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Steam Civ V render crash directX10/11 failed win 10 update

Lazy sweeper

May 7, 2009
I can't run Civ V on my win 10 machine.
Steam launcher crashes everytime with render crash.
Selecting directC9 game launch but it's slow as hell, even with graphics set to minimum.
AMD 480 can run directX12, 8 gb Vram, Adrenalin soft. updated.
I had an issue after a Win 10 update that broke many of my disks HDD settings.
I had to change installation to a new SSD (thanks windows!!)
I re-installed all Steam games.
Before this win update Civ V was running super fast, with no issues at all...
Nothing I changed in settings, like mods.
I can only think windows is messing up with directx10/11...
but has anyone experienced crashes after win update and attempted some fix like reinstall dxyz???

Civ 3 runs OK
Civ 4 runs Faster than all other Civs combined
Civ 5 runs like dog poo
Civ 6 runs on my M2 mac mini like a charm, but still slow as a dead hedgehog.
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