[BTS] spy economy


Jul 24, 2007
for a fun little game, always peace, after 12 cities mass up spies, 100 percent of gold to espionage.
large map, pangea 18 civs.

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so since it is always peace, conquest and domination arn't really options, i can't out tech the cpu, so space race isn't viable, i doubt i'll get diplomatic with the amount of espionage i'm making, which leaves me with culture.
start turn 1.png
my first map gen gave me a bad result, but the second one shown here is decent.
turn 13.png
met mansa right next to me, awesome, he's usually the highest tech . got scouted by julius, and popped mysticism from goodie hut.
turn 40.png
met several other civs, warrior scouted lots of jungle
turn 65.png
founded my second city, be lining for alphabet
turn 82.png
met about 2/3 of all civs
turn 98.png
only two civs not scouted yet, have alphabet but no one seems willing to trade, well we know the "cure" for that.
founded my third city
turn 116.png
founded my 4th city, looks like can only get 2-3 more. i got archery for writing from Isabella and sailing for writing from Peter.
Well, espionnage can have its uses, in combination with the science slider. It is, after all, cheaper to steal a tech than to research it.
I believe you can win Space with Always Peace but Culture certainly is another possibility.
founded my 5th city, mostly a throw away city
now that i have iron, its time to tech steal, starting my first spy, traded cheap tech for some gold.
turn 133.png
and now we have spy
turn 142.png
one more city founded, last one on the way
first spy failed gold steal, second one ready.
hmm seems i ran into a snag, it not letting me tech steal
he has math, and i've been putting 70 percent in to spy for the past couple dozen turns, I wonder what the problem is
ok im not sure what the problem is i've stolen a couple techs now.
construction, and monotheism
turn 191.png
got calander and code of laws in exchange for construction
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