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strange thing with money


Jul 24, 2007
I am playing civilization bts for over 1 week. It's better than wanila, but i noticed one really bad thing - there is no need building the cities because it produce no money!!! Now I am about at 1500 AD, and most civilizations(and me) are technological advanced as it was in the real life(the astronomy is researched, nationalism, guilds etc.). But I don't understand - the cities produce no commerce, but I have got gold mines(in working city radius), many hamlets, villages. Why it is so? I've built also market, it does nothing :(. What I need to do? Maybe to research banking which enables mercantilism(i guess) ?
P.S. In the city meniu I see that commerce is zero, and i can't raise it or decrease.
Also, open borders with anyone you can and DO NOT switch to mercantilism. That will kill you. Open borders will allow trade routes, which bring in money.

If you are really that low on money, you expanded too fast and maintainence is too high for you. Courthouses in far cities will help that.
P.S. In the city meniu I see that commerce is zero, and i can't raise it or decrease.

It is a 'invisible' slider right now.
So let's say you put science at 70%, cultural at 10% and spy at 0%.
70 + 10 = 80%. Where does the other 20% goes? They go as gold(commerce). So:

100 - (science slider % + Cultural % + Spy %) = Gold slider %.

Like in the example I gave: 100 - (70 + 10 + 0) = 20% in the 'gold slider'.

See? ;)
Another thing to do is:

Step 1 - get a religion.
Step 2 - use a Great Prophet to build his special building in the city he came from (you will see this city's main screen will have the building selectable, ie the other religions will be greyed out).
Step 3 - setup a city building missionaries for your religion using the automatic build function (use the "alt" key + "click" the picture of your missionary to keep making them until you turn it off).
Step 4 - in the Main options screen click the "Missionaries and Executives start automated" option to have them just go to the most likely city be it yours or the other civs. (you'll want as many of these as you can get so have open borders with everyone to start with until all cities have your religion in them), then you can close borders when ever the need arrises.

The reason for this:
The special building of the prophet will give you gold for each building of your religion thats built not only from your Civ but ALL civs. So passing the religion around can earn tons of gold if setup right. There is also a wonder or two, and certain civics that help with this to increase the productivity of your religious buildings(I forget the names right off my head but look at the civilopedia under civis and buildings and expecially religions).
Maybe someone else here has the game in front of them or knows the wonder/civic names and can add them to this thread so you don't have to look them up.

Good Luck

This is just one of many methods of obtaining gold in the Civ 4 which have been added since the old days of Civ and Civ2-3.
He's refering to commerce, not gold.

Are you anarchy? Each city should provide at least one commerce from the tile it's built on!

Do you actually have a citizin working the gold mine?
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