StGNES IV Rise of Nessos II

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OOC: i think we should have the stats of each family and what not, so we can decide the best course of action to take in the future for ourselves and nessos... e.g. don't want to head into war (which seems to be what NK is proposing ~_~) if we're not ready for it..
it is clear the only way we can have the peace and prosperity we desire is through the dismantling of the barbarian armies and the growth of Nessos.

:hatsoff: to the one who can get the barbarians to dismantle peacefully
The Family of Vo

Lead by Pyronicus Vo

Family Vo of the old, Family Vo of the new. The family of Vo has weathered many storms since the founding of Nessos. Originally merchants and explorers, the family has long been too restless to stay in one spot. Viewed as eccentric by other families, their still nonetheless get their due of respect. The family has always been the forefront of expansion and exploration.

Originally hailing from a land of the twelve hour sun and humid jungle, members of the family are easily recognized by their darker (brown) skin and tattoos. Every member of the family is tatooed from a young age with the symbol of the house to ingrain loyalty. Every member is sworn to take an oath promising to place family first. Every member furthers the glory of the family.

In the recent years, the family has acquired shares of the city's ports to further their exploration hunger and moneymaking. The family has also started a guard business, design especially to protect merchants on their long trips.
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Melkor Atonditos/ Atonditos/ andis-1

The family of Atonditos is one of the oldest families in Nessos. Their forefathers have lived here even before the birth of Galeion, Farming the land, hunting in it's woods, mining in it's mountains, and fighting to defend it. All these years they have lived making everything they need by themselves, all the way from farming tools to swords and shields. It is held as sacred duty for every father to teach their son in skills of smithing so that the knowledge to make tools and weaponry will never fade.
During the wars with Mugdul and Pila value of good weapons grew, and smithing was the most important industry above all. In those days the smiths of Atonditos became both rich and well know for their skills, and they still are.
Today Atonditos Family is almost fully centered on smithing, but they still have farms outside the city. With enemies at all sides, weapons will be needed, as those who make'em...
Nero Family

Nero - the name hated by so many people in power. The family is as old as the city some say, tracing its ancestry for centuries. They quickly gained power under the Monarchy and become one of the first truely powerful aristocratic families of Nesos. Serving the Monarchy with their skills, while always persuing their own agenda the Nero family managed to amass huge wealth and influence during that time. At the same time the Nero villa outside the city was built. Few have gone there, and little is known about it except that the huge luxurious villa is an example of the work of some great architects of the time.
With the death of the last King the Nero family came to a crossroads. Their power was with the Monarchy but the future was with the Republic. Since then little has changed. The Nero are still powerful, but mostly due to heritage and tradition steming from the days of the Monarchy, and the more power the Republic gains the weaker this great family becomes.
The head of the family is Lucius Letius Nero, whos wife is long dead and whos two childer, Marius and Lucia help their aged father to run the family.
There are strange rumors about the Nero family throughout Nesos. One of the largest secrets of the city is the library that the Nero have accumilated. Servants of the household speak of rooms upon rooms full of books and ancient texts in many languages. The family does not participate activley in the daily social life and is often seen as outsiders by the newer families. The Nero live off of their aristocratic income that comes from the great estate outside the city, although many have suggested that it is not enough to sustain the lifestyle led by the family, and perhaps soon the old money will run out and the family will need to change its habbits. But for now the Nero remain old, archaic aristocrats who see the republic as little more than a threat to their family power.
Alexius Commenus/ Commenus Family/ alex994

The Commenus family did not begin from aristocratic origins, but came from the plebian class. They were originally a small time landowner on the outskirts of the city, but all that changed when a small child accidentally tripped over a rock in the middle of the field. The Child ran back and cried to his parents and the parents came out to move the rock. On closer investigation, the Father found that there were iron ore in the rock and his gut told him that there would be more iron ore around his farm. He used up all his life savings to buy the neighboring lands at an exorbitant price and then ordered diggings with the little life savings he had. After 1 month of searching, he was about to give up and call bankruptcy, but the day before he was broke, they found iron ore. In a huge abundance right under their house! The Iron ore made Alexius’s great-grandfather rich off selling the iron ore to the Monarch in during the Great War for producing weapons and armor. With this huge monetary base, he set out to purchase the many workshops for wine making. With his great contribution to the Monarch, he was given a sword by the Last King of the Galeion Dynasty, an Iron sword decorated with the emblems of the Royal House now a priceless heirloom of the Commenus Family. The years since the beginning of the Republic has been kind to the Family, some of the nearby forests have been bought to harvest them for their lumber. Even despite such great wealth, the current head of the Family never forgot his ancestor’s humble origins and built homes for the old, the orphans, and the disabled. What will the future be like for the Family?
The Nero Family

Led by Lucius Letius Nero

From a Journal of a Servant

I am going to leave. I can't stay here no more. I thought I was going to work for an honest, respectable family when I joined them, and I get this! Who would think that the priests of Nesos could be such...horrible people?

Just yesterday I walked in on my master, Lucius, and what do you think he was doing? He was sitting, dressed in some black cloak, on the ground, legs crossed, and in front of him where candles arranged in a pentagram pattern. He was changing something, and did not look like himself. He was staring right at me, but I dont think he saw me, and the room had this presence about it, like someone else was there, everywhere. I ran.

And that is not even the worst of it. Strange people dressed in black with all kinds of cases and bags come through. They are not the kinds of people a good family should be dealing with. Many don't have eyes or noses, or other parts of their body, looking like they came from the slums or from another world all together. And Lucius greets them like they are his old friends!

And then Lucius' daughter - Maria. She is a witch, I am sure of it. With that white hair and the crazy look. Four young people that were interested in her died! Four! That is no coincidence my friends. She is even worse than her father, walking around the house and talking to herself in a language I don't know. I tell you this cannot end good.

And nobody in the whole world knows where this family gets its money. I mean, there are donations to the temples, and then there are the farms around the villa we live on, but they can't possible account for all the wealth. And this family just keeps spending and spending money like there is no end to it!

And that library of theirs! A whole huge hall is lined with shelves of books and manuscripts in all sorts of languages. All dusty and with strange names. Writings from some long-lost religious that used to be somewhere here. The master tried to explain to me once that there were here, before us, some ancient peoples who knew a lot more about religion than we do, and who could do all sorts of things that we can't. What I got from it is that my master is crazy. All these manuscripts written in strange looking-letters with pentagrams all over...and the drawings...the drawings of monsters and...I don't know. I need to get out of here.

Two days later the servant was found dead in a far corner of Nessos. Marius Nero at his funeral said that "He was a good man, but must have done soemthing horrible for the Gods to punish him like that."
Senator Laevinius listened silently as Senators Paeologius and Ottae announced their candidacy. Both were men of honor and integrity.

Senator Ottae stepped down from the Senate floor and took his seat. Laevinius sat silently, pensively, for a moment, as though struggling with a difficult decision. After some several moments' contemplation, he slowly, dleiberately rose from his seat and took the floor.

"Esteemed gentlemen of the Senate. Last night I had a dream. I dreamt I flew as an eagle high above our great city. Laid out below me I saw the entirety of our glorious Republic -- the rich country, the mighty river, the beloved metropolis of Nessos. I circled high above the earth, and from my lofty perch amongst the clouds I could see clearly the daily life of our city. The markets and forums bustled with merchants and shoppers, buying and selling every ware imaginable. The streets were crowded with people, patrician and plebian alike -- teaming rivers of humanity, flowing in every direction at once. Smoke billowed up from the oven-chimneys of bakeries, and laughter rose up to mine ears from children running barefoot through the mud of a rain-soaked field. All these best aspects of Nessos greeted mine eyes and ears; and yet I was ill at ease. For reasons I did not know a sense of terrible foreboding lingered in my gut, in the flesh of body; and no happy image, no turn of the mind, could erase or evict it. I circled over the city, an eagle, basking in that same sun which illuminated the red rooftops."

"The clouds parted in a radiant glow, and from the heavens descended the God of War in his fiery chariot. He beckoned me to follow; and so I broke my orbit o'er the old city and set after him, out over the countryside, into the setting sun. Through the very fire of the mighty sun we flew; and when we emerged e're the other side, before us stood that same city, Nessos, from whence we had come. Yet as we drew closer and closer still to that same city which I had known and loved all my life, that foreboding within my heart grew stronger and more terrible, such that I could hardly bare it."

"And thence we came upon Nessos, and the fiery chariot descended toward the earth with mine own self close behind. The clouds were dark and ominous over the city, and from the earth rose black smoke so thick I could not breath. We drew nearer and lower, into the suffocating smoke, into the drowning blackness which draws the last remaining air from your lungs; and, alas!, below us, burned the hateful flames of war, of defeat. The whole of the city was engulfed in flame -- houses, temples, markets, the Capitol. Through the streets ran dark, ragged figures, more beasts than men, brandishing in their hands cruel weapons and firebrands. Before them ran screaming women and children, innocent, defenseless victims; and woe to those who fell into the clutches of the barbarians! Blood flowed in the streets and the gutters -- women's blood, children's blood. The screams of the tortured and raped rose to our ears mingled with the moans of the dying. Everywhere was pillage, plunder, fire, rape, devastation. 'No more!' cried I to the silent, stoic charioteer whom I followed. 'Take me from this nightmare, and restore me to my bed and my city!' But the God of War merely looked at me without expression, and pointed to a burning mansion on the hill."

"'There is your bed,' said He, and, sweeping his arms over the landscape, 'there is your city.' And all at once the Capitol, that great and ancient symbol of our Republic, collapsed into a heap of ash and rubble; and immediately the heathens unleashed, in unison, a warcry so terrible, so unearthly, that the blood ran cold in my veins. And in the forum, once the beating heart of Nessos, they erected crosses furnished from the fallen timbers of ruined buildings; and upon these they nailed those conquered Nessian men unfortunate enough to still be alive."

"The charioteer, without a word, rose back towards the heavens; and I, taking notice even through the fog of my despair, followed at his tail. And as we passed through the choking smoke and thunderous clouds, a wave of clarity washed over me. Rising out the other side of the cloud, I saw the sun shining, and the cloud not black and heavy with rain, but white, as it was before; and through a break in the clouds I saw Nessos, not burning, not ruined, but whole, as though what I had seen had never happened -- or, rather, had not happened yet. And the God of War now spoke to me, hsi fiery-red eyes looking deep into my soul. 'Marcus Laevinius Honorius, you have been chosen as my Prophet to bring word of this Revelation to your people. We Gods have long favored Nessos above all other cities. So long as the people of Nessos continue to properly honour Us and pay Us homage, the Republic shall retain our favor. But if they do not honour Us and pay Us homage, and if they worship false Gods, then let them live in fear of what you have seen -- for without the favor of heaven, Nessos shall fall to the forces of darkness. Tell them of what you have seen, and what I have said. Go forth and bring the word to the Nessians. Honour the Gods, or suffer destruction.'"

"And with that he was gone, and I awoke in my bed. And so I tell you, my fellow Nessians -- we must honour and obey the Gods of our fathers. They watch over us and protect us. They favor us above all other cities. It is Their favor which has made Nessos great, and which has protected us from the rampages of the barbarians -- the forces of Darkness. Therefore, let us not offend them and suffer the loss of their favor, lest that which I have shall come to pass in this realm."

The Senator took his seat, and was silent.
Pontius Leonte sat quietly, listening to the other senator's speeches. After each speech, Pontius became more and more convinced that (If they stay true to their words) Nessos will be led by abled men, regardless of which candidate actually winning in the end. He was especially moved by Senator Laevinius' tale. When Pontius finished absorbing the newest input on the assembly, he too rose to his feet to share his thoughts with the senate.

“Members of the Senate, the time has come for us to elect individuals who will lead us in the future. I pray that the process will be done in the way it is meant for. It is true that we have to decide our votes carefully, but we should do so not because of personal benefits, but for the greater good of Nessos.

House Leonte, respectable as it is, feels that it currently has neither the power nor the support of the population to successfully lead Nessos, as Consul or judge. Unlike many of the old families, we have yet to proven ourselves yet. Until such a moment arrives (which we’re striving toward), we leave it up to the other families to lead Nessos, and offer our full support to them. The same logic also applies to the population. Whether it is aristocrat or plebian, we have yet to give them causes to believe that we will deal with their cases justly.

In this regard, however, House Leonte has noticed one house in particular that in our opinion would make a fine arbitrator of justice. My fellow senators, I am speaking of the House Commenus. Their family is unique in the regard that they were plebian not long ago. If we were still in the monarchal time, no doubt his house would be discriminated and looked down upon by other houses. For our relatively newborn republic, however, this trait is meaningless to us. Why? The answer, my fellow senators, lies within the meaning of democracy. We’re all equals here, regardless of our backgrounds.

Of course, while we understand this reasoning fully, not every citizen of Nessos may think the same. House Commenus have the closest ties to the plebians out of all of us, and it will definitely work in the republic’s favour to have a member of their house to be judge. At the very least it will give them the impression that we are a true republic. Although their ability and equality has yet to be proven, we hope that Senator Commenus will answer that question himself, and that we give him the chance to do so.”
Laevinius stood in solidarity with Senator Leonte.

"Here here! I second the nomination of honourable Senator Comnenus for the Court. He is a wise, able man, of great integrity and with a strong sense of justice. I believe he will make a fine judge."
Alexius Commenus rises...

"I am honored to be even named by a fellow Senator to be a good candidate for a potential Judge. When and if I gain the honor of becoming a Judge, I will do everything in my power to keep the civil peace in Nessos and making decisions upon state cases upon hard evidence and my own conscience. With no distinction in my mind between Plebian or Patrician, for all is equal under the law."

*bows and sits down*
Senator Paeologius considered deeply the dream which Laevinius recounted within the halls of the Senate. Paeologius was his friend, yet did not consider him a deeply religious man. Such revelations, needless to say, caught Nicolaus off guard. Paeologius also took time to consider the nomination of Commenus to the court. He rose, and began to speak.

" Senators, the profound vision which Senator Laevinius has just recounted to us has deeply moved me. Such imagery has provided my mind with only one explanation to its existance. It is my belief that such a warning from the gods must not be ignored and that the time has come to elect a strong, and noble High Priest for the Senatus Populusque Nessius, The Senate and the People of Nessos. I will be quick on the matter - for this job I nominate none other than the Senator whom has just recounted his dream, Laevinius. Whom better to please the gods than their own messenger? I am sure many of you will agree with me on this matter, "

"On the nomination of Senator Commenus to the courts, I wholeheartedly agree. He is of true Nessan stock, true Nessan blood. What matters it that he is a Pleb? For are they not citizens of Nessos just as true as we? And do they deserve a representative on the courts, a honest, fair broker of our Republican laws? I think the answer is a resounding yes, and I, as a Senator of this fine, democratic republic, support the nomination of Senator Commenus to the grand courts aswell."
I endorse Senator Commenus and nominate myself for judgeship.

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"Senator Paeologius, I thank you for your nomination. The Priesthood is a great and serious responsibility, and one which I should never have previously thought to apply myself to. But I believe I have a divine duty to help bring Nessos into the light of the Gods, and maintain Their favour. I shall respectfully and thankfully accept your nomination."
Senator Nero thought to himself that even he, although rather old and probably the oldest serving Senator could not recall a better lie someone told to get elected. Nevertheless he said nothing, no point, it has been a long time since the Senate listened to him.

Senator Nero was old, too old to run for Councilship, as he lacked the energy and enthusiasm that would be needed for the position. He was too unpopular to run for the position of a Judge. And while he may have had a chance at priesthood the powerful Senatorial elite seemed to have already divided all of the positions among themselves and there was little point in running.

What he could do however was organize the best possible resistance to this warmongering, meddling new elite, and he intended to do just that. As he stood up to make a Speech most expected him to nominate himself for the position of Priest, instead the speech leaned in the opposite direction.

I will not be challanging any of the nominees today, I see no need to do it as I am sure they are all able men who will serve Nesos and themselves like any other would. I do however wish for them, before being apointed by their friends, to at the very least tell the rest of us what they intend to do and how they intend to act once they are given these posts, I for one would like to know what will happen to My Country.
Secondly, I will retreat from the Senate for a few days, as the nominations and endorsements do not interest me much at this point, and I would like for any Senators who believe in the Greatness of Nesos and who know why it is Great and what we need to do to keep it Great to pay me a visit at my villa. I want to be prepared for the time when our country is directed by people who treat every dream they have as the will of the gods."

Council - Paelogius, Ottae
Judge - Commenus, Vo
Priest - Laevinius
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