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Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Matty R, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Matty R

    Matty R Veteran Newbie

    Jun 17, 2006
    Bolton, England
    I'd like to be able to "invent" sports. They could work like religions. A civ invents a sport, then spreads it to other civs, increasing good relations.

    Unlike religions, the more sports there are, the better the relations. What I mean is, there aren't negative penalties for having a particular sport more popular in your empire than another civs.

    You could have Golf as the most popular sport in your empire, with Tennis second most popular. Another civ could have Tennis as their most popular sport with Golf second. If these were religions, the civs would be upset. But because they play the same 2 sports, they would get really good relations with each other.

    I hope this makes sense. :)
  2. civverguy

    civverguy Emperor

    Jan 19, 2007
    quiet suburb
    Actually that might not be true because sometimes sports can cause rivalries which might lead to bad relations.
  3. General_Craig

    General_Craig Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2007
    I agree, and I also think the Olympics could be worked in as well, so that a host city would need to be chosen, and this would provide a boost in production/commerce to the city, as well as a one-off culture boost.

    Maybe even have a "Great Sportsperson" that could be used to increase happiness, or influence your chances of hosting the olympics?
  4. Gooblah

    Gooblah Heh...

    Jun 5, 2007
    I'd rather have the Olympics be a wonder OR a built in feature which, every four turns, randomly selects one of the Top 10 cities to be a host, receiving the bonuses the General outlined. Or better yet, make it a random event in BTS....
  5. bongandbeer

    bongandbeer Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2004
    west germany
    love the idea,....

    sports schools(city upgrade), increase building speed of sport stars, make ppl happy, cost money

    arenas(city upgrade), increase building speed of sport stars, make ppl happy, decide a national sport, earn money

    sport stars(great personalitys), required to participate at olympic games and to spread national sports

    national sports(cooperation/religion),have be able to have all national sports to make a competition at the olympic games possible, get all national sports to be able to win the olympic games in all disciplines, make ppl happy, earn money

    olympic games(world wonder)host the olympic games, make ppl happy, earn money, culture, increase building speed of sport stars


    good idea above with the 4-turn-based-change-city-thing
  6. Lord David

    Lord David Chieftain

    Nov 4, 2006
    All interesting concepts. Allow me to expand upon this concept.


    Similar to religions, but on a national scale (i.e friendly rivalries amongst cities, cities are more friendlier or have better relations with each other if they follow the same sport(s).

    Available perhaps post industrial, allows your nation to found various major sports. (Team sports will be the main focus, individual sports may be implemented in an Olympic Games) These include:

    - Football (Soccer)
    - Rugby
    - American Football (or for a more generic term, Gridiron)
    - Baseball
    - Basketball
    - Field Hockey
    - Ice Hockey
    - Cricket
    - Tennis
    - Golf

    Promotion of Sports:
    You may be able to promote sports with through:
    Sporting Schools/Academies (City Improvement).
    Helps foundations of future sporting stars (probably be a generic thing, though individual stars may be born as Great People), assists in boosting the health in your city.

    Sporting Arenas/Stadium (City Improvement). (Available for specific sports, as well as multi usage.
    Helps in the training of regional teams (for regional leagues)
    Provides happiness for your citizens and general income.

    National Arena/Stadium (National Wonder). (Likewise available for specific sports and/or multi use.) (May have an athletics track if intended for an Olympics)
    Main center for national sports training for the specific sport (or sports, like multi use for Soccer, American Football, Rugby etc)
    Provides happiness, major income. National matches between nations (friendly and maybe even not so friendly) occur here amongst nations.

    (Stadiums are designed and built according to popularity of sports and capacity needs. Citizens of a city may get angry if you are building a stadium where there is a need for a more important improvement in that city, or just for the aspirations of holding the "world cup/championship" for that particular sport, or the prestigious Olympic Games)

    - Sporting Heroes. Great Sportsman
    - Can start a Golden Age
    - Can discover a technology (A culture based technology)
    - Can boost a chance of winning an international sporting event (like World Cup or Olympics, provided you are bidding of course and needs to be in city which is bidding or main city (if bidding for a world cup))
    - Can join city as sporting hero. (increases potential for future sporting heroes, promotes sports in that city it joins, increased happiness)

    List of Sporting heroes (Mostly chronological) (Feel free to update this partial list :p an don't just add your favorite sporting personality please! Try adding some for the sports not listed, and try making them varied (i.e from various countries and are popular))
    And obviously, this list will likely be minimized.

    Norman Ross (Athletics)
    Babe Ruth (Baseball)
    Paavo Nurmi (Athletics)
    Don Bradman (Cricket)
    Joe DiMaggio (Baseball)
    Jean Prat (Rugby)
    Fritz Walter (Football - Soccer)
    Josy Barthel (Athletics)
    Pelé (Football - Soccer)
    Dawn Fraser (Swimming)
    Norman Hunter (Football - Soccer)
    Yogi Berra (Baseball)
    Rod Laver (Tennis)
    Billie Jean King (Tennis)
    Muhammad Ali (Boxing)
    Björn Borg (Tennis)
    Franz Beckenbauer (Football - Soccer)
    Mark Spitz (Swimming)
    Lee Evans (Athletics)
    Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)
    Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
    Carl Lewis (Athletics)
    Eddie Johnson (Basketball)
    Janet Evans (Swimming)
    Monica Seles (Tennis)
    Ronaldo (Football - Soccer)
    Sean Fitzpatrick (Rugby)
    Andre Agassi (Tennis)
    Michael Jordan (Basketball)
    Shaquille O'Neal (Basketball)
    Venus Williams (forget Serena! :p)
    Marion Jones (ironic eh? :lol:) (Athletics)
    Maria Sharapova (Tennis)
    Ruud van Nistelrooy (Football - Soccer)
    Susie O'Neill (Swimming)
    Kelly Holmes (Athletics)
    Pieter van den Hoogenband (Swimming)
    David Beckham (Football - Soccer)
    Ian Thorpe (Swimming)
    Grant Hackett (Swimming)
    Tiger Woods (Golf)
    Michael Phelps (Swimming)
    Yao Ming (Basketball)
    Zinedine Zidane (Football - Soccer)
    Roger Federer (Tennis)

    International sporting events:

    Maybe every 4 rounds, but I'd say 8 to 12 to allow for bidding, where you would win before the next games is to be held (like in a World cup and Olympics to allow for infrastructural developments)

    Friendly Matches
    You will require:
    - National Stadium or a stadium with significant capacity
    - General infrastructure
    - Increased happiness if your team wins
    - General Income from the match
    - Better relations with nations which dislike you (You can potentially rig, the match (if it is being played at home), so that your team loses! Yes, thats right, you can force your team to lose, against say an enemy nation which dislikes you, for the benefit of better relations, at the risk of unhappiness from your own citizens! :lol:
    Non Benefits:
    - Dislike from an enemy nation if they lose at home. (Their home)
    - Minor dislike from an enemy nation if they already dislike you (from your home)
    - Dislike from an enemy nation if there is an incident during the match or from poor infrastructure
    - Unhappiness from your citizens if there is an incident or your team loses.
    - Possible revenue loss due to lack of popularity/low population (in compared to having a needless large stadium for the city)

    These events will be put forward for bidding by nations who can afford it. It will be based on voting amongst nations which are part of such sporting organizations. (Sp those which cannot afford it, will not bid)

    World Cup/Championship for a particular sport (Undergoes a bidding phase (provided that there is much international popularity for that sport)
    You will require:
    - Money to bid (Based on predetermined amount)
    - The selection of a major sport (bidding for a sport which is unpopular or relatively unknown for example, will be a needless waste of bidding money and may cause unhappiness for your nation as well as significantly decrease the chance of you winning the event)
    - Enough Cities to hold the event (being major with significant transportation links, i.e major airport, roads and railroads linking each city to host together) (You get to choose which cities are to host based on prerequisites they have ready or proposals to be put forward)
    - A National Arena/Stadium
    - At least a couple of existing Stadiums in your cities and/or proposal to build more (With the possibility of upgrades if necessary (Based on current capacities and age of venue))
    - Major income from tourists
    - Promotion of your culture to opposing Civilizations (Could be used for promotion of ideologies and such amongst nations)
    - Potential new stadiums
    - New infrastructure benefits (such as a hospital needing to be built)
    - New transportation benefits (such as an airport)
    - Some benefits of peace amongst nations
    - Better relations with nations which dislike you
    Non Benefits:
    - Dislike from enemy nations if there is bad planning
    - Likely chance of losing the rights if not ready
    - Unhappiness from your citizens if there is bad planning, or an incident.
    - Possible revenue loss due to overspending

    Olympics: (Similar bidding phase to world cups)
    You will require:
    -Significant national population for hosting an event
    - A major city to host the event (From a selection of cities which have the prerequisites)
    - A National Stadium with athletics track
    - An airport and other significant transportation links
    - May generate a sporting hero
    - Counts as Wonder (or at least a video played if you win the right to host it)
    - Increased happiness
    - Major income from tourists
    - Promotion of your culture to opposing Civilizations (Could be used for promotion of ideologies and such amongst nations)
    - Some benefits of peace amongst nations
    - Better relations with nations which dislike you
    Non Benefits:
    - Dislike from enemy nations if there is bad planning
    - Likely chance of losing the rights if not ready
    - Unhappiness from your citizens if there is bad planning, or an incident.
    - Possible revenue loss due to overspending

    Nations which dislike you, may potentially boycott the event, which will prevent the possible relations benefit amongst nations which dislike each other. If there is not enough interest amongst nations, the event may not be even held at all.

    You can also lose the rights to hosting such events if infrastructure is not up to scratch when the event is close to be held. You can also lose the rights if you go into war with another nation during the bidding phase, or the time when you win the rights, to actual hosting)

    Alright I may be blabbering on, so I'll finish now. ;)
  7. GenocideBringer

    GenocideBringer King

    May 29, 2005

    1) I don't see how this would increase health

    2) Sporting arenas already exist in the forum of colosseums (they never go obsolete). Sporting events are already simulated. Culture slider for the win!


    4) To give you an idea of how ridiculous it is to have Great SportPlayers, lets compare the lasting effects of other great people

    Great Artists-Many great works of art are remembered and replayed for hundreds of years, if not more. For example, even one of the more "Minor" Great Artists, dvorak, has several pieces of music that are in this game and, in fact, I am listening to some of his stuff right now. The more major ones, like Michaelangelo such, are even more lasting. Artists have, in the past, developed new "technology" (Like the evolution of drama in ancient Greece).

    Great Prophets: Can anyone here honestly tell me that Mohammed and, say, Moses didn't have a massive impact on society?

    Great Engineers: Were responsible for building some of the most impressive structures the world has ever seen. Engineers have advanced technology by creating new, more efficient ways of carrying loads and doing work. They have done work previously thought impossible, and many of the Wonders in Civ IV are the result of a "Great engineer" producing something spectacular.

    Great Scientists: This is easy. Einstein, Archimedes, Newton...all granted massive, lasting contributions to humanity.

    Great Generals: Some of the Great Generals are fairly minor, but many of them have transformed the course of wars and thus had a lasting impact on history.

    Great Spies: Not too much of an impact, I don't think these should really be in the game, but even espionage had a powerful place in world history-the D-Day invasions were so successful in part because of the misleading influence of a spy

    There is no sport player who can make a contribution even remotely close to resembling anything listed above.
  8. Hitti-Litti

    Hitti-Litti Deity

    Sep 8, 2006
    Nigeria and Biafra made a ceasefire during Pele's visit at the country...
  9. Colossian

    Colossian Prince

    Nov 14, 2005
    Good idea! It'd be added on Civics like Religions.

    +1 Health with the state sports.
    +1 Happiness with Free Sports Civic.
    First to discover receives a Great Champion(GC)

    Great Champion(GC)
    Can start a Golden Age
    Can join a city as Great Champion(+3 Golds, +12 Cultures)
    Can construct Stadium(Worker can build improvements +50% faster)
  10. Lord David

    Lord David Chieftain

    Nov 4, 2006
    I'd like to revise my thoughts on this concept. I'd probably scrap the friendly matches and world cup. (Keep the Olympics, city improvements and Great Sportsman)

    As for sports in general, they can be "invented" by any civilization maybe during the industrial era? Maybe there's a popup which asks you if you want to invent the sport?

    The should also be the Ancient Games, similar to the random event in BTS. This should be a wonder.
    Wonder - Ancient Games
    Cost: 350 (Double Speed w/ Stone)
    Culture: 8
    Great People Points: 2
    Forces cease fire amongst all known nations every 4 turns
    Gives player the right to host the first Modern Olympics (When first "discovered" by any civilization, it doesn't have to be you)
    Requires: Polytheism
    Expires: Monarchy

    Modern Olympics.
    The Modern Olympics should occur after the discovery of "Archeology" (A latter Industrial Era technology).
    Original hosts of Ancient Games earns right to host inaugural Olympiad (If no one has built the Ancient Games Wonder, then first to discoverer Archeology earns the right to host).
    Players can bid for future Olympics.
    You can be disqualified from the bid race if infrastructure is not satisfactory.
    You can lose the right to host due to violations or not being ready on time.
    Held every 4 turns.
    Cease fire, only by those attending.
    Spreads your :culture: to civilizations attending (If your hosting).
    +1 relationship point from all those attending (If your hosting).
    Adds :commerce: from civilizations attending (Note that revenues may be lower than expenditures, bonuses for having a profit, also subject to if your hosting).

    As for attending the Olympics you can choose 3 options.
    Attend - If you can afford it, you will get +1 relationship point from the host nation (And possible cease fire, if you are attending an Olympics being held by a nation you are currently at war with - a good (though not great) way to force a cease fire).
    Decline - If you can't afford it (You will need to spend :commerce: to attend the games, based on existing transportation infrastructure to get your team there)
    Boycott - You will get -1 relationship point from host nation, with the possibility of getting other nations to join in boycott which could potentially cancel the games for that period (Provided you begin the boycott).

    Games can not be held during a world war.

    Games increase in number of nations attending each Olympiad (and fluctuate due to declines and boycotts) No of Athletes increase each Olympiad (Medal results are posted for fun).

    As for the concepts of friendly matches and World Cups, they could simply be just random events that occur in the Modern Era.

    Well that's my concept for the concept of sport in Civilization. Thanks.

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