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CIV Gold - Project Lead
Nov 26, 2001
February 26, 2009

CIV Gold: The Nature of Man now available.

CIV Gold: The Nature of Man

CIV Gold: The Nature of Man is a standalone add-on to CIV IV: Beyond the Sword that adds many of the most reviled leaders in history.

The ongoing to debate on whether Firaxis should add leaders like Hitler or Mussolini is unlikely to be resolved at any point in the near future. CIV Gold: NoM gives you the opportunity to add them (and many others) in order to construct scenarios relevant to our history.

As with any Civilization game, mod or add-on, it is a chance to re-create or re-write the story of our lives.

CIV Gold: NoM adds the following leaders:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Persia
Empress Dowager Cixi - China
Kim Jong Il - Korea
Richard III - England
George W. Bush - America
Adolph Hitler - Germany
Pol Pot - Khmer
Vercingetorix - Celts
Caligula - Rome
Hussein - Babylon
Putin - Russia

In addition, 4 custom civs have been added to showcase their leaders:

Chile - adds Augusto Pinochet
Congo - adds Mobutu Sese Seko
Italy - adds Benito Mussolini
West Indies - adds Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier

To install, simply double-click the exe file and ensure the path for Beyond the Sword is correct.

Q: Why include such...

A: We've all heard the answers and both sides of the debate. For me, it was simply to allow for scenario building with greater accuracy and to allow players to challenge themselves against men and women they would like to defeat.

Q: I through we were going to see Idi Amin and the Timurids, among others?

A: For the sake of expediency, Amin and the Kitara Empire, along with the Timurids and Huns, will be available in the upcoming CIV Gold 5.0.

Q: So this is a standlone, not an add-on?

A: This version of NoM is a standalone mod and does not add to Gold 4.0. Gold 5.0 will, however, have NoM content included.

A: Come on, George Bush in the same group as Pol Pot??

Q: Some will complain about adding Bush, Putin and Richard the III alongside Pinochet, Pol Pot and Caligula. The intent was simply to add some balance in terms of geography and era.


- there is an error where Mobutu's teeth appear pink
- minor flickering in the Mussolini leaderhead


There are always far more people to thank than I can keep track of, but while Firebras and myself composed the core team for this project, we were heavily reliant on the work of Ekmek (who contributed a tonne of artwork), Refar, C. Roland, NikNaks, mourndraken, GarretSidzaka and pencilgod.

Any questions or comments can be made in the CIV Gold forum at Civfanatics.

Or you can send a private message to Wyz_sub10 at Civfanatics

March 3, 2008

CIV Gold 4.0 Available for Download


CIV Gold is a civilizations mod for Civ4 that combines some of the most popular user-created civilizations, while applying standards for graphics and content across the board. It can be used as a standalone mod to give users more options in their games, or it can be used by mod-makers to add a “plug-and-play” civ component to their projects.

With CIV Gold we are attempting to create the “definitive” civ add-on for users and mod-makers, alike. This pack is meant to be focused, complete, and comprehensive.


Aborigines, Ainu, Albania, Anishnaabek, Aniyonega, Argentina, Armenia, Assyria, Australia, Austria
Baktria, Batavii, Bolivarian, Brazil, Bulgaria, Buryat
Canada, Chile, Congo, Croatia, Cuba, Czech-Slovak
Denmark, Dinnehih
Galatia, Getai, Goths
Harappan, Hitties
Indonesia, Ireland, Iroquois, Israel, Italy
Kanem-Bornu, Khoisan, Kushans
Majapahit, Mande, Masaai, Maghreb, Magyar, Malagasy, Maori, Mexico, Minoa, Mutapa
New Zealand, Nigeria, Ni-Mii-Pu, Nubian
Olmec, Oxus
Pakistan, Phoenicia, Picts, Piliwni, Poland, Polynesia
Sami, Scotland, Scythia, Seleukeia, Siam, Sioux, Somalia, South Africa, Sweden
Tibet, Tillikum, Togo, Toltec, Troy, Tupi
Ukraine, Upaajut, Uyghur
Vedic, Vietnam, Vo'estaneo'o
Wales, West Indies
Yangshao, Yanomami, Yemen

NEW LEADERS (Firaxis Civs):

Babylon: Nebuchadrezzar II
Byzantium: Basil
Carthage: Massasina, Dido
China: Kangxi
Greece: Phillip II, Leonidas
Egypt: Cleopatra
England: Henry VIII
Ethiopia: Selassie
France: Joan of Arc, Richelieu
HRE: Charles V
Japan: Hirohito
Khmer: Suryavarman
Netherlands: Wilhelmina
Portugal: Afonso I
Rome: Marcus Aurelius
Russia: Lenin, Ivan IV
Spain: Franco
Vikings: Canute
Zulu: Cetshwayo

Version 4.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what's included in CIV Gold 4.0?

There are 90 new civs and an additional 24 new leaderheads (apart from those created for the new civs). The theme of the release was "Time and Place". There is representation, therefore, from all parts of the globe and all periods of human civilization. This accounts for the inclusion of some rather interesting empires.

Q: Why did it take so damn long?!

A: Project members come and go, real life intervenes. Since starting CIV Gold, I've had one son get older, added a second son to the mix, changed professional projects a few times, moved across the country twice, took on other community volunteer work, etc. And that's just me. All contirbutors face similar challenges - school, work, family. But when the project looked as though it would die, it didn't. And here we are.

Q: Why does this pack replace 3.0? Why not release it as an add-on. The download is huge!

A: Two reasons: 1) we did not want to maintain two releases due to the time involved, and 2) most importantly - many fixes, edits and additions were made to existing 3.0 civs. It's worth downloading it again.

Q: What changes have been made to existing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 civs?

A: Too many to list, but thanks to the community, we now have more options to play with - more leaderheads, more units, more buildings. Among those civs receiving a facelift are Argentina, Sioux, Armenia, Iroquois, Aniyonega (UU), Canada, Sioux, Babylon (LH), Ireland, Iroquois (UB), among many others. Also addressed are typos, text consistencies and scaling.

Q: The mod appears to hang the game when I start it. I run BtS and it does nothing.

A: It only appears to hang the game. The load time is considerable, given the amount of XML it it loading (20+ XML files for each new civs, another 5+ for each added custom leader). Be very patient - on most systems it will take 5 minutes or longer to load.

Q: So the load time is 5 minutes or more??

A: We've done our best to make the downloaded file manageable, going from 1.1 GB (yes, GB) to under 300 MB. But the content demands the size, pure and simple. As for load times, it's the same thing - lots of content, lots of loading. Try starting the game, taking a bathroom break and making a snack.

Q1: Why are there some problems with LH animations?

A: In an effort to diversify LH appearances, animations were mixed, additional accessories were added, etc. This sometimes creates unforseen issues. In the end, the decision was made to keep "mostly cool, but slightly problematic" animations. Known issues inlude: missing head parts for Tecumseh, jewelry clipping for Po Ngbe, headpiece flickering for Shakushain, transparency issues with Cetshwayo and David, shading issues with Salamasina.

Q2: Speaking of leaderheads, the quality...ummm..."varies".

A: Yes, it does. Some LHs were done back in 2005 (believe it or not!) when authors were just learning to play with the files. Others were done hastily to fill a need. The team is exceptionally proud of many LHs, thanks to the community.

Q: Hmmm, I don't think [leader name] looks very much like him/her.

A: We've tried our very best to create LHs that bear some resemblance to the real thing. In some cases, we tried with multiple models and had to choose the "least worst" among them. Anything short of creating new models meant than compromises had to be made. We recall past objections and we know there will be new ones. Advice on alternatives is always welcome.

Q: Are there plans for 5.0 or any additional content?

A: Yes, plans are underway for an add-on pack that will feature some of the more controversial figures in history - Hitler, Pol Pot, Pinochet, and Mussolini, among them. Two new civs will join this "terrible" mix, as well. It will be optional for those who do not like to include such things. This may be expanded to a 5.0 version if content warrants.

Q: I like new civs and all, but isn't this now incredibly unbalanced away from Firaxis civs?

A: Gold civs now outnumber Firaxis civs significantly. If you want a bit of extra content but do not want to be overwhelmed by it, I have two suggestions: 1) edit the appropriate CivInfos XML to make the selected civ "unplayable" by you or the AI (don't want the Tupi? Change the XML to unplayable), 2) when setting up a custom game, leave 2-3 slots open for Gold civs and populate the others as you see fit - Romans, Greeks, Spanish, whatever.

Q: I've noticed a bug in the mod. What's the best way to report it?


Spoiler :
February 26

Back home in Edmonton and everyone is safe and sound. My father had triple-bypass surgery last Friday, and honestly? He looks as good as he has in the past 5-10 years. The trip was not made under the best of circumstances, but it turned out to be a good thing - he feels and looks better, the kids got to see my parents, and we all spent some time together (plus, I got a much-needed week away from the office).

Fierabras and I (with some amazing work from Amra) did manage to get a couple of things done while I was on the road, so we are poised to get 4.0 out this week. Tonight we should be able to assemble the final pieces and spend tomorrow doing some testing.

Some comments have been made regarding balance, and I'm not sure how much we'll be able to look at before release. But any comments sent our way will be considered.


February 19

Well, I was able to get an enormous amount of work done last night and today, and we're very close to done. Fierabras has had a crazy weekend, as well, so while we're close, we're not ready to release right now.

It does look, however, like we can still release before week's end. Obviously if things do not go well for my family, this will not be the case.


February 18

Hi guys,

My father suffered a mild heart attack a couple of days ago and he has to have triple bypass surgery on Thursday or Friday. I'm heading out east tomorrow with my wife and kids to be there and won't be returning until Monday.

He's an older man - 86 - but is in great shape (and in great spirits right now) and the doc fully expects him to pull through with flying colours.

This has made the past few days a bit hectic. We were planning to release on Wednesday the 20th (we have the complete build done but are just squashing bugs like bad tags, typos, missing buttons, etc.), but because I'll be gone, the release will be next week (unless I can manage to get everything done tonight and tomorrow afternoon - unlike, though, as I have to pack for me and the kids).

We do, however, have our final build done with all the civs and leaders we're going to have - and it looks damn good, I must say.

If I can get things done tonight, Fierabras will create an installer and will upload it. I will have my laptop so I can make the link and announcement from anywhere.

So everything is done. We are just tweaking and catching things we missed.

I'll post an update tomorrow.

Status - CIV Gold 4.0 - Feb 5, 2008

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your continued patience as we strive towards the release of CIV Gold 4.0. As you have no doubt noticed, 4.0 hasn't been released yet. :) The delay is a good thing, though. Sometimes delays are due to team members going AWOL or materials going missing, etc. None of that is the case here. Rather, we're taking the opporunity to ensure that everything is as good as can be before going out.

One of the reasons for our delay is a revamping of many of our LHs - some previously released, others due for release in this pack. I can safely say that 4.0 will be much sharper and have far more artistic variety than was provided in 3.0. We've subsituted many unique units and unique buildings, as well, in an effort to elevate the graphic quality of the mod. Also in the cards are fixing some buttons and colours. We kidnapped the good graces of some community members and have been working double-time over the past week.

So when's it due?

Well, we're trying to coordinate with a few busy people, but it'll definitely be out in February. The sooner the better, of course, but when it is done we want it done well.

Check out the screenies below for a small peak. I'll post a few more in the days ahead.


[BtS] CIV Gold 3.0 FINAL now available for download

After much tweaking, pulling and fussing, the official release of 3.0 for Beyond the Sword is now ready and available for download. For those among you who have downloaded the beta, thank you for your interest and feedback. It is strongly recommended that you download the Final, as it has several tweaks and many additions.

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have on the download page or, preferrable, within this forum.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. :)

[BtS] CIV Gold 3.0 FINAL

Current Status - December 18, 2007

The final version of 3.0 for BtS will be uploaded tonight, available for download in the afternoon (made one quick replacement this morning, needs to be recompiled) I will try to post a list of changes and fixes later on, but suffice to say that there are several additions and improvements beyond the Beta release.

Among them:
- added Selassie, Jayavarman VII, Basil, Makeda, Hirohito, Philip II and Cetshwayo as add. leaders
- fixed several diplomacy errors and added diplomacy text
- several corrections to typos and puncutation
- moved Sitting Bull to Sioux Empire
- balanced some units
- replaced some art pieces with better versions
- added/replaced from buttons

NEXT UP: Version 4.0 with many new civs

Past updates and comments:

Status - Dec 3

CIV Gold 3.0 beta for Beyond the Sword now available

This is a fully functional version marked as beta only because there are a number of small tweaks and additions to be made. The final version will be posted soon and will need to be re-downloaded. Many of you may be content with the beta as the final will more consistent of some additional LHs and some art swaps.

Status - Nov 4

So what's taking us so damn long?

Well, two things - real life is very, very heavy for some of our team right now; and some of the changes for modular loading have had a curve associated.

The plan is to complete the existing 3.0 version to BtS over the next few weeks, then focus on 4.0. I have given (and broken) so many target dates for 4.0 that I don't want to do it again.

I apologize to those in the community patiently waiting for this.

March 29, 2007

- near-complete: CIV4CivilizationsInfos.xml
- near-complete: CIV4LeaderheadInfos.xml
- working on new unit graphics for new civs
- working on new building graphics for new civs
- working on symbols/flags for civs
- gathering First Contact quotes Help Wanted
- gathering pedia text Help Wanted

Recent Status

- Working on CIV Gold 4.0 in progesss
- adding full Unique Names to all Unique Units in progesss
- adding new diplomacy music for all civs in progesss
- compartmentalizing text files for easier editing complete
- correcting bugs (see "Bugs" thread) in progesss
- replace Polish leaderheads complete
- fix Albanian UB complete

Past Updates

CIV Gold 3.0 for Warlords is now complete. Please download the file from the Civfanatics database:

CIV Gold 3.0 (Warlords)

This file is archived using 7-zip. You can get the utility here:, or use WinRAR to open.

Changes from Vanillia to Warlords edition

- removed 6 civs and replaced them with Firaxis-developed civs
- preserved Sejong (KOR), Cetshwayo (ZUL), Boadicea (CEL), Canute (VIK) and Ataturk (OTT) as 2nd leaders
- renamed Gold Ragnar leaderhead as Canute (removed Canute LH)
- re-skinned Sioux Tashunkewitko leaderhead
- fix bug with adjective 'Togolese'
- added missing First Contact text for Nampoina

Known Issues with 3.0 for Warlords

- Brazil's Estadio de Futbol has red circle around base
- some buildings (Wat, Seven Fires, Kuhorsehockye Pyramid) are not centred in the Civilopedia view
- tag error with Swedish diplomacy xml
- Albanian 'Llogor' misnamed 'Illogor'; should replace factory instead of barracks

To Do List

Confirmed for 4.0 (or sooner):

- add Hun Empire
- add Armenian Empire
- add Bolivian Empire
- add 2nd LHs for some existing civs
- explore new additions
- add additional Diplomacy music
- various bugs and fixes (see 'Bugs' thread)
- add proper names for Unique Units
- Moorish Cavalry edit (MAG)
- Granadero a Caballo edit (ARG)

Considered (for future versions):

- revisit Kekkonen leaderhead
- revisit Nebudchandnezzar leaderhead
- consider 2nd Siamese leader
- consider Siamese city name edits

Components (optional add-ons):

- Great People, civ-specific names


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Sorry all, but the date's been pushed back a couple of days.

3 reasons - still waiting on some art from our busy team members; still sorting out a couple of XML issues; stupidly forgot about UB icons, so I'll need to do those.

Just a couple of days...still moving full steam...
It may be the end of the weekend, but we'll see.

In the meantime, here is a collection of Unique Building icons I just finished making (made all 30+ tonight, but here's a sample). See if you can guess the building and the civ (I think the names might even be partially visible).


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It will come when it comes what I am wondering is will it be affected by the warlords patch that is supposed to be coming out soon?
NikNaks93 said:
Uh-oh. Looks like the release date has been pushed back again When's the new date?

Monday. For real this time. :) We had 4 different people needed to meet deadlines this weekend. The good news is that they all did. The bad news is that, like an idiot, I forgot a critical file at work. D'oh!

I'll send it to myself tomorrow and upload the whole thing.

Joebasalt13 said:
It will come when it comes what I am wondering is will it be affected by the warlords patch that is supposed to be coming out soon?

Probably. :) Hard to say until we know what the patch does. But the good news it, I have a few things I want to add to gold but don't want to delay this release to do it. I can just add them to update with the patch in a few weeks.
Count Beginning T-10 Seconds
Sorry's 11:28 in Edmonton and I've been squashing bugs for hours.

It's done, it's assembled, it runs with no XML errors. But I'm still killing some graphics bugs, some sizing bugs and a couple of leaderhead issues.

I'm going to keep at it as much as I can tonight, probably finish it off tomorrow.

Promises, promises... :(
purplexus said:
Count Beginning T-10 Seconds

MAN WYZ!!!!!
I feel like I just flew the Space Shuttle Challenger.


A new mod idea!!!!!

A Percent Chance that when you launch your space shuttle in space that it blows UP!!!!
I gotta get that in to the Mod team!!!!!
See the OP - all the XML startup bugs were addressed yesterday; just finished addressing the buildings bugs tonight. It's 2:30 am and I have to get up at 6:50 so I'm off to bed.

Just need to resolve a couple more things and we're good to go.
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