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Star Trek Unit: Galor Class


Mar 4, 2003
Bridge of USS Rome
The Galor class is the largest part of the Cardassian military, but it isn't the strongest ship in the galaxy. A lone Galor class is easily out classed by most other Alpha Quadrant ships. To make up for this shortcoming Galors can often be found in large wolf packs. It is believed that until the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion, the Galor class was the most technologically advance ship Cardassia could build. During the Dominion War the Galor class served in a supporting role to more powerful Dominion ships.(Quote from ST-Intelligence.com)

8.June 2004 Version 1.1 uploaded!




Download Version 1.1
AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Now, if I could only get Open FX to work on my PC...
Bah, cardassia is just a poor dominion slave :D
oh, and I just copied the text from that website :) but you are right, it's clearly stronger than a B'rel or Oberth Class ship
I uploaded a newer, bigger version. It's now slightly bigger than the Hideki Class. As the animations are the same, I don't replace the preview anims, but it's now the size it's in death anim (for some reason in first version I rendered the death anim at the wrong size, that appeared to be the size I now use)
Additional I added Large/Small pediaIcons and Units32 icon to the file.

Ingame screenshot in comparison to the Hideki Class:


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Hmmm whats with all these star trek units lately? lol I guess if thats what the unicreators want to make they can, but hopefully somthin new will come soon cause there not much of a use to me, anyway, goodjob on everything, guess i cant really say if its true to what its supposed to be because I dont know much about star trek lol oh well, good job!
lol sorry I didn't notice the Star Trek mod untill now :D I was all confused about why people would want so many star trek units :D ok I see now, keep up the good work, hope you mod comes along well! good luck
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