship (without having to wait for it to arrive) and there's no way to completely destroy it.

Capturing the capital or any city will not destroy the ship, though it will obviously hurt their progress. You can either use your spies to sabotage the production of parts they are currently building, get out there and start taking cities, and be better and actually win the space race. :p
Thanks for reply!
So it means he is almost winning. But there is gonna be (nuclear) war next round i can tell... :nuke: this i guess is my only hope.
I have two spies on his continent.
Well, this will be veeery interesting.

Maybe I shall try BTS next time...

Nukes don't destroy production in a city, but they do pretty much destroy everything else (including improvements around the city, which could hinder hammers in that city thus slowing down any production).
But not improvements within the city (eg buildings and wonders).
I see, so you have to destroy the city to destroy all wonders and imps. Can you do this with (a number of) nukes?
In f¤%/&/(ng standard mode NOTHING works. I lost bc of this. :mad:
But i did not yet raze the capital, only took it - but i dont think it works.
It is time to do BTS!

Another question: is epic harder than normal speed and if so why?

Another question: is epic harder than normal speed and if so why?


Depends on what your planing to do. If your going for a nice domination/conquest victory, than it will be your best friend. This is because the game moves slower, but if you play your cards right, it will take the same amount of time to build units. Giving you more time to build, capture, and conquer your way to victory. Actually, thinking about it, epic dosen't make anything harder, its only harder if your impatient :D
Epic will affect the movement of your army compared to the rate of everything else. So those turns in between capturing cities are less painful.
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