Steam Update Broke Civ 6?


Jul 5, 2006
Yesterday, I launched Steam and saw that an update was extracting and then installing.

Since then, Civ 6's opening splash screen has been all messed up with flashing elements and crashes shortly thereafter.

Anyone else seeing this?
Just for grins, I tried un-installing the game and then re-installing it - no effect
I'm having the exact same issue, might be because in the new OSX update 10.15 there's no longer support for 32-bit games. Could be them counteracting for that. Please update if you hear anything from Aspyr :smug:

I've actually started having a little better luck - I didn't do anything, except maybe allow a Steam update to occur?

Running OS X 10.14.6
Looks like every time there's an update I have to uninstall the game and reinstall to get rid of corruptions.
Then everything plays nice
Re-installing didn't help me but it just started working again, so I guess that's something?
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