Stargate SG-1: The Battle At Dakara Beta

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Aug 23, 2005
Ok, after much toil and turmoil Its ready for public testing...

Anubis(Apophis LH)
Ba'al(Hathor LH)
StarGate Command (Hammond LH)
Jaffa (LH by RX8FT)

All new tech tree
The Icons and Science PCX have a few issues, will be fixed in patch*
Terrain: Lukrees Space Terrain/Modified by me...unfinished, changes will be in the patch
Each Civ has 1 unit line, plus a Glider, and a Transport(2 transports in the patch, waiting for Al'Kesh, and O'neill)
Jaffa--> Elite well as Horus/Anubis warriors, and Kull warriors for Anubis
SGC Infantry--> SGC Elite--> SGC Team...As well as Jack and Sam Kings
Rebel Jaffa--> Elite Jaffa Rebel...As well as Teal'c and Bra'Tak
Replicator units dont upgrade, and they only have 2(Large and Small)

The Goal is total control of Dakara...SCG and Jaffa should be able to share victory

For previews check Here:

Moderator Action: Download updated to HTTPS - Blake00
Scenario Download Here:
The Battle At Dakara

This is what will probably be my final work on this...I plan on a larger Stargate scenario after my Narnia Scenario is done...

Installation Instructions:
Unzip into your: Civ3/conquests/scenarios folder...then you select the scenario from the "Civ-Content" will be titled SG-1
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Sweet! You got it finished! Too bad I don't have enough time to play it right now (in the middle of rendering another unit) :cry:

Great work on this scenario, BTW.... I'm a big SG-1 fan, so I can't wait to send this sucker through the wringer.
I hope you enjoy...even in its 2/3 done state...

I would recomend deleting the F-302 and Deathglider run sounds from the INI
I included them for flavor, but they get REAL annoying...they will be gone in the Final...
Way to go spacer one. finally finished. it will be better when someone creates real jaffa units (if bhiita or sa~craig would finish theirs) but it will be great how it is. oh and you have the Hatak in this right?
Quinzy is working on Jaffa now...maybe 2-3 weeks (best case)
The Hatak is Exclusively in this for now...
forget about the "old" Jaffa units...we lost those guys to Civ 4...
Im still working on improving the game everyday...with new ambiant sounds(I test em alot before I use em...I seem to have playback speed issues) unit sounds, and of course graphic improvements...
Fixing the terrain, I already fixed the pedia icons, and they will be in the first patch(with any new units that I can get my grubby paws on)
sounds good spacer i cant wait to play it with the Hatak. now Anubis wont be so vulnerable to my Great Armies Attacks
just to let everyone know, im done with the first jaffa unit attack. i must to all the animations (even though it is c&p) because the stalf is 1/3 shorter than the original. yes, 2 weeks prolly.
Hi, Just a quick update, I remembered that I installed C3C on my laptop as well as my desktop, so I've been playing the scenario while rendering my units....

Anyways, the first thing I noticed was the pediaicons errors, which you've already fixed. I'm playing as SG Command on "Showtime" difficulty (I love the custom difficulty level names, BTW). I can see why the Replicators are unplayable: I've managed to take over three of their cities within the first 20 turns of the game with very few losses. My war agains Anubis is not going so good..... I attacked their main base on Dakara, and had my entire army slaughtered (3 SG Elites, a SG team, and 6 or 7 F-302s), however, they have had about as much luck going against my main bases on Dakara (Every Jaffa Soldier and Elite that has come within my borders has been eradicated), and a massive deathglider assault on Earth (beta site) was repelled with the loss of quite a few regular SG infantry, and their entire stack of 10 deathgliders. I am now cranking out F-302's, SG Elites and Techs (so I can build some sort of trade network).

BTW, the custom resources don't seem to be working..... maybe you forgot to include the file? Also, quite a few of the Civilopedia entries are missing, and the ones for the governments seem to be for Escape from Zombie Island.... It would be helpful to know what the different govs do...... as well as certain buildings (like the SGC Barracks, whose civilopedia entry is blank).

Other than that, fun mod. I'm in the middle of a golden age that was started when some fool replicators attacked Samantha Carter :lol:

ALso, I'm happy to see some of my graphics in this mod (the Replicator LH and the one building)
Ok, as I mentioned in the read me...this MOD is made over the EFZI template...

So there are a few EFZI references...they will be gone in the final version...

Other than that...Yes, Ive fixed the pedia Icons...I should post fact I will (After I go see Chronicles of Narnia)

The difficulties are based on the order of Networks that showed SG-1...with Myself and Killer stuck in at the end for spice...

I noticed the Resourse problem, which is weird, cause it wasnt there all worked the Goa'uld dont even get Naquaduh

I will get straight to work on the Civilopedia entries...I was working on them all, as you can see if you open the txt file...the Tech pedia entries are supposed to be the script of the 2 episodes(As seen by the individual factions) but I couldnt get it to work, so I stopped working on the pedia entries completely after a point...
However, as each faction, you should only have 2 choices...if you are SGC, you can only have "Disorginized" and "Tau'ri Democracy" I remember not bothering, because 1 is much better than the other...(You can switch as soon as you start, and in fact in the final version, each Civ starts as their chosen Govt)(The Goa'uld are Feudalist, and the Jaffa are Heirarchal...the stats are mostly the same, except all but SGC get free units...and SGC gets no war weariness(or low not sure)...I'll write em up...
Thank you for playing it BTW...not a whole lot of response, and this is supposed to be a TEST version...its not done by far...I just wanted to put some of the new Stargate buildings I made out there for Killer, and get people to tell me what else is Thanks Alot...
Actually, the resources work out.... I just wasn't paying attention..... Although I did find one bug: The Asgard Motherships are supposed to be buildable by both SGC and Replicators, but the tech that allows them is Replicator only.

BTW, I just played a few more turns, and switched to Tau'ri democracy after getting Daniel's Ascension. Cheyenne Mtn is now building Daniel's research, and I also took out the last Replicator city :evil: Anubis is next on the list of people whose butts need whupped. BTW, the SGC and Jaffa are in a locked alliance, but with no ROP. I also noticed that Most diplomatic deals have been disabled (including MPP and ROP), and I can't find which tech allows them (so I don't have to worry about my supposed Jaffa allies getting bent every time I send one of my units through their territory).

One last note about the game thus far: Anubis attacked Earth AGAIN, but this time only with System Lord Anubis and a Deathglider. Their Deathglider destroyed one of my F-302s, but it was severely damaged and was finished off by a regular SG elite. Anubis, on the other hand, wiped out 5 SG Elite teams before succumbing in the end. What I want to know, is that since Anubis, Teal'c, etc are King units, will losing all of them cause you to lose the game? If so, then that means that all I have to do is find the other Goul'd king unit and finish them off easy........ I think that the Goul'd should learn that attacking Earth is a bad idea now. :lol: I also have afew squadrons of F-302's heading toward a former Replicator city that is currently in the clutches of Anubis (but not for long!), and used one of my technicians to found a city near the two primary cities on Dakara, and I have another Tech building a road to connect with a road coming from the Jaffa capitol. Since I lost one tech to a deathglider sneak attack, I have this guy guarded by three SG elites.... Currently, I'm in the lead for score, land area, population and culture. I'm also working on settling the cities between the lowermost city on Dakara and the recently taken repicator cities (as well as buiding roads between all of them).
Ok, well SGC will be able to build "Oneill"s later(once the Oneill is finished)...they only get 1 for the sake of a transport(during an earlier test everyone had them)

ROP MPP is a good idea...I will add it, although I dont know why it isnt added now...I do remember thinking that they may not like to work together if Gerak was the leader, but it doesnt work for the game...I'll fix it

The Hatak shouldnt be able to transport any foot units(except the Kings)...

And no...if you kill both kings, I dont think you win...otherwise if you lost Jack and Sam youd lose...

BTW, Kull warriors are Anubis King unit...I have to fic the "Anubis System Lord"s they are supposed to be First Prime
Ummmm.... I just finished watching the Season 5 DVD box set, and was wondering if maybe that LH made by Drift for the MoM mod might not work better (since when Anubis appears in the Season Finale, he looks almost exaclty like that guy).... Also, I am thinking of coming up with a couple of SG leaderheads (like Either Jacob or Anise/Freya for the Tok'ra) as well as Thor for the Asgard and maybe a few more Go'uld system lords (like Yue, for instance)....

Who knows, I may even make a few Jaffa type units (like armed with the staff cannons)....

Also, I'm wondering what the purpose of having the SG as a small wonder is, since SW are destroyed whenever a city is captured, therefore you can never use them to airlift units between planets (like you should be able to). What I'm thinking is that they should be a city improvement (that generates 0 culture so that they can be captured), but one that requires a "stargate" resource to be withing the city radius, and just place the resource under the capitols of each faction, so that way you could limit each faction to one SG (until a capitol city is captured), and still have them actually have a strategic use (i.e. "airlifting" foot units, and in the case of the SGC, MALPs).
Wow. Hikaro, thats a great idea...this is what I needed when I was putting it together...
As far as the SG being a SW, its not "supposed" to be, its just the capitol your idea is what Im gonna go with for now...maybe if you could set it up in a biq, and screenshot it for me...

1 problem, the gates are built out of Naquaduh, and that resource is fairly commonly spread I'll have to make a DHD resource...

also, some capitols have something under them resourcewise already...but Im sure I can work it out(I kinda would rather have the DHD visible if I have to make it)
You don't have to place it under the capitol, you could put it in any tile beside the capitol (the only problem is that enemy units could "blockade" your stargate by standing on the resource, but that would actually be more realistic, and provide more incentive for actually having units defend the Stargate resource), just so long as it is in the city radius.

As for the flags you need, set it as a city improvement (rather than a SW), set Culture per turn to 0, required resource to "Stargate" or "DHD" (whatever you choose), and check the box that says "Resource must be within city radius". Then just place the Stargate in all the capitols, and Vwala: no more stargates can be built (unless a capitol city is razed and a new city is built with the SG in the radius), and when you capture a city, the stargate is also captured.
Oh, Just one more thing I noticed that needs fixing: The F-302's have the Recon ability, but 0 operational range, so they can only scout the square they're on... Not very useful, IMO.
i agree with hp-p00nst3r but as far as i kno its impossible to do that.
It would only be possible to attack coastal cities...but, I dont want it like that until we work out other dynamics...
I just got back from vacation, and should be starting the repairs and final touches in the next day or so...I will post the first patch, ASAP...
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