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Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Inter Site Democracy Game ISDG 2012

Discussion in 'Civ4 -ISDG 2012' started by Calanthian, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Arkipeller

    Arkipeller Ancient of Lore

    Feb 19, 2008
    Sandnes, Norway
    Have the other teams given up this project or did all the other writers die of some writingbased-virus?
  2. Arkipeller

    Arkipeller Ancient of Lore

    Feb 19, 2008
    Sandnes, Norway
    Yossarian joined me and Tobias up the great peak of mount Evernest for the religious tea a windy afternoon. Considering their age and wisdom it was natural that I took the heavy burdens with backpacks and even the large clay pot of leaves that had to be outside the backpack, gathering air.
    "I did not know you were a man of faith, Yossarian" - I said as we nearly reached the tree-ridden areas.
    "I am a man of facts and that is what I need in my trade." he hastily and silently replied.
    "But why do you join us on ceremonial tea?" My curiosity grew.
    Tobias frowned in front of us.
    "The mightiest of mountains provide more than shelter from wind and lofty nests for the clouds. Today is a nice day, young Mansa. You will see"

    Later that afternoon we arrived at the old top, which also contained an old graveyard. Winds and snow had torn most of the stones down the slopes, but there were still some large open alters used for shelter to pilgrims. As Tobias prepared the tea, I joined Yossarian to the eastern view. There were a vast country I've never seen travelled. Belonging to our aggressive neighbors.
    "My eyes fail me at large heights, Mansa. What do you see?" Yossarian surmured in the wind.
    I did see a few cities, farms and even small dots that are people. I could watch the roads disappear towards the sunset. And most of all... a narrow taint of blood and wool en particles filled my nosetrils.
    "There is something I can see, but all of them are regular. But I smell the taint of spilled blood and wool. A mix I can't understand."
    Yossarian waited for a cloud to pass and gave me a colored piece of glass.
    "Try again my child"
    I could see through the glass and it amplified my vision with a slight alter of colors. Everything were more orange, but so much clearer and larger. There were military camps of men riding saddles sheep. Most of the sheep seemed to be not enjoying the large men upon them. The more unsettling were the piles of slaughtered elephants at a nearby farm.
    "They are slaughtering the elephants so they can make reigns for sheir mounted sheep. It is totally absurd" I was looking at Yossarian in pure confusion
    "And those actions is something neither our religion, our leaders or our people can't accept" said Tobias, offering me the largest cup of honeyed mint-tea.
  3. Arkipeller

    Arkipeller Ancient of Lore

    Feb 19, 2008
    Sandnes, Norway
    The great front gates of Ulundi whimpered in pain as massive Indian forces marched through them, among them were liberated sheep, rabbis chanting of peace and prosperity, mace-men happily smiling.
    I was aiding Aivo and Tobias in medical duties today, collecting plants for remedies, binding wounds and being a moral support for the heavily wounded. It was rumored that the infidels were fighting bravely at the end, forcing our troops to regroup at the brink of destruction.
    Later that day I traveled inside the majestic city of Ulundi. Masterless dogs were howling, houses were still burning, mothers were tightly hugging their remaining children, big and small. Many faces - both dead and still alive - were frozen in a silent disbelief. A young woman looked at us and asked how something like that could have just happened? After all, it was the Indian Inquisition, who was supposed to, expected by nobody, to steamroll through not only Indian lands but the realms that lie far beyond ...
    Even in this ravaged state the villagers had a fuctionable Marked, wells and roads for both sheep-riding inhabitants as usual pedestrians. This was also a weird sensation. Something new and uncommon as pink blossoms in nearby gardens. What purpose had these trees?
    Father presented me with judgement duties this afternoon at the remains of Ulundi Palace. I arrived as some of the zuluan court was trialed after being captured during flight through the sewers. By Indian laws he were the patriarch of a noble family and should being ready for execution by morning.
    "So Mansa, what should we do with this bloke?" Father said.
    I was looking out a former stained glass window. Observing the uncommon trees and panicking sheep at the streets.
    "He is not a reckless youth anymore, but still young enough to be useful . We need someone that know this culture and the land. I also remember that Aivo suggested we may need a new Court botanist as our died during the last battle. Maybe this one will do?"

    As father turned his glare at our captive, I noticed a pair of murky eyes and a will of living on the captive. "What's your name, ser?"
  4. mzprox

    mzprox Prince

    Jan 21, 2003
    "These are good times, my Queen. Your empire is truly in her golden age. The people of Apolytan enjoy peace and prosperity, our land a.."
    "Peace?" -The Queen interrupted "Perhaps, but could we just ignore what is happening around us in the world? The Zulu, while they were savage people who caused their own destruction, but did they truly deserved their fate? And the Inca? Our friends, who have seen difficult times in the past now attacked from all directions. Egypt's greed seems to have no bounds.. could we still sleep well while their hordes ravage our neighbour's land?"
    "We see no threats from anywhere, and our treaties hold"
    "Do you think those will protect us? For the time being, maybe, but we will need more than fragile treaties and pacts we have now. The other thinks we are weak and rightly so, I want.."-Queen Elizabeth stops as She notices three men entering the room-

    -a messenger followed by two men in dark robes approaches and bow before the Queen-

    "Your agents has just returned, My Queen I led them here as you requested. Unfortunately Mr. Jusuf didn't make it, I'm afraid He.."
    "What about the mission?"
    "Our agents were able to study and learn many things about our neighbours secrets and acquired several documents."
    "Good. Get a team working on those documents immediately and keep me informed on the progress."
    "Yes, My Queen!"
  5. Mojoqmeyvam

    Mojoqmeyvam Warlord

    Jul 25, 2009
    Charge of the Realms Brigade

    By Cyneheard the Atheling

    Half a turn, half a turn
    Half a turn onward
    All in the valley of Ditch
    Marched the twenty* musket**
    "Forward, the Realms Brigade!"
    "Charge for the cuirs!" he said:
    Into the valley of Ditch
    Marched the twenty musket

    "Forward, the Realms Brigade!"
    Was there a lurker dismay'd?
    Not tho' the draftee knew
    Someone had dogpil'd
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die
    Into the valley of Ditch
    Marched the twenty musket

    Cannon to right of them,
    Cuirs to left of them,
    Rifles in front of them
    Stack'd and spy-sab'd;
    Storm'd at with shot and saber;
    Boldly they 'pult'd and well,
    Into the jaws of Ditch
    Into the Gauntlet and Brick
    Marched the twenty musket

    Flash'd all their siegers bare
    Flash'd as they saw despair
    'Pulting the cuir'ers there,
    Charging an army while
    All the CivFr wonder'd:
    Plunged in the rocky smoke
    Right thro' the line they broke;
    Cuir and Rifle
    Reel'd from the suicide stroke
    Damag'd then heal'd
    Then they counterattacked, but not
    Not the twenty musket

    Cannon to right of them,
    Cuirs to left of them,
    Rifles behind them
    Stack'd and pillag'd;
    Storm'd at with shot and rock
    While musket and catapult fell,
    They that had REX'd so well
    Came thro' the jaws of Ditch
    Back from the Gauntlet and Brick
    All that was left of them,
    Left of twenty musket

    When can their glory fade?
    O the wild charge they made!
    All the CivFr wondered.
    Honor the charge they made,
    Honor the Realms Brigade,
    Noble twenty musket

    *Twenty +/- 3.5. Catapults don't march.
    **Some muskets traded their guns for spiked chains or horses.

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