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Story Thread For Everyone

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Lore' started by cypher132, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. cypher132

    cypher132 Emperor

    Dec 7, 2008
    I have decided that since the original story thread died, I would start a new one for people to write stories and submit. I encourage you to do so because it sometimes ends up in mods of FFH, though it's not a guarantee. Plus, we (I) do enjoy reading the writing of others.
    Also, here's the link to the Grand Unified Story Thread
    for an index of stories. Here is the Random Story thread which is also full of good stories.

    P.S. Only positive feedback. Being negative messes up the good vibes, brah. (Stoner Inc.)
  2. cypher132

    cypher132 Emperor

    Dec 7, 2008
    Here's a short story for you. It's not much.

    Journal of Mari Pythe

    Entry One

    Corel was attacked. My family and I were sitting down for dinner when there was a loud rumble. We assumed with an earthquake until more came and the roof of our cabin collapsed under the weight of a falling boulder. My friend (illegible from tear smudging) and was running, almost making it, but he got caught by a falling board..And he was consumed by flames. He was my friend for years and I watched him burn. How do I live with such a sight. I can only be happy that my family survived.

    Entry Two

    We have been travelling for days, me and my family. My wife is keeping up, but I fear for our suns. They have begun to grow hungry and I would hate to have to bury a son as well as lose our home. We have begun to search for water. Where there's water, there's usually something edible, we can only hope we find it soon.

    Entry Three

    Luck has blessed us. We have happened upon an oasis, a small lake with fish swimming within it. We were able to drink after days of thirst. We were able to eat with the fish we were able to catch, replenishing our strength. We knew we had a long way, but we all decided upon Kwythellar, the Kuriotate capitol. If Corel was under siege that means the Grigori have likely fallen and the Kuriotates seemed the most promishing. My wife and I have set up night watches so the children can sleep. It's for my watch so I should end here.

    Entry Four

    A wolf seemed to be stalking us last night, trying to pick off one of our weaker ones, the children. However, the fire seemed to keep it at bay and give us a bit of safety. We picked up camp and resumed our journey. We could tell the way simply by falling the Golden Road which led to Kuriotate lands. We have seen Kuriotate guards patrolling the road and it gives us a degree of comfort. We should reach Kwythellar in no time.

    Entry Five

    My son Roly has become ill. His skill is hot and he sweats, barely able to breath. We have camped and we can only hope Roly gets better. He assures us that he is fighting it, that he is strong and I can only prey to Sirona that he recovers. Please, Sirona...Don't let me lose a child.

    Entry Six

    Roly died this morning. We awoke and checked on him, checking his breathing and found he was long gone. We dug a trench in the dirt and placed his body within. He covered him with dirt and recited prayers for his soul. Sirona must have a reason for his soul to leave this world. I can only hope it's for good.

    Entry Seven

    After weeks of travel here it was. Kwythellar. The majestic capitol of the Kuriotates. My family had travelled forever, running from the besiege the lands of the Grigori and finally, we were here. My eyes began to well up with tears, wondering how Roly would react if he were here, but I fought them back. It was time to start a new life.
  3. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Click here to follow through a link to ImmacuNES.

    It is a world that can basically he described as FFH world in the space age. The Church of the Pancreator, with Patriarch Barbatos at the hand, rules with absolute authority. The ancient civilizations are merely a distant memory. As a player in the NES, you play as one of the nobility in the Imperium constructed by the assassinated emperor Eekin.

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