Space Suit Infantry


Mar 1, 2008
Had a bit time (not really, but the right mood) to make a model. Nothing really fancy, but perhaps someone has use for it. It´s a Space Suit Infantry.

The space suit is based on the infantry mesh (i only did some minor changes), the weapon is a mesh created after the design of the ff cruiser (iirc Zerver first had the idea to use the cruiser mesh as weapon)

uses infantry animation (best use a copy without the fidget.kf)

the model has 679 vertices, 750 triangles (incl weapon)

unit: 128 diff, 64 gloss (white (base), red and gray skin - used is
weapon: 64 diff (resized cruiser texture), 32 gloss, 32 glow




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Nice job on this unit the_coyote.:goodjob:
Thanks for this unit! I've invorporated it into my mod-mod of Planetfall, and I really like these guys as troops patterned on mobile infantry (the ones from the Heinlen book rather than the ones from the Verhoeven film). I have a question and a request:

The question: When these guys shoot, they seem to line up with one soldier exactly over the other, so that it looks like there's only one guy shooting instead of three. You can only tell there's more than one guy when one of them falls. Is there any way to change the spacing slightly so that it looks like three guys shooting? Keep in mind that I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to modding, so if there is a way to do this, please keep the instructions simple. :)

The request: These guys are awesome as mobile infantry, but they would be even more awesome if they had a paradrop animation. In particular, I'd love to see a paradrop animation where they jet in using their jetpacks (i.e. those boxes on their backs :)). Any chance?

Thanks again for this really useful unit.
You da man! Nice unit. I will be using. Thanks!
Any chance someone could make a version of this unit holding a scanner - like he's taking mineral readings of an area? And perhaps maybe a version of this guy not holding anything?
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