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STOVL Aircraft

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by Gosnork, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Gosnork

    Gosnork Warlord

    Jul 3, 2007
    I've been trying to think of a way to include STOVL aircraft, and now I'm looking for some help.

    So far my best idea is to remove the ''immombile" flag, but treat them like normal aircraft. The problem with this is that they are forced to rebase like other aircraft in order for them to get to a point of operation without the war being over before they get there.;) To fix this I see only 4 solutions:
    1.) Give them the same amount of movement points as a normal plane has operational range (let's just say 9). The obvious problem with this is that they don't HAVE to move 9 tiles. This would allow them to fly 8 tiles, and then bomb a target 9 tiles away on the same turn.
    2.) Give them them 1/3 the amount of movement points as a normal plane and flag them as treat all terrain as roads. This of course has the same issues as above.
    3.) Give them one fewer movement points than a normal planes has operational range, but only a 1 square operational range. This eleminates the problem of them essentially having 17 range (9+8), but makes moving quicker than rebasing.
    4.) Same as option 3, but give them blitz, which would ease the loss of a long rebase, BUT only if you had a string of airbases 3 tiles apart. This means these planes couldn't be moved to a far flung airbase. Not to mention it would give them 8 bombing missions/turn which would REALLY make all other planes obsolete.:lol:

    Then there is also the problem with a mobile aircraft being inherently better than an immobile aircraft with the exact same attributes.
    -One solution to this problem is to simply make the STOVL aircraft weaker. -The other is to give it the ''stealth'' flag. If the STOVL aircraft was a Fighter (high attack, high defense, low bombard), this would actually make it worse because it would have less of a chance to engage enemy fighters on a bombing run. Of course if it was a Fighter/Bomber (with high attack, low defense and medium bombard), it would drastically improve the plane.

    Has anybody thought up a good way to include them. I know there won't be a solution to all the problems, unless a "treat all terrain as an airbase" flag magically appears in the editor:D, but there might be a balance to be found.

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