Spoonwood's Hall of Fame Attempts

1555 AD - Learn Satellites, start on Smart Weapons.

1570 AD - Longevity completes. Start on The Manhattan Project with 6 turns as the expected finish time. 120 cpt with 14,419 accumulated. 47 turns to go at the current pace. I think that's 1772 AD. Universal Suffrage and The Pentagon can still double, The Manhattan Project, SDI, and The Palace.

1575 AD - We learn Smart Weapons and start on The Superconductor.

Edit: I think I have 'Wonder Victory' on (by mistake). Thus, Lyo 14 won't build The Manhattan Project.
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1595 AD - We learn The Superconductor and start on Integrated Defense.

1610 AD - Palace built in Lyo 14. Change builds of 5 cities to SAM missile battery. Lyo 14 at 121 cpt with 15,380 culture total. It gets set to The Manhattan Project as a prebuild.

1615 AD - We learn Integrated Defense, swap the prebuild to Strategic Missile Defense, and start on Ecology.
1630 AD - Strategic Missile Defense completes.

Lyo 14.png

122 cpt with 15,865 culture accumulated.

1635 AD - Learn Ecology, start on Synthetic Fibers.

1645 AD - The Arabs declare war on us. They capture three cities.

1650 AD -

1650 MGL 1.png

We recapture use and Bergen. We raze New Najran, New Fustat, New Fez, New Bukhara, New Kufah, Bukhara, Shiraz, New Mansura, New Basra, New Yamana, Taif, New Aden, New Baghdad, New Khurasan, New Medina, Fez, Mansura, New Damascus, New Mecca, Shihr, Sana'a, Muscat, Tabuk, Hama, Aydab, Bayt Ras, Balkh, and Suhar. We accidently capture New Muscat and abandon it. We capture Mosul and Merw and abandon them. We destroy New Shiraz, New Merw, and New Anjar. We lose some artillery to The Arabs on their turn.

1655 AD - We destroy Balkh. 127 cpt with 16,366 culture total. 29 more turns. Luxury slider goes up to 60%. Learn Synthetic Fibers and start on Recycling with 0% science now.

1670 AD - Make pizza with The Arabs, and eat it too. But seriously, we made peace, because all we are sayin', is give pizza a chance.
1758 AD - The Aztecs learn Feudalism!

I did have the game crash on me twice.

Final 20k.png

Final Demo.png


Hey, that would chart at 8th on the scoring table on Sid... if I didn't already have two entries on that table.
Impressive win and very detailed writeup!

Might be a while before you see it on the official tables, though. I update every 10 games and there's only 2 in so far...
Since I currently have a number 2 as my best spot on the 100k tables, I decided to play a 100k game on a Standard Sid map, which is an empty table.

At the end, I basically gave up building culture a few turns early and decided to just click. Our empire didn't build hospitals. I had thought about ordering research to the modern era for The Internet, but (before I decided to just start clicking) it looked like it would require a large amount of specialist management at best. 100k is easily achievable without strict CxC city placement. The 20k game above lead me to realize that it seems very feasible to win the mass cultural victory with a normal sort of city spacing for histographic maps, since I could have easily gotten 160k, and would have!, mostly just by putting librarires and universities everywhere.

I did take a few pictures. I waited on the first war. All core cities got cultural builds before going to war. It did make worrying about happiness a pretty much non-existent issue. Cities hand-built banks mostly before peace treaties got renegotiated. As a consequence of waiting and playing with all scientific opponents and gifting for techs, my first war consisted of fighting Korean rifles with cavalry and cannons. A little before that we lost control of saltpeter, but got it back. No leaders at all during the first war, as I ordered groups of cavlary to just attack rifles. I felt a little surprised by how much the other AIs captured Korean cities. Germany had the biggest civ on the map, and only their war worried me, but it went rather easily once I had everything in place.

We researched Electricity and got to it first, but some AIs had on our next turn. So, we didn't do any research on Replaceable Parts.

The 2nd war I fought against Greece and got a leader:

1st MGL 530 AD.png

The Babylonian core lies at the lower rightmost of the map there. We had a lucky large distance from the AIs.

We got a 2nd MGL a turn later. There's another dramatic shift that happened on this turn:

540 MGL Medieval Infantry.png

At one point during that war Ottoman units were clogging the area around Greece. So, we had The Ottomans declare war on The Babylonians. They maybe landed once near our capital or something, but barely made the German war phase more difficult. A leader for The Heroic Epic (the 2nd was for The Military Academy) came soon after. Also, since that aforementioned dramatic shift happened, the gold we had accumulated not spent on cash rushing improvements got spent:

Heroic Epic MGL.png

Having recently played the French 20k Huge pangea game, I will say that even though having Replaceable Parts enables things to go faster (did you know that fortified 1/4 infrantry is WEAKER than 4/4 fortified cavalry?) turn-wise, it leads to complications like "have I used all the artillery this turn?", which I find a bit difficult to manage.

Also, we lost the capital at one point, as Theodora had 2 rifles on her boats still roaming around after she got secured in her resort by our armies. I even saw one of the rifleman land and put an army in a city next to it, but forgot to account for the RoP. I did order all of the cultural building to get re-bought, even though otherwise I mostly clicked at that point and didn't try to maximize culture per turn, just wanting to finish.

Theodora's Resort.png

Also, I only used Despotism and Republic. No Communism or pop rushing in Despotism or Feudalism. Republic seems highly preferable for cash-rushing during any sort of warring phase. Civil engineers can do a lot quickly, and disbanding units can also pick things up culture wise. I didn't cash-rush factories or build them, only used them some in capture cities.

Often I have also ordered forestry, then chopping, followed by irrigation. It saves worker turns. But, if you have civil engineers to build cultural buildings, it might just work better to irrigate everything on the map, and then forest and chop and re-irrigate, if there's anything left to build.

I had also toyed around with playing a Large Deity map with 6 opponents for 100k, but I got sneak attacked by Sumeria. Also, I played for a while with The Vikings on an 80% archipelago map, but got tired of that one since the above game felt much more smooth.
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I think I have the save from when we entered the industrial era:


Now I recall that The Byzantines had extra saltpeter early. But, they lost it. Then, The Sumerians had extra saltpeter later. Our only native resource was horses. There's a spot slightly west of the empire there with Spices that I spotted early, but since someone else settling it might have made trading easier (it didn't in this case), we didn't go for it.
I had been playing some histographic starts on Sid islands, but decided to go for one on pangea. Eventually, I just decided to just take a domination victory on a Sid standard pangea map. I learned that putting the last AI in some territory where their cultural borders will never expand to touch the cultural borders of any of your cities ever makes for a good idea, and I wish I had realized that earlier.

Any requests for what I play next? I do have some conditions on what I'll find as a suitable request:

1. It has to come from a table which has empty spots. In other words, any table with 10 spots already on it, is out.

2. I can't have two entries on the table. Anything I submitted wouldn't chart. So, like the above, it wouldn't do anything towards filling up the tables. As an example, standard 20k Deity for me is out.

I won't promise that I will try to maximize whatever map I play.
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