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Star Wars: Imperial Star Destroyer (12/29/05)

Great job!! The attack and death sequences are fantastic!
I'm almost positive one of these has been done before, but even if it has, it never hurts to have several versions of the same thing. This is very good.

Yeah, when I was building a Lego set of the AT-AT (giant mechanical elephant thingy for the non-Star Wars savvy folk) I had that song playing the whole time :lol:
Sweet ass job on the ISD, Jobiwan! :goodjob:

Yes there is another Imperial Star Destroyer that was made by Pleb, but it was too big and the animations were a little crude so we needed another one. :D

I made lego Star Wars units when I was a kid too. I would go all out and build a whole bunch of vehicles and ships and battle them out to the death together. Ahhh, good times. :mischief:
Sweet! Jobiwan, this is AWESOME!. I love how the shield generators blow up first in the death! Nice touch, :D

I used to make tons of legos, when I was younger. I had my little AT-AT with its motor, and had it walk onto and destroy the rebel base I built, :D.
Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Odin, nice job noticing that the bridge was hit first.

Strange, everyone is talking about LEGO now! Ahhh, I remember the day I got the X-Wing. Good times. :D
I had the same problem too along with several other people. It only happens if you load up the unit in game, It's got something to do with the animation timing, I suspect it was the tool or the method in which Jobiwan made the flcs. Although, I did figure out how to fix it. Here's a PM I sent to Jobiwan a couple of months back about the problem, the solution is in the 2nd paragraph:

Hey Jobiwan, I think I may have found a serious but relatively simple to fix problem with your newer units. Lately it seems like my computer is freezing alot when I play Civ with the Star Wars units. At first, I couldn't figure what was causing a sudden freeze of the game. I would save the game one turn before it would freeze and everytime I load it and go to the next turn it would freeze again. Eventually, I noticed that whenever a city finished building the medium turret unit you made, the game would freeze. I went back and checked the ini and the pediaicons and everything was fine, but I still got the problem.

I then went into Civ3FLCEdit to check each flc and it would show it perfectly fine, but when I opened the flcs in Flicster I got an error. The error says "The unit has an invalid Animation Time setting, which can cause Civ 3 to crash. Would you like to correct this now?" When I pick yes it now displays the unit in Flicster, but it gets all messed up in Civ3FlCEdit, but now when I load it up in the game, the game no longer freezes. I found an easier way of fixing this, by simply loading the flc in Civ3FLCEdit and adjusting the animation timing and then hitting save to update the flc.

The same thing seems to happen with your other newer units as well. I thought that you should now this, to prevent it from happening in the future.

This problem is present in several other of his units as well.
Hey so, quick question. when writing this unit in civ editor, do we put it as a Sea unit or an Air unit?
Hey so, quick question. when writing this unit in civ editor, do we put it as a Sea unit or an Air unit?
Starfleet1701, welcome at CFC! :band:[party]

The setting of this unit belongs to the type of map you want to use. I for my person, prefer only land-terrain maps for space mods and scenarios. Therefore on such a kind of map it would be a land unit. If using normal Civ 3 terrain (land, water, air) I would set it as a sea unit, as it carries fighters and bombers.
A good example for a Star Wars scenario you can find here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/star-wars-the-mod-awakens.631116/
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