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Star Trek-Music and sounds Beta


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Mar 11, 2007
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Hey everybody! I know you are patiently waiting for the Star Trek mod. I will say that I've been working on it on and off the last few months (years? :eek: :confused: ), more off than on, granted, but it's hard when there's just one person. :sad:

Anyway, I thought that I would let some other people (you guys) help out if you want to: I need the sound, music, and interface sound effects tested, tried, and de-bugged. I've tested multiple times in the ancient era, so I'm sure the interface and era 1 sounds are basically bug-less, but I'm not sure. So if you want to add and listen to some Star Trek music as you play the Star Trek mod, here it is!

BTW: I know that the other modders were also working on sounds and music, but since I've had no contact with them, I assume I have the only complete, nearly working version. :sad:

Download the .zip here.
(Links to AtomicGamer, size is 725 mb)


Oct 28, 2005
Well, i would also focus on updating unit graphics.

I will take your version and see what can be done.
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