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Feb 12, 2002

I read carefully many threads on this excellent website, beside tips and strategy discussions, I enjoy some good Civ3 stories, I think that would be pretty fun to have a whole thread dedicated to the hardest/best/annoying/fun/weird/normal games you played on Civ3, while maybe (not forced to) showing some imagination in how you tell them.

After all, we all love to share our experiences, bad or good, so other people may learn from us, and maybe we can learn as well from them. And will all know some people here have a blatant talent to do so (not counting myself among em alas)

I will not post mine now, since im not at home, and have to go check how well my Aztecs are faring, then weave a good report.
Hopefully I will find some delightful stories when I will be back to post mine.

Or this thread scrolling down =(

i think this might be moved to somwhere else but anyways the most annoying thing that has happened to me was the first game i played on civ 3 i had my capital producing lots of culture so i could win a cultrual victory with a city instead on the whole country (because i had too little cities to make a lot of culture) then at the year 2007 i thought i would win BUT i made a mistake in thinking that 10,000 was the victory (first game remember) i screamed because although i was the biggest cultural country i had the third weakest millitary, although i was advanced because of all the wars and mobilizations me the most advanced was still at the industrial age so space ships wehre not an option my score was at 4th place so i couldn't reley on a histograph victory, i could conquer the world because iwas small and weak no domination because i was small and weak i screamed loudly, i had lost no way to win i played the last 43 turns but no mirical win, but me and five other civs completely destroyed the french, i took their defeat as a small victory for me, the stupid barbarian (the one at the end who had a mallet and sees how good wyou wehere) gave me the second to lowest grade (forgot what it was called), that was an "ugh" moment.
One thing i remember right now is in my game as Shaka of the Zulus I was doing a military conquest on a tiny map, difficulty monarch IIRC. Anyway my first civ to go after were the English, who had a pretty small empire and nothing else going for them.
I sent my impi warriors, reg. warriors, and archers to go and invade London.
I spent about 10-20 impis and archers trying to beat those damn spearmen. London had about 5 or 6 of them. I gave up after never being able to defeat them. A few years later i got horsemen and sent them in to conquer but by then the English had pikemen and my horses were trashed. I lost my supply of iron so no knights for me. I fortified all my 20-30 horsemen near London and waited. Soon i could make cavalry and then upgraded and launched a massive assault vs. the English. And i took London but then English cavalry walked and defeated my fortified cavalry.
I realized it was going nowhere, so i made peace with England and went off and conquered Aztecs meanwhile.
Then i returned with a larger army including riflemen, a bunch of infantry and more cavalry. But English riflemen/infantry beat me. So i got tanks and made a larger assault. I was winning and took London and a few other cities. But then England got Mech Infantry and i was having a hard time taking more of their land.
I went for peace and then conquered a very backwards America :D. Mordern Armor was in and i did my final assault on the English and finally won.
It was just incredibily annoying how long it took to take London. :egypt:
This game doesn't deserve it. barely got to middle ages.

I am Germany. My first game, cities are spread out cuz i wasn't thinking EXPAND yet. i had a bunch of Wonders in Berlin my other cities got hit by barbarians every time i stopped looking. I got the Barbs under control and conqured alot of France. I kick russia back to their own Continent and spread out on my little penninsula. Englad, my allies or so i think, begin to place troops throughout my nation, i fall behind in tech, i cannot figure out how to contact other leaders. i am pathetic. England and france gang up on me. i cannot get help from russia b/cuz i don't know how to contact them( Russia is my ally now). Berlin falls, The rest falls. i go on to figure stuff out.
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