Steampunk World Scenario

Blue Monkey can you please calm down. I was going to let the first post go as I'm really not interested in conflict, am trying to do some good, and it seemed like such a small thing, but you're so fired up that in rolls another lecture. Was going to try and squeeze in another 1 or 2 rescues tonight but nope, now I'm going to have to spend that time answering this instead.

Mate you've picked a few frivolous words, read way too much into them and twisted them into a big negative. I wouldn't spend endless hours sifting through these threads and old backups trying to find lost content if I didn't have a passion for all the amazing work done. Otherwise why would I do it? Why would I literally sacrifice years of my life to rescuing other peoples Civ mods if I don't care? Just take a step back for a moment and think to yourself "of all the people on this site does the guy who's been doing mod rescues over the last few years and probably seen everything in endless threads that can go wrong, indeed go wrong, really need a lecture on mod empathy and how things get lost?". I've seen messiest of the messiest and the oldest of the oldest so nothing here is new to me, and if its a cool project and it 'feels' like there's more missing I ask questions.

That particular part was not intended to criticise or offend authors as I wasn't talking about their actual mod work, it was nothing more than a humorous observation on the state of the thread and all the update posts across the pages with dead links now days (giant old project threads with lots of dead links across multiple pages instead of just 1 or 2 in the original top post is nothing new to me either) along with my failure to find more content after several hours of trying sadly, which as you admitted yourself is kind of truthful description of the situation. So if you know it's pretty truthful description and you know it was just in jest from someone who has a passion for rescuing other peoples creations, was it really worth jumping on the soapbox for? The point of the sentence which that joke was a part of, is that what little I've found feels very insufficient to what this great project and its contributors deserve so I really hope I can save more with community help. I wouldn't have rescued as much as I have if I had a "things get lost, so shut up & give up" attitude when things hit a dead end. I search, I follow messy cookie trails, I dig, and I pester those who don't wish to be bothered about things that happened 10-20yrs ago lol because while some bark no at me, others have the files, and the successes & the joy it brings to other fans of the mods make it all worth it. In this case I noticed that KingArthur who's still active was posting onedrive links up until only a couple of pages back in 2020 which means he's hopefully still got the publicly released newer stuff (than the 2017 stuff from midnight that I've uploaded) and maybe some more of the old stuff too. So I figured it can't hurt to ask and I think there's a good chance more can be found here, not everything obviously, but hopefully more of the publicly posted stuff *fingers crossed*.
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I forgot again about this until Alek liked my post sorry lol, so I have finally had a look at @Midnight-Blue766 's copy of King Arthur's Steampunk World scenario and it's pretty darn cool! I like the GUI, music and the units look awesome too. :)

However I notice his version is dated 2017 and @KingArthur has posted a number of updated versions from various dead onedrive links since then so presumably it's not quite the optimal version but I guess it's all we have right now, so I've repacked with 7zip (down to 260MB) and uploaded a copy of the mod to CivFanatics servers to preserve the work here:

Although I did also notice KingArthur's post here where he links to an atomic gamer version and 3 updates. Using the atomic gamer restoration trick I restored that version and applied the updates to it. This version from 2012-13ish was in a zip file called Steampunk Earth and it contained 2 biqs and 2 support folders. One for Steampunk Earth and one for Steampunk Worlds. Whereas the 2017 one above seems to only be Steampunk Worlds but it uses an earth map so I got a bit confused lol!!! The non-Earth map biq appears to be a sandbox mode which seems unique so to be safe I've preserved a copy of this older version of the work too:

Sadly neither version appears to have the gorgeous custom title screens made by @Blue Monkey that KingArthur talks about on page 1 in this post:

[EDIT: Jigsaw puzzle joke removed and wording improved since my casual frivolity was unintentionally triggering]
It would be good if a more complete current version (ie with the various updates and addons posted over the last decade) could be found, as then I can just preserve that one and scrub these other older ones I've uploaded (as I'm operating under strict space saving guidelines from The_J). Like I said above I noticed KingArthur was posting versions up until not too long ago in 2020 so one of those last ones would be cool! Finger's crossed KingArthur's current attempts to incorporate Balthasar's beautiful multiple worlds in space map will get a public release at some point too! :)

As is often the case with old projects there's not many working screenshots left in this thread so I took a couple shots of the Midnight-Blue 2017 copy if people want to see how cool it looks..
Very nice job! Thanks for the detailed post and the restoration efforts. I did not actually know about the what seems to be 2017 version, I think I still have the 2012 one somewhere. Could also upload that if it might be useful.
Very nice job! Thanks for the detailed post and the restoration efforts. I did not actually know about the what seems to be 2017 version, I think I still have the 2012 one somewhere. Could also upload that if it might be useful.
Thanks! Yeah if there's a chance it has anything extra not in the 2012 copy I pulled of the Atomic backups then it's worth a look! If you're happy to stick it up temporarily somewhere (or I can PM you a link to my cloud) I can grab it and compare it to the other copies. :)
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