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[R&F] (story) Pericles 'hot gates' scenario against Nubia

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by kingofsealand, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. kingofsealand

    kingofsealand Chieftain

    Jul 14, 2013
    Thought everyone would enjoy my incidental mountain pass 'hot gates' type setup with nubia. This is my first game on emperor, normally play king always play large size maps on epic. (screenshot below)

    I discovered nubia was nearby within ten turns of start, but was overjoyed to see the huge natural barriers separating us. Except, that is, for those gates. Flanked by peaks sharp as teeth, those foreboding hills looked like an express highway to my ruin (my last emperor game was also attempted with pericles, and was cut short by gilgabro and his warcarts)

    I knew there was only one solution. HOLD THE GATES!!! I declared two ancient era surprise wars against my foe, hoping to slow her down. The first went well enough, she foolishly left the safety of her mountains, enabling me to take out a slinger and handful of her warriors.

    By the time I had a hefty contingent of archers however, she had fortified the pass and the losses incurred attempting to traverse the gates were too enormous to bear.

    Then, the pitati came. I knew I had to stop her from breaching the pass and spilling into my richly developed valley beyond, or else greece was lost. They had every advantage, able to cross into the gap and fire upon my poor yet steadfast soldiers with no warning. The fighting was brutal, both sides staining the hills crimson for many a year. Yet my hoplites and archers held firm, driving her demon army back time and time again. But the stalemate could not be broken, pushing through the pass without losing my forces proved impossible. Each glorious battle ended in little more than a token exchange of a paltry sum from nubias coffers.

    Finally, with the advent of the medieval era, a breakthrough came. My valiant archers were armed with the newfangled crossbows, which proved precise and deadly against the nubian hordes. Her once threatening archers stood little chance against my hail of bolts. At the same time, I allied granada, who was positioned at the northern end of the mountains guarding the only land route besides the pass near the sea. Though they sustained many losses, and let through a scant few horsemen, together we contained nubia and stopped her from ever leaving her desert home.

    The ending of this conflict, though, would prove far less dramatic. At the advent of knights and castles, Nubias people could no longer sustain their taste for battle, and dragged her empire into an era of darkness. My own people, revitalized by our stalwart defense, entered a new era of golden prosperity. Within 20 turns of the age beginning, Nuri was firmly in the greek fold thanks to our overwhelming fortitude and cultural brilliance.

    Now, the greek army stands poised on the other side of the gates they shed so much blood for, ready to devastate the nubian heartland by spear and sword.

    This was my first attempt at a story/explanation post and I would appreciate any feedback. If any are curious, I am now at turn 200 and greece is better than ever. In between my battles at the hot gates, I had to thwart two capital assaults by brazil (who just disappeared due to his poor loyalty and settlement choices) and push back a southern incursion of americans, which resulted in my gaining st. louis.

    Most recently, i had to rush to defend my capital against a resurgent egypt, though they lacked walls the queen of the nile shocked me with her overwhelming number of chariot archers and deft use of siege engines. (she actually got a catapult in firing range of my capital and pulled off two attacks, reducing half my walls, before I could destroy it!) I am now pushing into the Egyptian heartland, having liberated her thrall valleta and conquered two of her cities, her demise is only a matter of time.

    My old foe nubia has, for the time being, set aside hostilities to attempt her own assault on egypt from the sea at the other end of the mountains. My guardians at the gates are, however, ever watchful.

    I also just have to say this is the most fun I have had in a game of civilization since i first picked up a copy of revolution on its release years ago (i know i know, console heathen, i still play 6 with a PC xbox controller to this day) the AI has kept me constantly on my toes and had me fearing the loss of ground on more than one occasion. I am hoping that my 200 turns of struggle has carved out enough of an empire to secure my cultural future, but this is a continents map and I just now have gained sea access, i am terrified to see how much of a runaway exists on the as yet unseen lands. I know ive seen greeces unique get flak before for being anti-cav class, but they came through in the clutch, and arranging pericles cities around an acroplis has been a ball. Now if only I could hold onto my suzerain'ed CS's and make full use of his power (gorgo would have actually reaped more benefit thus far in the game, I just didnt expect this to be an all out battle but thats where it went)

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