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Star Trek Unit: Minosian Drone


Mar 4, 2003
Bridge of USS Rome
My first unit :)
The minosian drone from TNG Episode "The Arsenal of Freedom"

Thank you to TheMorpheus for writing the OpenFX tutorial, for converting the Model to 3DS format and all other help I asked for :)




Love the explosion mate :)
So, any chances of a borg drone soon? Hmmm? *me tries to look cute and persuading*
Very good for the first unit! Hope we see more units made by you :)
SWEEET MAN! What are we going to use this for? Maybe a Wonder Produced unit?
That looks pretty cool... Riker doesn't stand a chance against this thing :D
I'm planning to use it as a barbarian unit.
Unfortunately I'm not able to animate humanoids yet, just spaceships. So no chance for a borg drone.
The next one will be the Omega Torpedo for the ST Mod.
After that maybe a federation spaceship.
I uploaded them, there is a link on the bottom of the page "upload". Ager uploading it, you may post the pic with the
I just render the animation for one direction (SW or SE) seperately at the resolution it would be in the storyboard (240x180) as animated gif
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