StarWars unit: Republic Assault Ship


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Nov 10, 2002
While the Kaminoans labored to perfect an indomitable clone army, the neighboring shipyards of Rothana were subcontracted to develop the hardware, armor and transports for the new infantry. The bold lines and stark silhouettes of the resulting craft were departures from the polished craftsmanship of personalized styles that marked the final Republic era. Instead, the wedge-shaped assault ships were foreboding harbingers of the new era to come.

At the start of the Clone Wars, the Republic used these titanic transport vessels to deliver clone troopers to the battlefields of Geonosis. Though large, the transports were capable of operating and landing within a planetary atmosphere, deploying hundreds of troops and their vehicles into combat. On Coruscant, an immense staging area of thousands of troops boarded waiting assault ships, ready to continue the fight to preserve the Republic on distant worlds.


Republic Assault Ship V1.1 (with sounds from Vuldacon)
:goodjob: That looks great and I'm not even a Star Wars fan!
Scweet unit

TheMorpheus said:
I need some good sounds for the unit, has anyone cool sounds for the run and attack animation? :help:

I have some old .wav files I extracted from the X-wing game back in the day, I'll see what I can whip up for ya.
I need some good sounds for the unit, has anyone cool sounds for the run and attack animation?

TheMorpheus, Not sure how Cool these sounds will be to you but I put together the Attack, Run, and Death sounds. Also made a Fortify sound that works with the attack as well. All Game Tested.
Because I do not know the settings that you or others will use for this Unit such as an Air Unit that leaves the City or not, or how many squares the Unit will be set to move, I made a "Happy Medium" for the sounds that should work best for all.
Note that I included an adjusted .ini file for these sounds and the Fortify uses the default.flc.
I also made a CIVSpecific units_32.pcx file for the unit that looks good in game. ...TheMorpheus, let me know if you want something different or "adjustments"...again, not sure of the settings you are using :)



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Many thanks Vuldacon, I love the sounds :D
I have updated the unit download and added your great stuff.

Hikaro Takayama, thanks for your help, it would be nice if you have some additional sounds, because I have planned some other StarWars units and the next one will be the Victory Class Stardestroyer. So I need some good sound for the units, which will be come in future.
TheMorpheus, Glad the sounds will work for you...The Unit looks Very Good in the Game and The Attack and Death are Great. :thumbsup: Just curious as to the Basic settings you personally use for this Unit. Normal Air Unit settings or can it leave the City?
OH SWEET! That means you can concitrate on a Startrek Unit now!

We REALLY need more units, man. Like, despretly.
He is also busy with units for the Stargate mod. I would like some of those too, but since I am interested in both the Stargate mod and the Star Wars mod, whichever one you decide to work on next will be fine with me!
Excellent unit, Morpheus. It will of course be added to the next release of The Clone Wars, which is coming out sometime next week. Stay tuned!
WOOOOW, this thing dies incredibly artfull. Nice explosion. Besides you should do something like this as a replacement for the nuke-blast. This I'd appreciate a lot!!
U're the Grandmaster of explosion by the way!
I second that. All the SW units with the little pop explosion need something like this, only generic so you can insert it into any of them.
My God we need all the help we can get! Help us with the Trek!

Speaking of the ST mod, morpheus... MAKE US SOMEMORE UNITS!
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