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Stop It!

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Dec 31, 2000
Back in the village
This is making me sick. Every thread I see about the hurricane disaster becomes a political flame war or bash-fest. You people should look at yourself. You are using a human disaster for propagating your political views, or attacking the views of others. This is disgusting.

You are making this a reminder for the failures of democracy in cases of urgent emergency. Good work.

I don't care if this gets me banned for trolling.
I don't think you're trolling. It's a reasonable point. But I do disagree. People need to be held accountable if they failed in their responsibilities. Something needs to be learned from the tragedy, first, so that the lives lost were not lost in vain, and second, so that it doesn't happen like this again. Some of the questions that have to be asked are going to become volatile, because some of the people are partisan enough to defend any mistake, no matter how bad. That needs to be dealt with, and it needs to be ascertained whether the tragedy was handled correctly, or not. IMHO it is quite valid to be outraged at the manner in which it was handled - and that's got nothing to do with capitalizing on tragedy, it's simply a reasonable concern over incompetence that could continue to cost lives in the future.
I am wondering about the same thing actually, but threads like these won't really serve much purpose.

We'll keep an eye on it, and as usual pls help out by reporting all those bad posts. :)
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