Stealth isn't Stealth, you people!


Oct 3, 2001
I've gotten tired of seeing people suggest giving units the 'Stealth' ability to make them invisible, etc. In case none of you have noticed, 'Stealth' ONLY changes the percent chance that an air mission will be intercepted. These percentages are located on the 'General' tab in the editor.
Stealth means you can only see that unit if you have a unit next to it! I tried giving barbarian stealth in my mod and I can only see them when they appear next to my city and not when they come into my culture border. ;)

Of course this is not invisibility. But it is not restricted to air unit alone.
That is really interesting and useful infromation. I am thinking that would be good for special forces units.

what happens if you give a ground unit the submarine ability? I haven't tried it but, isn't that flag what make the subs invisible? If you give a ground unit that flag wouldn't they be invisible to, until they attacked that is? You would have to give some units the "spot subs" flag, I'm thinking other snipers and maybe Special Forces/Spec Ops units.

Terrorist/Partisans should be either stealthy or invisible until they attack.
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