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Strategic Forts Tweak Help


Apr 22, 2020
Been using this one a lot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1142306094

Seems like a smaller one so people might not be too familiar with it, but if you remember colonies from Civ III it's a little bit like that (allows you to claim new territory outside of your empire without growing a city border)

It's a good mod but it has some issues - borders get weirdly messy during an invasion, stuff like that. Basically the AI uses it like an idiot, as you'd expect. The mod description says that it's disabled for AI, but they're building them all over the place in the games I play. Just wondering if anyone uses this mod and knows where in the code this can be turned off

Perfect world scenario: you know how to turn it completely off only for City States and how to make the major civ AI use it intelligently (use them to claim strategic resources/city locations), or at least only build them outside of their territory/close to a border.
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