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Star Wars Unit: X-WING

可以发的,你在页面最下面可以看到Upload File,打开后上传,传完了会有View Current Upload Folder 10出现,打开后就能看见你发布的东西。链接出来就可以了。
W.i.n.t.e.r said:
Milky Way- wasn't that all rather taking place in a "Galaxy far, far away..."?

...Specifically the Andromeda galaxy.
@ Vuldacon, I can download. But the server it is on is very slow....

Very nice unit. Glad to have you here.

I hope you don't mind a couple of comments for future units.
1. This unit has some minor palette problems. Some parts of the shadow show as purple instead of shadow. Also the unit has a purple halo around it.
2. The FLC speed is too slow. It is set to 125. It should be around twice as fast with the animations you used. Easy to fix, so not a big deal.
3. The unit is too large. The frame size is 170x170, and should be closer to 140x140.
4. The unit animations do not loop. The start and end of every animation should match the next animation in the series.
so fidget -> run -> fortify -> attack -> victory(or death) -> back to the beginning.
Fidget and fortify can be left out, many unit makers do.
But consider your attack. It has the wings seperate, but never moves back together. Same with run. Also for run I suggest the wings stay together and some fire flicker out the exhaust.

I hope this was helpful. Your unit is alot better then the one you replaced. Thanks again.
Vuldacon said:
Thanks Bjornlo...I have the Download now. I thought perhaps it could be some computer software running on my computer that was causing my problem.

Not definitely! This one download address is the biography space on one of China, sometimes really, it is instability.
But that's okay.... I'm sure your english is way better than my chinese.

Now, back to the thread....
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