Starting civ placements on the "Large Islands" LUA expansion map script are broken

Dec 30, 2021
The Large Islands map used to be my favorite "advanced" map in Civ 5, years ago. I've recently come back to Civ 5 (and Vox Populi) and the starting placement logic in this script is not working correctly any more. Most major civs start bunched together on a single island, making the map unplayable.

The map script is attached.

I am not a developer (and I've found no luck locating an "Editing Civ 5 Map Scripts for Dummies" guide), so I don't know enough to troubleshoot this code. Is there anyone out there who is familiar with map scripts who can figure out what is going wrong with starting placements on this script?

Thanks for any help.


  • Large_Islands.7z
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