Stephen I of Hungary: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (24-12-2006)


Leaderhead Engineering
Jan 1, 2004
Montevideo, Uruguay
Santa has come a bit earlier this year.... well, it's probably not more than a couple of hours, twenty-something at most, depending on where on the world you live, but he has brought a present... one that was waiting to be given for a long time. So here it is, that Stephen leaderhead I've been making for the last 12 months or so. Enjoy!


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First Post! :xmascheers:
I really like your work,to me it's right up there with Shiro+R8XFT:goodjob: .I thought I was done adding to my mod (already have Hitler,Franco,Hiro+FDR).Thanks for sharing this with the artistically challenged.
Finally :D It's really great :goodjob:
(though the PCX files have transparency issues, trans. colors are not set).
Looks great, jorde. Thanks for the Christmas present.:)
Thanks everybody for your possitive comments! What still surprises me is that TopGun has not seen this one yet (perhaps he's just gone on holidays)
And Shiro, no, the helmets are not done on Photoshop. The crown has some details added via one-sided squares on Poser, which is the closer Photoshop has been to that crown (making the textures). And the wings are just from an angel wings prop I found somewhere
Oh wow... it's finally here! No: He's finally here! :) :)
Istvan Kiraly will now grace (and complete) my European mod. (Well, at least the leaderhead parts of it.) Thank you so much for completing this one. He was - from my perspective - the most-awaited and longest-anticipated LH ever! :goodjob: :thumbsup:
Sorry for the bump, but I missed this the first time round. I have to say, this is your best work. I have been awaiting this eagerly since I requested it.

Great work!
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