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Starcraft and Warcraft MOD sign up.

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by Killamike718, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    Welcome all who come on this thread, this has been posted as for anyone experienced in any sort of modding (XML, any programming language, 3d/2d artists for game art, etc...)to come together and volunteer for making one of the two greatest games MOD's for Civilization IV.
    I remember when i used to play starcraft:scan: and warcraft:king: all the time(and still do), and it hit me when civ IV came out that there had to be some Starcraft/Warcraft flavor with a bit of a mix with Civilization IV. I have a major plan for the tech tree and the graphics(when the SDK comes out or like Neomega did with his MOD "Pentagenesis: The Future Is Immortal", great job man, keep it up.). we need as many people as possible to make an elite MOD team to bring these hopefully fututre 2 MODS (starcraft and Warcraft) to life.:p

    Map: 25%
    Unit Grapics: 80%:::
    A) Models : 80%
    B) Texture : 50%
    C) Animation : 5%
    BuildingsGraphics: 80%
    A) Models : 70%
    B) Textures : 60%
    Civs: 100%
    Texts: 100%


    So far the team working on the project:

    Killamike718 (3D creation of Units & Buildings)
    Magma (Storyline & Civilipedia)
    Gerikes (Programmer)

    Thanks to:
    Killst4r-for donating 50% of the Starcraft Graphics
    Lord of the doom's world - For Helping us With Starcraft Icons
    Commodore-for provinding us with his CivIII mod on WarCraft as reference. Thank you
    Magma-For his Big support and Ideas and input

    ©1998, 2002, 2003 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved. StarCraft, Brood War, Reign of Chaos, The Frozen Throne and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.
    Civ-Craft is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment in any way, This project is a non-profit, fan-made project.
  2. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    (Always check for updates)For the Starcraft Version:
    ScreenShots: Starcraft ScreenShots and Renders

    Spoiler Changelog Update" :



    Fixed known bug: A unit held-up due to population doesn't start training until the turn after the population is available. (Originated in v0.06)

    Fixed bug where errors will appear on someone's screen if they have no selected unit and another player in MP pops up the unit chooser.

    Fixed bug where unit attacking with turn-attack mode would attack with all attack points left, even if they didn't have enough movement points.

    Fixed bug where some units will attack even though they have no attack points, but because they are in a group with a unit that does.


    - Made building cancellation refund a percentage refund rather than full refund (75%).

    - Cancelling the only building in a city destroys the city.

    - Zerg buildings destroy drone on build and spawn drone on cancel.

    - Terran building only builds with SCV constructing on the plot. The SCV can leave the building and keep it "stalled" until it or another scv comes and continues the build using the "Continue Construction" mission.

    - Zerg eggs are now cancellable.

    - Morphs now retain percent of HP from unit morphed from.

    - Added functionality for morphing units to cancel back to their original form.

    - Buildings start with small HP and HP slowly builds as it's building.

    - Made mod only allow for non-public maps (This means that only scenarios will be allowed to be played. You'll notice that the "Play Game" function has been disabled on the main screen, so only the scenarios will be allowed. This DOESN'T mean that player-made maps will be unsupported. They will just have to use the "Mod=Civcraft SC" tag in the map file to ensure that it is playable in Civcraft).

    - Changed implementation of global building prereqs (This shouldn't change anything, but is put here as a notice incase there is a global
    building-prereq bug to pop up in the future, so now I know when it probably was introduced).

    - Implemented building upgrades to update city name and building-unit w/ proper hitpoints. (Hatchery->Lair->Hive, Spire->Greater Spire).


    -Further shut-up any AI trying to do anything, which probably caused the bug reported by Shqype at:

    - Fixed possible problems that would have eventually come up with having more workers than allowed to harvest a plot in a group and telling the group to harvest.

    - Made right-click on enemy unit do a pseudo-move-basic-turn-attack, rather than try going through Civ4's combat system and most likely crashing. You should probably stick to the hot keys and actions for now, however.


    - Added larva spawning at Hatcheries.

    - Added Zerg's ability to morph from larva (with eggs in the middle) rather than be built from Hatchery (while disabling building from hatchery).

    - Added ability for Hydralisks to morph to Lurkers (with lurker eggs in the middle) and Mutalisks to morph into Guardians and Devourers (with cocoons in the middle).

    - Spawning a new hatchery will spawn one larva on the plot at completion of the hatchery, then continue the larva breeding as normal.

    - Changed "upgrade" (now morph) help text to better suit Civcraft needs.

    - Added a "Morph" row in the unit info pane to show how far along the morphing is.

    - Appended the unit being morphed next to the morphing unit (Ex: "Egg (Zergling)") in plot help text and info pane (for owner only).

    - Shut down 99% of the ai.

    - Changed how workers will be assigned to harvest. If more units are in the group than will be allowed to harvest, the exact amount that will be allowed to harvest do, while the others leave the selection group.

    - Removed the "Push unit out of building if the building has no rally point." The reason was so that a player couldn't just sit their unit in the same plot as the building. With a targetting system, I don't think this matters anymore.

    Known Bugs:
    1.) Map Health Bars are not to be trusted. I would turn off "Show Health Bars" in the "Graphics" options. (Originated in v0.02)
    2.) A unit held-up due to population doesn't start training until the turn after the population is available. (Originated in v0.06)
    3.) Two units with different attack ranges in the same group being sent a mission to attack (either single, turn, or destroy) will have unknown results (Originated in v0.08).
    4.) Selecting larva can be REALLY annoying. Because larva have zero moves, there is constant problems with selecting them, then having the game do it's silly "cycle to the next group" before being able to do anything with them. (Originated in v0.11)


    - Fixed a bug where a unit that was popped while stalled due to population from starting would remove population points, even though
    the players population due to that unit would never have changed (since the units production was stalled).

    - Fixed Zerg Drone's "Pointer Arrow" picture not showing up correctly.


    - Implemented destroy mode. The attacking unit will continuously attack the target unit until either the attacking unit or the target unit is destroyed. If the target unit moves out of the attacking units distance, the attacking unit will give chase, if possible. If at any time the attacking unit can not attack or chase after the target unit, it will end destroy mode and revert control back to the user. Also, destroy mode can be used on a unit that isn't currently within the attack range of the unit.

    - Added in costs of unit and building creation in the help texts.

    - Changed worker actions to show the ability to build buildings they can not build yet (but greyed out, with message of required building in help text).

    - Implemented correct health and shield bars in the plotlist bar (small icons on bottom of screen above interface).

    - Implemented a new(er) resource collection scheme, to slow down the collection of minerals, speed up the collection of gas, all in a way to hopefully allow for better tweakability later on. See the thead for full details.

    Known Bugs:
    1.) Map Health Bars are not to be trusted. I would turn off "Show Health Bars" in the "Graphics" options. (Originated in v0.02)
    2.) A unit held-up due to population doesn't start training until the turn after the population is available. (Originated in v0.06)
    3.) Two units with different attack ranges in the same group being sent a mission to attack (either single, turn, or destroy) will have unknown results (Originated in v0.08).



    - Made single attack, turn attack and destroy attack as their own missions (previously worked as air-strike and air-bomb). Note that Destroy attack missions and interface modes, though created in XML and such, are disabled for now so that I can work on other things. This will probably be worked on much, much later, as it's not really necessary, just an interface improver.

    - Gave these missions their own interface-modes, cursors, etc.

    - Made a new screen to pop up, showing the units on that plot eight at a time, with a page button in the middle if there is more than eight units.

    - Allow users to use the alternate mission of the three attacks (by using shift+<key> where key is the key used for the original mission) where the new unit chooser screen pops up, allowing the user to choose a specific unit to attack.

    - Made unit-chooser work correctly in turn-based multiplayer settings. Simultaneuous games may experience some problems with actions not happening (such as if units in the plot that are to be chosen from move before the user makes their choice).



    - Fixed Bug #2:
    2.) City names appear to be misconstrued in some help and info texts. (Originated in v0.06)

    - Fixed bug originating in v0.06 where units that were harvesting while being removed from the map using the world builder caused the game to crash.

    - Fixed bug in loading saved game that caused crash (most likely introduced in 0.04).

    - Put back together the diplo window, only so that if someone ever gets into that they could get out. Although, perhaps when AI is implemented, we could use it as a way for players to give commands to ai, like "Let's joint attack here." But I'm getting ahead of myself...

    - Fixed bug in CvPlayer.cpp that caused incorrect player data on save game load (population, minerals, gas, etc. were loading incorrectly).

    - Fixed some buildings giving free population.

    - Fixed problem with extra movement points being used in an attack that kills an enemy unit.


    - Made units exit factory buildings when created and there is no rally plot already set.

    - Made units not allowed to enter plots with buildings in them.

    - Set all players starting units in the plot next to their base, closest to the resources.

    - Set rally point for players starting base in this same plot (aren't I nice?)

    - Reimplimented attack system to use airbomb as well as airstrike. Using airstrike will use up one attack, and using airbomb will use up the rest of the units attacks on the plot (so you don't need to keep hitting airstrike if you want all the attacks to be on one unit).

    - All units are now considered "ranged" units. Melee units have a range of one. This is so that it's more clear in the code what path should be taken.

    - When a group of units attack, all units that can attack the space do so, while all those that cannot (out of range, no attackable units) do nothing.

    - When a unit attempts to attack another plot, it will not attack if there is no unit in the plot it can attack (a ground-attack only unit will not be able to attempt to attack a plot with only air units).

    - When a building unit is destroyed, the city is destroyed as well.

    - Set worker build mouse-over help pane to not show hammer improvement, and to correctly show how many turns the build will take.

    - Changed plot help to show players name above units name. Also, buildings no longer have movement, attack stats and range displayed.

    - Changed the XML tags in UnitInfo. Explosive, Concussive, and Splash attacks now can be dependent on if it's an air or ground attack.

    - Changed splash tags to have SmallSplash (Mutalisk: hits 2 closest units within one - two tiles), Splash (Firebat, Goliath vs. Air, many air units: affects all units in same tile for a specific percentage of damage), and LargeSplash (Seige Tank, Infested Terran, Reaver, Spider Mines: Affects units in same tile for a percentage units in adjacent tiles for a lesser percentage).

    - Combat now takes explosive, concussive or plasma, and splash damage (except for mutalisk's special splash damage) into account when attributing damage. Protoss shields are not affected by combat modifiers and always take full damage.

    - Civs be at war or peace properly from the start (All players not on the same team are at war).

    Known Bugs:
    1.) Unit health bars are not to be trusted. (Originated in v0.02)
    2.) A unit held-up due to population doesn't start training until the turn after the population is available. (Originated in v0.06)



    - Fixed unit supply to work in all known cases.

    - Added extractors/refinery/assimilator costs, and change bonus/improvement scheme to unit-buildings. Completely reworked the resource-collection paradigm to fix possible problems with old version and offer better leeway for improvement. Units now collect by themselves, rather than working together, more like starcraft. Multiple units can still harvest the same spot, but once one player starts harvesting a spot, no others may harvest there until they first stop those harvesters from harvesting.

    - Changed upper left screen to show population warning color if pop goes above max (if a player were close to max and an overlord/pylon/supply depot was destroyed, for example).

    - Added in rest of non-addon buildings (shield batteries, photon cannon, bunker, missile turret, creep/sunken/spore colony).

    - Made units for each style of building, that will be spawned and used to store the cities hit points for now.

    - When a worker starts building a new building, placed the corresponding unit in that citys tile.

    - Made sure plot was empty before starting building construction. Gave message if not empty.

    - Changed city billboards to display building-unit name (Now a hatchery displays "Hatchery", etc.)

    - Added Nexus, Command Center, and Forge buildings for testing out graphics.

    Known Bugs:

    1.) Floating units large health bars (Originated v0.02)
    2.) City names appear to be misconstrued in some help and info texts. (Originated in v0.06)



    - Added multiple entries for each UnitInfo in the XML, as well as the SDK changes to read/write all and python interfaces.
    (See http://civ4-scmod.pbwiki.com/Civ4UnitInfos for details).

    - Gave unit classes ability to keep track of hit points, health, and number of attacks per turn.

    - Changed info pane and help text boxes slightly to show units hit points and shields (more will be done later during an interface upgrade).

    - Implemented basic Melee Attacks

    - Fixed melee units from automatically entering territories if they kill the unit there.

    - Implemented basic ranged attacks.

    - Fixed ranged units to have colored boxes around plots they can aim for (like an air strike unit would).

    - Changed "Airstrike" cursor to one that looks like an attack.

    - Implemented unit population count.

    - Restricted all units to their max attacks per turn limit.

    - Implemented cooldown.

    - Fix unit still having airstrike mode interface on after making last attack, but having more moves left.

    - Fix to allow for unit sleep mode (can end units turn without finishing moves or attack turns).

    - Units now build new buildings in new cities.

    - Every unit has a <BuildAt> trait saying where what building to build it at. The <BuildingPrereq> trait now just lists additional dependencies to build that unit. (Ex: A firebat
    has a <BuiltAt> trait of "BUILDING_BARRACKS", but a <BuildingPrereq> trait of "BUILDING_ACADEMY").

    - Changed minerals to be mined every 2 turns rather than 3 (too slow w/ just 3).

    - Added Supply Depot and Pylon buildings.

    - Allow for "upgrade" buildings to be built (Zerg Lair/Hive, Zerg Greater Spire, etc.)

    - Removed culture plots (to be added later, but not seen on map).

    - Implemented units individual sight ranges.

    - Changed unit info pane to show HP, Shields, Attacks and Movement points left.

    - Updated Plot Help Pane (the thing you get when you hover over a plot) to show some unit stats:

    - Removed some unneeded automate buttons.

    - Message displayed to declare when you don't have enough minerals/gas/population to make a unit or building.

    - Threw together a helluvalotta text keys.

    Known Bugs:

    1.) Floating units large health bars (Originated v0.02)
    2.) When minerals are harvested, credit may go to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did no work. (Originated v0.03)
    3.) When a CC, Nexus or Hatchery is built, it may be given to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did not create it. (Originated v0.03)
    4.) Players can harvest vespene gas from other players harvest building. (Originated in v0.03)



    - Added "iMineralCost" and "iVespeneGasCost" to all unit and building xml's.
    - Added costs to all unit and building xml's (cost = time to build)

    - Check if the player has enough materials first.
    - When a unit's build starts, subtract their cost.

    - Check if the building has enough materials first.
    - When a building's build starts, subtract it's cost.

    - Added TXT_KEY's for leftover bonuses, builds, and harvest automation.

    - Fixed issue with v0.03 that threw errors on harvesting gas.

    Known Bugs:

    1.) Floating units large health bars (Originated v0.02)
    2.) When minerals are harvested, credit may go to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did no work. (Originated v0.03)
    3.) When a CC, Nexus or Hatchery is built, it may be given to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did not create it. (Originated v0.03)
    4.) Players can harvest vespene gas from other players harvest building. (Originated in v0.03)
    5.) Unit cancellation does not yet work.
    6.) City production pop-up may cause forced production selection.



    - Added map QuickBath (a very small, four-person Bloodbath-like map).

    - Allowed each building to be made multiple times (some had restrictions of one building).
    - Gave terran units some more realistic power, movement and cost data (just for fun, they'll be changed when combat is implemented).
    - Changed floating units to combat type MELEE (from HELICOPTER) to make them actually want to fight me.
    - Changed Shuttle, Overlord, and Dropship AI to the assult, escort, and settle (sea variants).
    - Added Improvements and builds for all three capital structures (CC, Nexus, Hatchery).
    - Allowed worker units only to build (only) their own type of capital structure.

    - Have cities build when a correct improvement is laid down.
    - Changed SDK so new cities built will no longer destroy underlying improvements.
    - Made cities only able to build a capital structure if the improvement lay on that plot.
    - Allow improvements to be built in any neutral territory as well as your own.
    - Took away workers abilities to found cities.
    - Made cities start building their capital city right from the start.

    - Allowed workers to "harvest" minerals by creating a "Harvest Minerals" improvement.
    - When the "Harvest Mineral" improvement is completed, it immediately disappears.
    - Also, 8 gold added to the reserves.

    - Allowed workers to "harvest" gas by creating a "Harvest Gas" improvement.
    - When the "Harvest Gas" improvement is completed, it immediately is replaced back to a mine.

    - Modified SDK to keep track of gas. Works just like setGold, getGold, but now setGas, getGas.
    - Modified main screen to show both the current gas and minerals where typically the gold is.

    - Allowed for workers to automatically continue harvesting the current spot after they've completed.
    - Give first city to each player along with underlying improvement.
    - Made each player have their starting units centered on their starting plot.

    Known Bugs:

    1.) Floating units large health bars (Originated v0.02)
    2.) When minerals are harvested, credit may go to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did no work. (Originated v0.03)
    3.) When a CC, Nexus or Hatchery is built, it may be given to a player who owns a unit in that plot, even if they did not create it. (Originated v0.03)
    4.) Players can harvest vespene gas from other players harvest building. (Originated in v0.03)

    Spoiler Civilizations :

    Terran Civilizations:

    Kel-Morian Combine:
    Leaders: Gen Mah Sakai (Indusrious and Financial)
    Color: Green
    Unique Unit: Improved SCV (this civ was known for its excellent skills in gathering resources and Engineering)

    Sons of Korha/Terran Dominion:
    Leaders: Angus Mengsk (Industrious and Organized) , Arcturus Mengsk (Militeristic and Expansionist)
    Color: Red
    Unique Unit: Improved Ghost or improved Goliath

    Terran Confederacy:
    Leadesr: Edmund Duke (Militeristic and Creative)
    Color: Teal (Although White is the color of Alpha Squadron, its their most important Squadron)
    Unique Unit: Alpha Commando (improved Marine) or Assassin (improved Ghost)

    Umojan Protectorate:
    Leaders: Minister Jorgensen (Philosophical and Orginized)
    Color: Magenese
    Unique Unit: Improved Vultures or improved Firebats

    United Earth Directorate:
    Leaders: Admiral DuGalle (Militerstic and Aggressive), Vice Admiral Stukov (Organized and Financial)
    Color: White
    Unique Unit: Nurse (improved Medic, since Medics were the UED's specialty unit)

    Zerg Civilizations:

    Garm Brood:
    Leader: Cerebrate Zasz (Expansive and Organized)
    Color: Orange
    Unique Unit: Torrasque (improved Ultralisk)

    Jormungand Brood:
    Leader: Cerebrate Araq (Spiritual and Philosophical), Kerrigan (Militeristic and Aggressive)*
    Color: Purple
    Unique Unit: Some kind of cheaper Zergling, since this brood was all about numbers

    Surtur Brood:
    Leader: Cerebrate Kagg (Militeristic and Financial)
    Color: Blue
    Unique Unit: Improved Mutalisk

    Tiamat Brood:
    Leader: Cerebrate Daggoth (Creative and Industrious), The Overmind (Organized and Aggressive)**
    Color: Crimson
    Unique Unit: Hunter Killer (improved Hydralisk)

    *Kerrigan was infested by this Brood, and in the campaign you play as this Brood, coincidentally playing Kerrigan (thats why she is a leader for the Jormungand Brood)
    ** The Tiamat Brood's purpose is to protect the Overmind. Not only that, but they're the biggest Brood. That is why the Overmind is a leader for this Brood

    Protoss Civilizations:

    Dark Templar's:
    Leaders: Matriarch Raszagal (Philosophical and Creative), Zeratul (Militeristic and Spiritual)
    Color: Black
    Unique Units: Dark Templar, Dark Archon
    Traits:Spiritual and Philosophical

    Leaders: Judicator Aldaris (Philosophical and Spiritual)
    Color: Yellow
    Unique Units: (Standard Bonus: High Templar, Archon), Improved Dragoon

    Leaders: Tassadar (Industrious and Organized), Fenix (Expansive and Spiritual)
    Color: Olive
    Unique Unit: (Standard Bonus: High Templar, Archon), Improved Zealot

    Leaders: Artanis (Financial and Creative)
    Color: Violet
    Unique Unit: (Standard Bonus: High Templar, Archon), Improved Scout

    Other Civilizations (MAYBE IN LATER VERSIONS) (Hybrids)

    Raynor's Raiders: (A mix between Terran and Protoss units)
    Leaders: Jim Raynor, Fenix
    Color: Grey
    Unique Unit: Raider (an improved Vulture)

    Samir Duran's Hybrids (beings with the essence of a Zerg and the form of a Protoss)
    Leader: Samir Duran
    Unique Unit: ?

    Xel'Naga (Maybe, not decided)
    Unique Unit:?

    Barbarian Ideas:

    Pirate Militias

    Rogue Zurg's

    Rogue Protoss

    ********Thanks to NamesareUseless for some great input on Starcraft Civilizations

    Spoiler Units :

    Unit, Building, terrain Graphic's and LeaderHeads:
    They will definately be changed and will provide a completely new look to Civilization IV which will be morphed into a bit of the StarCraft universe, provideing a stunning visual experience. after this MOD is finished, all graphical elements will be donated to other MOD's if needed.

    Buildings: Ideas still being drawn up,(most likely same buildings as the original with some new ones)

    Units: Hopefully in first post, we will figure out a way to put in


    ---Command Center---
    SCV (fast/medium speed, defense or no attack, worker)


    Marines (medium/fast speed, ranged, basic unit, stim packs)
    Medics** (medium fast, defense or no attack can heal units, can heal from negative effects, can blind enemy units)
    Ghosts **(medium/fast speed, ranged, cloak, lockdown, nuke launcher lol)
    Firebats (medium/fast speed, melee, stim packs, strong ground defenseless to air)


    Siege Tank (medium/slow speed, ranged, siege mode, strong ground defenseless to air)
    Goliath (medium speed, ranged, anti air and ground unit)
    Vulture (EXTREMELY FAST, ranged, speed)


    Wraith** (fast, ranged, stealth, invisibility(helicopter effect)*)
    Dropship (medium speed, no attack ,air transport(helicopter effect)*)
    Battle Cruiser** (SLOW, ranged, VERY powerful, YAMATO CANNON lol and really expensive(helicopter effect)*)
    Valkaryie (ranged, air unit)
    Science Vessal** (medium speed, defensless, ideas?(helicopter effect)*),
    we can also add MANY units that are Sci-fi or fantasy(ex. dune buggy)


    Drone (fast/medium speed, defense or no attack, worker, after project gone, but very cheap and easy to build)
    Zerglings (REALLY fast, melee, basic unit, increased attack speed)
    Hydralisk's (medium speed, ranged, anti air and ground unit)
    Overlords (SLOW, no attack, ideas?, supply depot effect, air transport (helicopter effect)*)


    Mutalisks (fast, ranged, ground and air(helicopter effect)*)
    Scourage's (fast, suicide, missle units)
    Queens** (medium speed, no attack, idea's (Helicopter effect)*)


    Defilers** (medium speed,no attack, ideas?)
    Ultralisk (medium, strong melee, massive attack unit)


    Lurkers (fast, limited range, hydralisk upgrades to it)
    Gaurdian (SLOW, ranged, VERY powerful, Strong unit towards ground defensless against air(Helicopter effect)*)
    Devourer (fast, ranged, air unit)

    ---From Queen---

    ??Broodling**(fast, melee, after a unit killed by broodling effect from queen, god knows how we can do this)
    ---Infested Terran Command Center---
    Infested Marine (fast, suicidal{maybe even attacking with guns},From Terran City Captured.)
    we can also add MANY units that are Sci-fi or fantasy(ex. something like a kangaroo with a pouch of death.)

    concerning the Protoss, I do not know how we will incorperate shields in the game but we can figure out a way. I think we should put in

    Probe (fast, defense or no attack, worker, works tile one turn and can move to other tile the next turn, building speed will slow down by double the speed or by triple the speed or 2/3 of regular speed, [graphic effect will be like a teleporting gateway from aiur])


    Zealots (fast, Melee, basic unit)
    Dragoon (fast/medium speed, Ranged, Anti air and ground unit, prettty strong)
    High Templar** (medium speed, ranged, ideas? special abilities)
    Dark Templar** (fast speed, melee, Strong, always cloaked [spy])

    ---Robotics Facility---

    Shuttle (fast, no attack, air transport(helicopter effect)*)
    Reaver (SLOW, ranged, siege unit, powerful)
    Observer** (fast, no attack, cloaked all the time, [spy])


    Scout (medium speed, ranged, medium power (helicopter effect)*)
    Corsair** (air unit, can disable buildings)
    Arbiter** (Slow, ranged, Can freeze units(but frozen units cannot be attacked),can teleport a limited # of units to location (helicopter effect)*)
    Carrier (SLOW, VERY powerful, Carries little space ships, 8 maximum(power of 8 units with low strenth)(Helicopter effect)*)


    Archon "Power Overwhelming" (Very powerful melee unit(need two High Templars combined to create))
    Dark Archon** (no attack, can posses a unit, feedback[never really understood what feedback ever did lol.]need two dark templars to create)
    we can also add MANY units that are Sci-fi or fantasy (ex. i cant describe the image in my head, i have to draw it. its like a cyber angel scythe guy/girl.)

    *****For upgrades in Starcraft it was levels 0-3 we can do that in Civ by either promotion with tech discovery OR regular Civ upgrade after tech discovery but as each upgrade the unit will slightly change -((((easy to do by modifying the model a stinch to give it upgrade look))))- look depending on what upgraded. EX. if gun upgraded on a terran marine it will get a different model with a different looking gun. but you will have to upgrade like vanilla civ by purchase(price still unknown- might be none). for regular upgrades like speed boost or stim pack should be a promotion. stim pack will obvously need to end after a couple of turns, like 2-3. we also should have heros for each race/class. *(helicopter effect)=the unit will have the ability to move on the terrain like the helicopter in vanilla Civ(like how the air units moved in Civ II). **(special abilities)

    Tech Tree: Each of the three races will have their own tech tree, or we can integrate the tech tree to one complex mess if first idea is not possible. I recommend going on the starcraft site for further detail that I forgot to include. http://www.battle.net/scc/
  3. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    For WarCraft Version: Just wanted to reserve slot for now gotta get info.:p



    Spoiler RACE'S :
    thoughts for races:

    Leaders: Vol'jin, Sen'jin.
    Traits: Expansive, Aggresive.
    UUs: Headhunter, Shadowhunter(There may be a more powerfull version of them with alimit on), Bezerker, Witchdocter, Troll Shaman, Hakkar Worshipper(Powerfull, yet causes cities to become unhappy, and unhealthy), Avatar of Hakkar(VERY powerfull unit causes revolts all over your country, exept in the city he is built, can only have one and causes major unhealthyness and unhappiness), Troll Mage.

    Leaders: Cairn Bloodhoof, Magatha Grimtotem, Taur Runetotem
    Traits: Spiritual, Expansive or Philosophial.
    UUs: Tauren Shaman, Tauren brave, Tauren totemist, Tauren druid, Spirit walker, Cheiftain

    Leaders: Sylvanas Windrunner, Varimathras.
    Traits: Aggresive, Organised.
    UUs: Dark Ranger(Would have a limit), Deathgaurd, Apoticary, Undead warlock, undead mage.

    Leaders: Prince Kael'thas.
    Traits: Organized, Finantial.
    UUs: Bloodmage(Limit), BE mage/warlock, Spellbreaker, Ranger.

    Leaders: King Llane, Sir Lothar, Uther the Lightbringer, Jaina Proudmore.
    Traits: Agresive, Instrudios.
    UUs: Paladin, Knight, Human Mage, Human warlock, Human Necromancer(Can only have 2 or 3 and will cause unhappyness and health problems.), Human Priest of the light.

    Traits: Philosial, organized.

    Leaders: Muraodin Bronzebeard, Magni Bronzebeard, Khardros Wildhammer.
    Traits: Organized, Instrudios.

    Night Elves:
    Leaders: Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Cenarious.
    Traits: Spiritual, Organized.

    Leaders: Akama
    Traits: Spiritual, Philosial.

    Leaders: Lady Vash, Queen Azshara.
    Traits: Spiritual, Agresive.

    Leaders: The Lich King Nerzul, Arthas, Kel'thuzad.
    Traits: Agresive, expansive.

    Dark Iron Dwarfs:
    Traits: Instrudios, Agresive.

    Leaders: Gazlowe, Baron Revilgaz.
    Traits: Finantial, Expansive.

    Leaders: Chen Stormstout.
    Traits: Spiritual, Expansive

    Spoiler RELIGION :

    Instead of Religions, I would say Magic: Holy Light, Demonolatry, White Magic (Dalaran), Elune Worship, Cult of the Damned, Druidism.
    1- Something like Paganism
    2- General teaching: Magic is used in the construction of buildings (+25%), can create Magicians without having Magic Schools (see, same as Organized Religion).
    3- Magogratic system: same as Pacifism.
    4- Crusade: Same as Teocracy
    5- &#191;Freedom of Religion? Not so sure about this.

    Spoiler CIVICS :


    1- Something like Tribalism
    2- Slavery: Same as in Civ4. Slavery was used by most of the primitival civilizations, and today also exists among Nagas. You can think that the Orcish Workers are also as slaves.
    3- Peasant work: 100% grow to villages. This is the system used by the Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Gnomes.
    4- Zombie Work: High support cost. There is no unhappiness in your cities. Great People Birth decreased in 25%. Used by the Undead and maybe by those who practice the Dark Arts.
    5- Invocation of the Nature... Used by the Night Elves. Is just an idea, but I don't know what to say. Maybe with your skills for programation to make the wisps cut the forests REALLY SLOWLY and when they do that, wood is send to a town, but the forest is still there. Remember Night Elves don't damage the nature.

    And in the Government part, we're in problems, 'cause almost 100% of the Warcraft realms are monarchic. Maybe we can use some kind of Counsil of the Ancients, for Night Elf society, and for the Tauren, maybe.

    Spoiler ERA'S :

    1- Colonization of Kalimdor (Kaldorei: Ancient Night Elves, ruled by Azshara, capital city: Suramar)
    2- Rise of the Eastern Kingdoms (The Arathi Empire, first human empire, the first Dwarves)
    3- First invasion of the Horde (Corrupted Orcs, kingdoms of Dalaran, Kul Tiras, Azeroth)
    4- Tides of Darkness
    5- Burning Legion Return
    6- The New Order (World of Warcraft)

    Spoiler Benjamin28's idea additon :
    Civilization traits:
    - Aggresive (a): Free Combat I promotion of melee and gunpowder units. Double production speed of Barracks.
    - Defensive (d): Free Defense I (+10% defense, independient promotion) of ranged and gunpowder units. Double production speed of Castles.
    - Expansive (e): +2 health per city. Double production speed of granary and harbor.
    - Industrious (i): Wonder production increased 50 percent. Double production speed of Forge.
    - Magical (m): +2 culture per city. Double production speed of Magic Academy (this building (one per religion) allows the training of wizards, something like Missionaries, but with destructive/healing powers).
    - Organized (o): Civic upkeep reduced 50 percent. Double production speed of lighthouse and courthouse (this will depend of the buildings).
    - Philosophical (p): Great People birth rate increased 100 percent. Double production speed of University (again, according to the buildings).
    - Spiritual (s): No anarchy. Double production speed of the Temple.

    ad: Grom Hellscream. Warsong clan. Capital: ?. Special unit: Blade Master
    ae: Arthas. The Scourge. Capital: Icecrown. Special unit: Death Knight
    ai: Anub'arak. Azjol-Nerub. Capital: Azjol-Nerub. Special unit: Crypt Lord
    am: Nekros. Dragonmaw clan. Capital: ?. Special unit: Dragon
    am: Modgud. Dark Iron clan. Capital: Grim Batol. Special unit: ?
    ao: Gul'dan. Stormreaver clan. Capital: ?. Special unit: Orc warlock
    ap: Kael'Thas. Quel'Thalas. Capital: Silvermoon. Special unit: Blood mage
    as: Tyrande Whisperwind. Sentinels. Capital: Darnassus. Special unit: Moon priestess
    de: Daelin Proudmoore. Kul Tiras. Capital: Boralus. Special unit: ?
    di: Modimus Anvilmar. Khaz Modan. Capital: Ironforge. Special unit: Mountain king
    dm: Sylvanas Windrunner. The Forsaken. Capital: Undercity. Special unit: Dark mercenary
    do: King Llane. Azeroth. Capital: Stormwind. Special unit: ?
    dp: Akama. Draenei land. Capital: ?. Special unit: Elder Sage
    ds: Vol'Jin. Darkspear tribe. Capital: Sen'Jin village. Special unit: Shadow hunter
    ei: King Terenas. Lordaeron: Capital: Lordaeron. Special unit: Paladin
    em: Dath'Remar. Quel'Thalas. Capital: Silvermoon. Special unit: Blood mage
    eo: Lady Vashj. Naga empire. Capital: Nazjatar. Special unit: Royal guard
    ep: King Thoradin. Arathor. Capital: Strom. Special unit: ?
    es: Zul'Jin. Amani Empire. Capital: Zul'Aman. Special unit: I don't know, but can imagine
    im: Azshara. Kaldorei Empire. Capital: Zin-Azshari. Special unit: ?
    io: Khardros. Wildhammer clan. Capital: Aerie Peak. Special unit: Mountain King
    ip: Gelbin Mekkatorque. Gnome Empire. Capital: Gnomeregan. Special unit: ?
    is: Kel'Thuzad. The Scourge. Capital: Icecrown. Special unit: Lich or Death Knight
    mo: Jaina Proudmoore. Theramore. Capital: Theramore. Special unit: ?
    mp: Antonidas. Dalaran. Capital: Violet Citadel. Special unit: Archimage
    ms: Malfurion Stormrage. Druids. Capital: Hyjal. Special unit: Forest guardian
    po: Magni Bronzebeard. Khaz Modan. Capital: Ironforge. Special unit: Also Mountain King
    ps: Cairne Bloodhoof. Tauren nation. Capital: Thunder Bluff. Special unit: Tauren chief
    os: Thrall. Durotan. Capital: Ogrimmar. Special unit: Seer

    Yes, some combinations are not really good, but with these selection (excepting the civs from the "expansion") you can represent, in general lines, every important battle in the history of the planet, except the Qiraji against the Troll and the Three Hammers War. Also note that I put Arthas and Modgud as leaders, and not Lich King or Ragnaros, because I think controlling a demi-god or a god is quite boring and unreallistic for this game, since the power of every civilization must be in balance, and it is supposed that the gods are much more powerful than the normal beings. And the civics are another reason for not include the Lich King or Ragnaros.

    I also have a list of my ideas for the civics. Most of them will need explanatory notes.

    Despotism: Low Upkeep.
    The head of government has reached the power through the force, and may mantain the populations under control because of the fear he inspires in them. This terror is caused mainly by the army. In WOW, the primitive tribes like the old trolls use the Despotism. A special case is the Lich King, he needs nothing more than the mind power in order to dominate his minions.

    Council: +1 Free specialist per city. Low Upkeep.
    The persons (often the old ones) who have had a notable role in the guidance of the comunity are elected to form a council. This system works good for little civilizations, but the decisions should be taken slowly, and is a disaster n big empires. Can be found among the Draenei, in the small nation of Dalaran and possibly in the Night Elf societies. Please don't confuse with Shadow Council... in Spanish there's a difference between Consejo (the one presented here) and Concilio (the one founded by Gul'dan)

    Absolut Monarchy: +50% Worker build rate. +25% hammers in Capitol city. High Upkeep
    Similar to Despotism, but in this case, the legitimacy of the power is given by the glory of the dinasty or king. lso, there is a limit in the Monarch's orders, cannot challenge social traditions or natural rights. Finally, the absolut monarch must use his court to make the decisions true. Some examples in WOW can be the Orc clans, maybe Khaz Modan and Arthas while Lich King was weak.

    Aristocratic Monarchy: +3 Science per specialist, +40% war weariness, Low Upkeep
    The intellectual and wealthy class of the society advises the King. The populations are often ignored and this causes unhappiness, specially when this aristocracy cannot manage the wars. Azshara's Quel'Dorei, Quel'Thalas (since it can be a council also), and Royal Apothecary are good examples in WOW.

    Confederation: -100% maintenance costs from distance to Palace/Capitol City. +1 food from Workshop and Watermill. Medium Upkeep.
    Every single city is self-sufficient, and every realm must worry for the food production in all the united empire. Anvilmar's realm, the first kingdom among the Dwarves, was a Confederation of three clans. I can say the same about Arathi Empire. And I suppose that for Thunder Bluff.

    My time is reachig its end, so I won't give long explanations:

    Armed organization:
    Pillage: Low Upkeep. Every citizen must be prepared for eventual war.

    Warrior caste: +25% military unique unit production. +1 happiness per city. Medium Upkeep
    A special class in the society is prepared to defend the cities. Examples: Sentinels, Blade Masters from Burning Blade, Silver Hand, etc...

    Mercenary: New Units receive +2 Experience Points. Lower unit support cost. High Upkeep.
    Government pays to some professionals to manage the army.

    Militia: May draft 1 unit per turn. +2 happiness from Barracks. Low Upkeep.
    Some citizens receive professional training.

    Undead army: New units receive an exclusive promotion: "Corpse reanimation". Low Upkeep.
    This gives a little chance of creating a Zombie unit when the unit wins the battle. Zombies should be low-attack units, used to work and for pillage. It's the system used by the Undead Scourge.

    Tribalism: Low Upkeep.

    Slavery: May use population to rush production in a city. No Upkeep.

    Peasantry: +50% growth for Cottage, Hamlet, Village. May spend gold to finish production. Medium Upkeep.
    Orcs, Alliance of Lordaeron's system.

    Will Domination: No unhappiness. -25% Great People birth rate. High Upkeep.
    I didn't call it Necromantic Domination because there were some important characters through WOW history who dominated the other through mind control, not only the Lich King. But needs a good name, anyway.

    Call of the Nature: +3 health in all cities. +1 happiness from Jungle and Forest. Medium Upkeep.
    Used by Night Elfs. Note this system doesn't replace the workers with Wisps, so it can be used for every civ.

    Survival: Low Upkeep.

    Power: +25% military unit production. +50% Warlord Birth rate. High Upkeep.
    Arthas, Illidan, Amani Empire.

    Knowledge: Unlimited scientist in cities. Low Upkeep.
    Gnomos, Magni Bronzebeard, Quel'dorei

    Wealth: +1 trade route per city; +1 gold from Town. Medium Upkeep.
    Kul Tiras, Dwarven realms.

    Control: -30% war weariness. Double production speed for Walls. Low Upkeep.
    Terenas, Thrall, Thoradin, Maiev

    Primitivism: Low Upkeep.
    Cult of the Old Gods, primitive populations.

    Official teaching: Can build Missionaries without a Monastery. Cities with state religion construct buildings 25% faster. High Upkeep.
    Druidism, Silver Hand.

    Mageocracy: +100% Great People birth rate. +1 gold support cost per military unit. No Upkeep.
    Naga, Dalaran, Quel'Thalas.

    Crusade: +2 experience points in cities with state religion. No non-state religion spread. Medium Upkeep.
    Scarlet Crusade, Cult of the Damned

    Freedom of Study: +100% culture in all cities, +10% science research in all cities. Low Upkeep.
    No society, AFAIK, has reached this point in WOW, so should be one of the last in appear.

    Here is a site for reference for WarCraft http://www.battle.net/war3/
  4. IVZanIV

    IVZanIV Warlord

    Jan 14, 2006
    I am very interested in this project, and would like to help with the XML... What can I do to start?
  5. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    Wow thats great,actually this is my first MOD i only know how to crate 3d/2d art if i knew what to do, i would tell you, can you help me get this MOD started?:blush:
  6. IVZanIV

    IVZanIV Warlord

    Jan 14, 2006
    Heh... Sure. Good that you know the art stuff, cause I dont lol. The first (and the thing I am most experienced with) thing that I would do is add the new civilizations, which is chiefly XML. I can get started on this if you would like?
  7. Promenthus

    Promenthus Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2004
    Awesome mod ideas, I must have logged thousands of hours on StarCraft =D...
    Well, I'd be more than happy to do the XML for the whole mod, and I could probably do some of the unit balancing and 2d button arts (for Civilopedia).
  8. CivEmperor

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    Sep 22, 2003
    Canton Ohio
    I could possibly help making a map for warcraft if you were interested in such a thing, I understand this is just a mod but... mind you I'm not the greatest with making maps on Civ IV but I could throw some rough idea together.
  9. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    IVZanIV you are in charge of XML for this project, and if you would like to start working on the XML, how much and which civs shoud we include in this MOD?
  10. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    this mod is a team effort soo if anyone wants to input, they are more than welcome to do what ever thay want, but dont forget to work together!
  11. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    promenthus it would be great if you helped IVZanIV with XML, lol i spent More that thousands of hours on SC lol

    civ emperor you are welcome to do as you please
  12. IVZanIV

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    Jan 14, 2006
    The more help I get the faster it gets done.
    I think for right now, just the standard Terran/Zerg/Toss civs would be good, and we can split them later if need be. If this is alright, I'll start on the Terran and Promenthus if you want to start on any other.
  13. CivEmperor

    CivEmperor Warlord

    Sep 22, 2003
    Canton Ohio
    Also your Warcraft post seems to be lacking, so I'll get some discussion going here, which nations should we include. I would say:

    Night Elves
    Blood Elves

    Second of all would it be possile to change the upgrade system to make it similar to WoW? I was thinking that that would be a good model for at least a plan.
  14. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    Remember how in Star Craft how the terrain was sometimes forest, grass, old ruins, that space platform, the RED RED desert with black oil "ocean" , if we can edit the terain to show this stuff it would be great.
  15. IVZanIV

    IVZanIV Warlord

    Jan 14, 2006
    Heh good idea. Also, for the Terran Battleship, what if the Yamato could actually destroy either buildings or population if used on a city, like a bombard on steroids?
  16. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    that sounds great. you and Promenthus are in charge of XML, everything is up to you guys.

    EDIT: those Civs sound absolutly perfect for me!

    im really not familiar on the WoW upgrade system but if everyone likes it we can definately do it for the Warcraft mod.
  17. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    hahahhahah that sounds ausome! lol
  18. IVZanIV

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    Jan 14, 2006
    Is this mod going to need to be compatible with several languages, or just English?
  19. Killamike718

    Killamike718 Proud Maya User

    Dec 24, 2005
    Staten Island, New York City
    up to you guys, i dont mind gettin this MOD in different languages, but that surface we can scratch on later. It would be great to make this MOD semi International:p
  20. IVZanIV

    IVZanIV Warlord

    Jan 14, 2006
    Is Raynor a good leader for the Terrans?

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