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Stories and Let's Play Forum Information

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by MadDjinn, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. MadDjinn

    MadDjinn Chieftain

    Jan 28, 2011
    Welcome to the new Stories and Let's Plays forum for Civ 6!

    We encourage everyone to post their Stories, Let's Plays and Videos for Civ 6 in this part of the forum. We have a few new prefixes and some common courtesy requirements for posts, which are listed below.

    When you create a thread here, you have the option (beside the title) to attach a prefix to the thread. We highly encourage everyone to use these prefixes to allow other users to find your threads a lot faster. Users have the ability to quickly scan and filter the forum by these prefixes.

    This prefix is meant for every creative writing exercise that you have. There are many forms these stories can take, including cooperative story telling, so as long as you're not sharing a game experience with a video or screen shot/text format, this is the prefix for you.

    The traditional forum based Let's Play. Generally this includes posts with screen shots and text explanations, though there are also groups, such as Civ 4's Nobles Club, which post an initial save and everyone has a go at the set up.


    A newer format for LPs has appeared with the advent of Youtube and streaming sites like twitch.tv . If you're looking to post your videos and have users here discuss them with you, then this is the prefix for you.

    Moderator Action: Please be aware of our forum rules, particularly with regard to the posting of videos. Any videos containing foul language or other rule-breaking content are liable to being deleted from CFC.

    A nice prefix for those Interactive games (forum based) some like to play. It's not quite a story, not quite an LP, but it comes with a slice of melon. :D

    Opening Posts for Let's Play threads


    A good title goes a long way to getting other users to pay attention to your thread. Of course, making a super long title starts getting to be too much. You should definitely include the following in your thread title:

    • Name - the best way for everyone to know it's you!
    • Civ played - This helps others quickly find threads related to the civs they're looking for.
    • Difficulty level - Most difficulty levels have different play styles and strategies, so users often like to know before hand what type of play to expect.

    Opening Post
    Be as creative as you like in your opening post, but try to incorporate the following information in as obviously as possible:

    • Patch number and PC/Mac - given that patches happen, it's worth noting which patch you are using. As well, PC and Mac aren't always in sync, so noting which one you're on will help.
    • Mods - a full listing of the mods that you use (or a 'no mods' declaration) is key for transparency. Even if you've modified the game files, rather than D/L'd a mod, you need to state it. This will prevent potential issues coming up in the threads.
    • Game settings used - if you've selected any of the 'advanced' options in game, then you should let people know right away.
    • Map type, game speed - always good information to have in your OP.
    • Your initial save - this will allow people to play along with your game. Initial saves can be found under Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Saves\single\auto and will be labelled AutoSave_Initial_0000 BC-4000.Civ5Save
    • game seed and map seed are also welcome.

    General Rules
    • Please only post one thread per LP/Story/VidLP/IAAR.
    • If a Story/LP/Vid LP creator needs another post after the first, (in case of other posts injected between your posts, or to consolidate the entire Story/LP once it's done) just ask and our mods can help you out.
    • Please do not post 'request' threads. LP/Story/VidLP/IAAR creators can maintain a single 'general discussion' thread, either here or in another section of the forums (but just one), so please make requests in those threads.
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  2. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Moderator Action: If anyone wants to request changes to this sub-forum (ie threads to be made sticky, additions to the OP of this thread etc) please use this thread (or PM me) to make a request.
    Last edited: May 1, 2017
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