StarTrek Unit: Borg Cube - Battleship class

Tzar Sasha

Tzar of Nowheresville
Dec 10, 2003
The Frozen Tundra
This is the Borg Cube it is within the battleship class for the StarTrek MOD. It is between 100 and 105 pixels in width.

The preview is of the attack sequence. There is a tractor beam, one sustained phaser and two quick phaser shots. There are no torpedoes with this unit at this time.

The ZIP file contains:
  • Default flc
    attack flc
    fidgit flc (which doubles as the run flc)
    readme.txt (which goes into further detail about the unit)
    and sound files
Corrected link to download Borg Cube ZIP file
The attachment is an updated INI file. In the ZIP file I forgot to put in the attack flc in the INI. Download the TXT and rename to an INI.


  • borg cube.txt
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the attachment to you first post...
everytime I try to save it, my comp tries to save a file called "-attachment" of type "-document"
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