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Apr 11, 2008
I am fairly familar with these settings and how these games tend to play out. They generally involve a lot of choking early in the game from multiple angles. Getting access to critical resources, especially metal is critical. No metal means your teammates have to protect you or you die (usually) once the enemy has catapults to knock your defenses down and kill the 8 archers in your city. I strongly suggest the following civs/traits, with a couple possible alternatives:

1. Zulu - Agri, Hunting - Aggressive trait a must

I can sum this pick up one word, Impis. They are the uber choking unit early in the game with 2 moves and defensive bonuses. Just spam to the nearest civ to deny metal, steal workers and cause general havoc. This civ was often banned in MP games because the UU is so powerful.

2. Egypt - Agri, Wheel

Strongest chariot UU in the game, the best for early rushes

3. India - Myst, Mining - Spi/Ind preferred.

By far the best combo for chopping henge/oracle. Fast worker is also great for early chopping to keep enemies off your woods and to get more units and expand.

4. Inca - Agri, Myst - Aggressive trait a must

The quecha is another great MP choke unit because the opponent cannot counter with archers.

Last one is only one up for debate IMHO. Only two options I feel are Mali and Rome.

5a. Rome - Fishing, Mning - Aggressive trait a must.

Shock Preats are very tough to kill. In addition it's the only civ in the bunch that starts with fishing, so you dont have to research any first tier techs. with the first 4 picks and Rome.

5b. Mali - Mining, Wheel - Protective Trait a must.

Protective skirm=very hard to kill. Another great choke unit. A fully forted unit on a forested hill can kill 3 swords.

Tempting choices, but probably better to avoid.

Native Americans - Dogs are rather expensive to make early and slow. The are also inferior to protective skirms due to their vulnerability to chariots. I find you fall too far behind in your development if your choke fails.

Persia, Mongols, Carthage - Would rather use War Chariots for a rush. The window on HA UU's is too narrow to justify using, only tons of eles are around they aren't that useful. Regular HA's do the job well enough that losing one of the stronger early game UU's isn't justifiable.
This game will be played in BTS Civer Dan, were Ghandi is no longer Spi Indu.

I will do a seperate thread on the leaders and Civs picking
Hehe, I just posted in the other thread, but I pretty much agree with everything you said! Though I am still indecided as which chariot is my favorite, immortal or war chariot? I guess immortal for the defense bonus. It is the archer choker/killer! :)
Regarding CiverDan1's OP below:

"3. India - Myst, Mining - Spi/Ind preferred.

By far the best combo for chopping henge/oracle. Fast worker is also great for early chopping to keep enemies off your woods and to get more units and expand."

Why would getting Stonehenge and/or Oracle be that critical in MP game?
I've only had very limited MP experience - and that only against my brother plus a few friends (and we only play free-for-alls, not team). Also, we are definitely not anywhere near being top MP players (not by a long long way).

However, my experience taught me that trying to get either of those two early wonders is too risky. I would have expect this to be doubly so in a game against very experienced MP players (by default - all are extremely competent and incessant warmongers). Or is having teammates to protect you makes the shooting for the wonders more viable?

Even so, getting Stonehenge as India seems to offer no obvious benefits. I would understand if Native American would like to push for early Stonehenge even in MP game. And in that case, I would be more inclined to just build 1/2 Totem Poles in strategic place rather than committing to the Stonehenge.

As for the Oracle, team game is shared research, right? So wouldn't the tech edge is short lived? Getting a free tech that 5 other opponents must researched individually is a nice edge. Getting a free tech that 5 other opponents can pool research effort - not too big of an edge, I would presume.

Again, as I'm very noob-ish, I expect that I'm just ignorant of some obvious synergy and/or prevalent MP strategy.

Hope someone could enlighten me.

Thank you.
Stonehenge counts for all the civs, so if everyone built one extra city it has paid for itself. You also deny the same to the opponent.

With oracle, it is true that research go faster than a normal game, however most people will be focused on fighting not teching. A tech edge, say getting longbows when they have not and 2 promos when they don't have it would be huge (guerilla2 longbows are pretty damn good).
@Oyzar, thanks for the clarification

So Stonehenge = free border pop for the WHOLE team, not just the civ that built it. Now I see why that would be a very nice thing to have in 5v5 game indeed.

And would Great Wall = 100% GG in all 5 civs as well then?
Stonehenge is more important than Oracle in this type of game. It is cheaper so less risky to build, at provides the important benefit in that your borders expand very quickly. As far as the Great Wall, it is far more important for the Great Spy and for the GG points. Great Spy can roam enemy lands and can never be caught.
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