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Spear/Pikemen and Chariot Archers


Sep 24, 2010
Something I found weird, and would like to see changed: the Spearman and Pikeman bonuses against mounted units should not apply to bombardment from Chariot Archers. First of all, it makes absolutely no sense that they do ("He's firing arrows at me, but they're weaker because I have a spear and he's on a chariot!").

It also makes the chariot archers very weak once everyone gets (and upgrades to) Spearmen, which is around the same time the Chariot Archer comes along, incidentally. Spearmen should obviously be able to rip apart Chariot Archers in melee, but their bonuses mean that Chariot bombard against them is pointless. Given that Spears are pretty much the main unit around until you get to Swordsmen, that means Chariots are crap against everything but unupgraded Warriors and other Archers.

This just miiiight have been inspired by my starting a game as Ramesses and getting sandwiched between Alexander and Darius. War Chariots are decent, but when your neighbors have Immortals and Hoplites, well...
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