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Strange borders


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Nov 24, 2004
Ljubljana, Slovenia
According to This article this screenshot should be impossible. Why isn't it?

Edit: It's the sea borders between Santa Fe and Naissus.


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Those tiles are sea tiles so it is possible
I think Pentium's problem is that the contested 3rd ring tiles indicates Santa Fe has more culture than Naissus, however, looking at the 4th ring tiles, Santa Fe should be getting all of Naissus' 4th ring tiles, but it isn't.

... and I have no idea why it's happening...
Santa Fe has more culture. The reason that one red tile seems to overlap is because it is 6 tiles from Santa Fe, yet only 5 away for the Byzantine city.
Own said:
Borders can't go into ocean, so they get stopped there.

Edit: Btw, is that one of your sid games?
Yes, but it's still one of the "attempts".

The sea tile is American and I think it should be mine. It doesn't change anything, as it's outside any city raduis, and I don't care about score.

You can see, both cities have enough culture to claim that tile, but it's closer to Naissus. So I should get it. No matter how much culture Santa Fe has, that tile should be mine.

Edit: I just came up with an idea: It has American land just next to it, but not Byzantine. Could this be it?
Naissus has 2097 + 21cpt and Santa Fe has 3712 + 28cpt.

In total, I (Byzantines) have 27707 culture and Abe has 194003 :D

@Own: They have more culture, but it's closer to my city than to theirs. Read the article.
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