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State of the Empire Term 9

Discussion in 'Team Epsilon' started by Memphus, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Memphus

    Memphus Deity

    Mar 23, 2005
    Turn 180 1200 A.D.

    Save is up As Mentioned before.

    Last update of this Term.


    Mysterious Margay (Axeman): Stays Fortified in Place

    MaceMan Moves TOut of Dune To Protect Worker From Potential Horse Archer.

    Viking ConvertMoves Back into Sunset Fortress Away from Innovian Caravel

    GalleonHeading Back to Sunset where He can Pick up the Cavalry built in Mighty B last turn

    Cavalry Running Towards Sunrise
    Cavalry Running to Jump on the Galleon
    Other Units:

    Magellan Going to Sail Around and Scout aloha Other City.

    Columbus Will get Set up in one of the "Fog Busting" Patrols Routes to warn us of an incomming invasion

    Cities & Workers:

    Capital:Epsilon Eradani
    Finishes Bank Interturn, Grows Interturn Citizen Defaulted to Plains Forest. No Build Orders
    Gbno1Fan Starts Road

    Holy City: Eternal Eye:
    Continues Cavalry, Citizen Forced As merchant, Cavalry can be :whipped: for 2 Pop next turn.
    No Workers

    Immortal Keep
    Finishes Cavalry Starts Cavalry
    No Workers

    Port of Mists
    Continues University, Grows Interturn
    MjM Starts Cottage

    Sunset Fortress:
    :whipped: Library
    Kyleran Continues Jungle Chop
    The Divide Runs Ontop of the jungle hill

    Point Defiance
    Continues University
    Civmansam Continues Workshop

    Mighty Bulwark:
    Starts New Cavalry, Citizen Moved to Watermill to maximized :food:
    Kojimanard Starts Watermill
    DaveMcW Finishes Watermill
    The Divide Runsto Sunset Fortress As it was the furthest behind in development
    Spoiler :

    Sunrise Citadel
    Continues University
    Peter Grimes Moves W Starts Workshop

    Icy Redoubt
    Continues Galleon
    No Workers

    Argyle's Watch
    Continues Forge
    Classic HeroContinues Farm
    AgarwaenContinues Jungle Chop

    OverLook Bay
    Continues Forge
    Memphus Runs ontop of the forest.

    Scion City
    Continues Barracks, Grows Interturn
    Twistlok Irrigation Chain to Scion City Complete
    Fe3333au Irrigation Chain to Scion City Complete
    Azaman333 Irrigation Chain to Scion City Complete

    *None of these Workers have orders*

    Continues Granary
    General_W Finishes Road
    Lost CivantaresContinues Farm

    Other News:

    Our Religious Shrine is Generating +13 Gold per turn.

    Steel 4 Turns To Go (If we can find some money)
    Science Rate Held at 100%

    Send Updated Screenshot of Aloha's Cossack. They give us their map for nothing



    Photo sent to Piffle
    Spoiler :

    Quick Links:
  2. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    - Team Epsilon -
    Turn 180

    1200 AD
    Peace is War
    Freedom is Slavery
    Epsilon is Strength

    Foreign Headline News:
    • Just a belated FYI… Confucianism is now the largest religion in the World! :D (@ 29% … Hinduism at 25%, Taoism at 18%... the rest at 10% or below)
    • Innovia trades Astronomy to Loco in exchange for the secret of Printing Press!
    • Loco is trading even more with Innovia! Gives them Crab AND deer in exchange for Sugar.
    • Loco founds another new town… "Bombay"… seems to break the Monopoly theme…

    Score Tracker – 3 Turns
    1) Epsilon – Leader (Huang) = 1434 (+14)
    2) Piffle - Pifflenatress (Elizabeth) = 1216 (+41)
    3) Innovia - Saggioun the Wise (Saladin) = 1131 (+91)
    4) Aloha – Chief Aloha (Catherine) = 1048 (+8)
    5) Loco - King Kong (Gandhi) = 947 (+31)

    The Known World

    Spoiler International Relations Report :

    Epsilon International Relations Report:
    (in order of contact)
    Team Piffle
    Spoiler Stats and History :

    Team Piffle
    Leader: Pifflenatress
    Civ: Elizabeth, England
    Traits: Philosophical, Financial
    UU: Redcoat
    Contact: Turn 45 (2220 BC)
    Current Civics: Gov: Hereditary Rule / Legal: Bureaucracy/ Labor: Slavery / Economy: decentralization / Religion: Theocracy

    Past Trades
    • Peace treaty till 1 AD – Agreed: 8/28/06
    • Epsilon gives: Writing, Alphabet, 30beaker debt. Piffle gives: Metal working. Agreed: 8/28/06
    • Epsilon Gives: Iron Working. Piffle gives: Fishing, Hunting, Masonry. Agreed: 11/18/06
    • Peace till 500 AD – Agreed: 12/29/06
    • "Traders Only Open Borders" – Agreed: 12/29/06
    • Epsilon gives: Monarchy, Currency, Polytheism, Literature, Construction (1,350 beakers). Piffle gives: Calendar, Machinery, Archery (1,100 beakers). Agreed: 1/18/07
    • "Deal for the New Millenium" – Phase 1: E: Compass & Optics, P: Philosophy. Phase 2: E: Theology, P: Paper. Phase 3: E: Education, P: Printing Press. Then deal for Liberalism + Military Tradition
    • Alliance formed to crush all teams. Won't turn on each other till we're the last 2 standing.
    • We pledge 6 Cavalry and 2 Galleon’s to Piffle’s war with Aloha.
    • Pledge reduced to 4 Cavalry and 1 Galleon in exchange for free Iron till war with Aloha/Innovia is over - Now all delivered.

    Known Towns:
    • Balderdash - Capital = Great Lighthouse
    • Hamburger = Confucian!
    • Teracle Cottage
    • Brilliant!
    • Twaddle= (captured from barbarians)
    • Leonids
    • Chappaquiddick
    • Phooey
    • Zapotec

    Technology to Trade: none
    Missing Technology: None

    Gold to Trade: 536 (-89gpt)

    Resources to Trade: Crab, Gold
    Missing Resources: Banana, Cow, Sheep (2), Ivory,

    Active Trades: Piffle Corn & Wine & Wheat for Epsilon Rice & Gems & Clams / Iron and Whale to Piffle for free, for the war.

    Team Loco
    Spoiler Stats and History :

    Team Loco
    Leader: King Kong
    Civ: Gandhi, India
    Traits: Spiritual, Industrious
    UU: Fast Worker
    Contact: turn 91 (600 BC)
    Current Civics: Gov: Despotism / Legal: Bureaucracy/ Labor: Slavery / Economy: Mercantilism / Religion: Organized Religion

    Past Trades
    • Peace treaty till indefinite – Agreed: 12/01/06
    • Epsilon gives: Math. Loco gives: Sailing, Monotheism. Agreed: 12/13/07
    • Epsilon Gives: Currency and Literature. Loco gives: Theology. Agreed: 1/11/07 Still in Progress
    • Epsilon gives: Code of Laws. Loco gives: 100 gold. Agreed: 1/05/07
    • Roadmap Deal Phase 1: E: Machinery, L: Music. Phase 2: E: Compass & Paper, L: Guilds. Phase 3: E: Philosophy, L: Banking. Then Great Merchant goes to Loco Capital, split gold 50/50. Phase 5: E: Education, L: Divine Right. Phase 6: E: Economics, L: Gunpowder. Abandoned on turn 157
    • Now on a trade-by-trade basis

    Known Towns:
    • Short Line = Buddhism Holy City /
    • Stonehenge
    • B and O – Destroyed in 1020AD (t162) by Innovia
    • Reading
    • Pennsylvania
    • Delhi
    • Mycenian = (captured from Barbarians)
    • New B&O

    Technology to Trade: none
    Missing Technology: Engineering (1000), Education (1800), Liberalism (1400), Economics (1400), Military Tradition (2000)

    Gold to Trade: 33 (+10gpt)

    Resources to Trade: Crab (2), Deer (2), Gold, Spices
    Missing Resources: Iron, Horses, Banana, Clams (2), Fish (2), pig, Rice (2), Sheep (2), Gems (3), Ivory, Whales

    Active Trades: None yet

    Team Innovia
    Spoiler Stats and History :

    Team Innovia
    Leader: Saggioun the Wise
    Civ: Saladin, Arabia
    Traits: Philosophical, Spiritual
    UU: Camel Archer
    Contact: Turn 107 (200 BC)
    Current Civics: Gov: Hereditary Rule / Legal: Nationhood / Labor: Serfdom / Economy: Mercantilism / Religion: Organized Religion

    Past Trades
    • Turn 136 – We gave Philosophy (800) and Drama (300) for Feudalism (700)
    • Turn 138 – Open Borders deal signed. Cancelled 10 turns later on turn 148 – no official reaction from Innovia. Only allowed minor scouting of our land, deal was key to our Circumnavigation.

    Known Towns:
    • WheelVille = Population 8, Hindu Holy City / Kashi Vishwanath
    • PloughLand
    • Sinsberg
    • Chowderton
    • Polynesia
    • Magaden
    • Glassport
    • Weaverville

    Technology to Trade: none
    Missing Technology: Engineering (1000), Education (1800), Liberalism (1400), Gunpowder (1200), Economics (1400)

    Gold to Trade: 22 (+2gpt)

    Resources to Trade: Marble, Incense, Sugar
    Missing Resources: Iron, Horses, Gems (3), Ivory

    Active Trades: Innovia Silks for Epsilon Whale

    Team Aloha
    Spoiler Stats and History :

    Team Aloha
    Leader: Chief Aloha
    Civ: Catherine, Russia
    Traits: Creative, Financial
    UU: Cossack
    Contact: Turn 124 (225 AD)
    Current Civics: Gov: Hereditary Rule / Legal: Bureaucracy / Labor: Slavery / Economy: Mercantilism / Religion: Theocracy

    Past Trades
    • None.

    Known Towns:
    • Aloha = The Colossus
    • Hello
    • Hej Taken by Piffle in 1150 AD (t175)
    • Kia Ora Burned by Piffle in 1120 AD (t172)
    • Privet
    • Guten Tag
    • Ciao
    • Konnichi wa
    • Terve
    • Allegra
    • Shalom

    Technology to Trade: Divine Right (1200)
    Missing Technology: Engineering (1000), Liberalism (1400), Economics (1400), Printing Press (1600), Education (1800)

    Gold to Trade: 382 (+36)

    Resources to Trade: Dyes (2), Furs, Incense
    Missing Resources: Iron, Banana, Sheep (2), Whales, Gems (3), Ivory, Whales (2)

    Active Trades: None yet


    :traderoute: Foreign Trade Analysis:
    * Epsilon - Trading our Rice & Gems & Clams for Piffle’s Corn & Wines & Wheat (and giving them Iron and Whales)
    * Epsilon – Trading our Whales for Innovia's Silk

    * Innoviais trading Silk for Piffle's Fish
    * Innovia is trading Silk & Sugar for Aloha's Dyes and Cows
    * Innovia is trading Pigs & Sugar for Loco's Corn & Crab & Deer

    * Alohais trading Cows and Dyes for Loco's Deer and Gold

    :strength: Foreign Treaty/Diplomacy Status:

    Epsilon Details:
    With Piffle: Alliance (till we're the last 2 teams)
    With Innovia: Semi-Hostile
    With Loco: Think we're friendly, but actually Our military Target
    With Aloha: Trader’s Only Open Borders (Piffle's Military Target)

    Piffle vs. Aloha – started: 1110 AD (t171)
    Innovia vs Loco – started: 1010 AD (t161) ended: 1130 AD (t173)

    Aloha and Innovia - cooperating at a low level – Innovia supplying free units to Aloha?
    Epsilon and Piffle – cooperating very closely
    Aloha and Loco – at least one very big trade

    From the desk of the CFM (Chief Foreign Minister):
    • Innovia and Loco sure are cozy all of a sudden!! This has got to be the biggest and most unexplained turn-around in foreign relations I've ever seen in an MTDG. I can't wait to read the forums afterward and see what happened here.
    • I still can't see whether or not the other teams have Iron! It is still not showing on our side of the ledger for me. So I'm taking Memphus's word that all the other teams still lack it… but as far as I can see, everyone has it. :wallbash:

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