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Stay ahead in cash and science!

How does this idea work on Diety?

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Feb 28, 2002
One way I've kept ahead of other CIVs in science is by Maximizing my science, and trading ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I give them a free territory map, even free money making techs to keep them happy. I stay just ahead of them and then trade my science for gold per turn, if there are several CIVs you can keep your science at 100% and never bother with money, except every turn, check to see if you go to 90% or 80% if it will keep your advance in x turns the same,.
Even if your money is negative at the beginning, it you check this every turn (sometimes it stays the same at 50%) you can store up cash and then deplete it when you start a new advance. Hope this helps.

I'm trying this again, I'm not sure if it worked last time or not
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