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    May 15, 2016
    I ran into a wall running out of money due to the construct of roads between 3 cities on a continent. Is there a point in the game where you wait until to build your road network?
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    I've never known the exact figures for the calculations, but I believe the important factors are the number of sections of road and the population of the city it is going to. If my understanding is correct, then if the ratio between the number of sections and the pop is wrong, you pay more for the road than you earn from the connection. In that case you have to wait for the city to grow -- unless you feel like moving it a bit closer :)

    A trick I've seen people use is to only spend two turns building each section (so each section is incomplete). You then go back at the right moment and spend one turn completing each section -- preferably using multiple workers so you can complete most of the road in one or two turns. It means you minimise the time you are paying money for an incomplete road.
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    Each tile of road costs 1GPT so unless you require roads for troops movement you should have the shortest roads between cities. Roughly you get 1 GPT for each citizen in the connected city + 1/6 GPT for each citizen in the capital. So if you want to connect a city of size 4 that needs 5 tiles of road you need the capital to be at least size 6 otherwise you are losing gold (so you might want to wait for that city to grow). What I do is wait until a city is one citizen short of being profitable, and then work on the road while that city is growing and try to time it so that the road is complete when the city grows.
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