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Sponsor Specific Quests (early-game)

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by hevans900, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. hevans900

    hevans900 Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    United Kingdom
    I had this idea while theory-crafting in one of Ryika's threads. It has since expanded and I feel now requires its own thread. This discusses both Sponsor trait balance and a way of making each Sponsor feel more unique.

    Many people have complained since the release of Beyond Earth that the Sponsors are lacklustre from a lore perspective - how can we root for futuristic personalities that represent nothing that exists in our world today? It was easy to get behind Catherine or giggle over Ghandi nuking the crap out of the USA in CiV.

    Where exactly is my incentive to rally behind 'Suzanne Fielding' leader of the imaginary American Reclamation Corporation?

    I have come up with a series of Sponsor-Specific quests that will hopefully add some much needed immersion to our new leaders and spice up the early game a bit. I have no idea how feasible it is to mod these, and for now this is purely a lore-crafting exercise.

    The premise is simple. Re-working each Sponsor's trait such that it begins weaker (and in some instances I have changed them all together) and can be upgraded through a unique quest, one for each sponsor. Each Sponsor quest has two potential trait upgrade outcomes. The quests are designed to give real character to the leaders and give you a choice in how you shape your empire as Rejinaldo, or Elodie or whoever.

    The first one is Elodié, who's base trait I have changed because her current one just flat out sucks:

    Base trait: Gain a free virtue every 20/15/10 game turns

    Legacy Imperative:

    “We are unfathomably far from Terra, but we must not forget our origins even on this triumphant day. After basic life-essentials have been set-up here we should make it a priority to erect statues to our long-dead brethren back on Old Earth… for we can never forget those that we left behind.”

    - Construct an Old Earth Relic in Le Coeur

    “The populace love their new monument, we’ve even built a Renaissance-Era Café underneath it to commemorate our long lost Paris…”

    “On to more pressing matters – our forward scouts were expected to have reported in by now. We must investigate this radio silence.”

    - (generate a derelict settlement within 4 tiles of Le Coeur)
    - Perform an expedition at this settlement

    “We have found our scouts’ forward base – it has been sacked. Recon team Alpha noted blast marks around the structure’s airlock and a complete depressurisation of the habitat. A peculiar green hue was noted around the blasted metal, our scientists tell us it has been effectively melted by an unknown low pH substance. No bodies or any sign of a struggle.”

    “We must make a decision; do we expend more of our precious initial resources in search of our citizens, or do we leave them to their fate and honour their sacrifice?”

    - Choice: A (save them)

    “We cannot and will not leave any man behind. Initiate a search and rescue sortie.”

    - (spawn a free marine in Le Coeur)
    - Kill two alien wolf beetles (spawn them near Le Coeur)

    “We have saved our brethren and at the same time discovered alien life on this planet. It was immediately hostile – possibly due to the actions of our scouts. We have exterminated the creatures and learned much of this planet’s ecosphere through their autopsy.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE A: Gain a % of defeated opponents’ Combat Strength as Culture (20/40/60%), explorers gain 1/1/2 movement speed and 10/15/20% bonus Combat Strength versus Aliens.

    - Choice: B (leave them)

    “We loathe to leave our men in the field but our immediate situation threatens every man and woman on the ground. We must consolidate our infrastructure before venturing out further.”

    - Build a Clinic in Le Coeur

    “In the long run this was the logical choice, we will forever remember their sacrifice. We now have a solid infrastructure baseline upon which we can build and prosper on this alien planet.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE B: + 2/4/6 culture from Clinics, workers gain 1/1/2 movement speed
  2. hevans900

    hevans900 Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Base trait: Covert operations are 15/25/35% faster, begin with a free Spy

    The Spy Kid:

    “We have intercepted an encrypted message sent out from one of our high-frequency transmitters upon planet fall. The encryption pattern, I am told, matches none of our protocols or private keys. We have a spy in our midst. This is something I’ve feared since the day we left Old Earth. We have no choice but to be patient and wait for this intruder to make a mistake…”

    - Assign a spy to counter-espionage in Central.
    - (Wait 5 turns)

    “We have a lead – one of our programmers ingeniously laid a trap on all outgoing EM-chatter and has found a smaller burst communique going out from the city’s arrays every morning at 6:00 AM. We must lie in wait at the array’s terminals for our perpetrator.”

    - Perform an ‘Ambush’ operation in Central (custom covert op: 5 turns, 100% success rate, 0% death rate)

    “Our agents have captured an adolescent girl who I am told ‘will not stop chatting’ to our interrogators. She claims her name is ‘Kirsty Monroe’. Our physicians tell us her neural activity is off the charts. She claims that her messages were sent only to draw attention – she wishes to be trained as an official ARC operative. Psycho-analysis has detected no indicators of deceit in her notions.”

    - Choice A: Train her as a field agent.

    “This girl is no older than 15, but has beaten the records on all of our physical/mental conditioning tests. She will be a visionary field agent and a true virtue to ARC.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE A: Covert operations require 1/1/2 less intrigue to attempt, Spies can never die in the field.

    - Choice B: Train her as a data-analyst.

    “Initial Intelligence Quotient estimates place Kirsty at 246 – far beyond ‘genius’, the upper bound of the scale. She has been lecturing our cyber-security team on encryption and they all say they’ve been blown away by this girl’s otherworldly intuition. Our analyst academy has never before had such a student. Her thesis on quantum-bit data encryption has essentially made ARC impenetrable to foreign cyber-attacks.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE B: Spies are always detected when performing hostile covert operations in ARC cities, and there is a 33/66/100% chance that they will die. Intrigue requirements for all covert ops raised by 1/1/2 for foreign agents.
  3. hevans900

    hevans900 Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Base trait: + 1/2/3 Trade Routes available in the Capital, free Trade Depot in the Capital

    A Competitive Market

    “A new planet – a new stock market to manipulate! We must begin our new colony with a strong underpinning of capitalism and begin trade as soon as is humanly possible. The entrepreneurs among the crew have already began drawing up plans for our first trading station, and have even come up with a new currency they’ve dubbed ‘the Xeno-Dollar’ or X$ for short. Which of these two stations should we authorise?”

    - Station founding quest decision

    “An excellent choice. Let us ensure a direct line of trade immediately ensues between our capital and the new station.”

    - Form a trade route with the station

    “One of our technicians has noticed a glitch in our trading software. It appears that someone has been manipulating the flow of energy towards our new trading partner. This doesn’t promote a free-market and must be stopped. Dispatch an armed platoon to the station and challenge their authority.”

    - (spawn free ranger in Freeland)
    - Declare hostility towards the station

    “After firing a warning shot over their ramparts, <station_name> has officially apologised for their under-hand hacking attempt. They’ve offered us increased trade in return for forgiveness. Should we accept their proposal?”

    - Choice A: (cautiously accept their offer)

    “We cannot justify war, it would undoubtedly hurt our profit margins in the next quarter. Let there be peace.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE A: + 4/6/8 energy per station tier, trade convoys gain 1/2/3 movespeed

    - Choice: B (decline their offer)

    “It is fairly obvious that market leniency at this early stage was a mistake. We should consider tightening our trading legislation, in the short term.”

    - Destroy <station_name>

    “Sometimes guns are worth more than dollar bills. Sometimes.”

    - Found a new outpost and initiate a trade route with it

    “We now have a tight hold over the market for the considerable future. A shame for the venture capitalists amongst us but necessary to ensure stock stability.”

    REWARD – TRAIT UPGRADE B: + 100/200/300 energy from razing stations, trade convoys gain 10/20/30 Combat Strength when defending

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